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  1. There is a series of 7 caches up on the Cannon River, probably not too far from you. There are plans for several more to be planted this early spring as winter thaws away. I believe there are, or soon will be, a series of caches on the Root River system as well.
  2. I would call that a cost of doing business.
  3. Well, my opinion is your email was way ruder then their cache note. That note sounds like it was a factual account of their caching experience, like it or not. Asking them to erase part of their caching history because you have a thin skin is rude, and whoever they are sounds like they handled it with as much class as possible by just deleting it and refraining from comment. Sorry, I agree. I'd of left it the way it was.
  4. Of course you do. You did. At no small effort. Yes, some spelling and grammar might be corrected, but this is for cachers by cachers, not an erudite publication for academia. Most articles will go out as the author wrote them. Well, in that case, I wouldn't have any interest... I can see it now, a publication full of urban speak and poor English. BTW, R U cashing 2nite?
  5. Ever since trading my GPSMap 60CS for the GPSMap 60CSx I have not had to use my external antenna.
  6. You have no guarantee of freedom of speech in an online forum operated by a private organization. Maybe some Constitution training is in order. As for swag, have at it.
  7. 10 years in the Naval Reserves. Travelled the world protecting our great nation. Spent time loading war ships in the Philippines during Gulf War v1.0. - Both brothers served in the Navy. - Sister served in the Navy. - Father served in the Navy. - Father-in-law served in the Marine Corp. - Wife is an RN at the Minneapolis VA Hospital and wouldn't work anywhere else. - Middle daughter is an American Flag nut (ok, she's just a nut). Don't confuse me with someone beating the war drum. War is evil but sometimes necessary. Maybe or maybe not in our current case.. will be debated for years to come.
  8. Prime caching season?? Your fingers must be more cold-tolerant than mine. I'm not excited about the prospect of spending an hour tonight to see if a cache of mine has been muggled or if it's just buried under a foot of snow. Maybe I'm not a "true" Minnesotan, but I'm not excited about the snow like others are. The snow is much more tolerable than the cold.
  9. Why hasn't this Knowschad character planted any new caches lately?? This is prime caching season in Minnesota.
  10. So, just how many feet Is .1 mile? 5280/10
  11. I've always wondered about this thinking (bold line above). Just the presence of a DNF is a problem? Without reading why the DNF how can you say it's a problem? The DNF I logged when my car was hit on the way to the cache had nothing to do with a problem with the cache - the problem was me getting to the cache. I quite frequently seek out caches with an inordinate amount of DNFs just to see if I am up to the challange. I've been able to find over a couple dozen caches where I've been "FTF in over a year".
  12. bad for Mother Nature.. good one. The World Without Us It's even more believable if you're a left winger..
  13. Not surprised as of 10 minutes ago it had 64 caches listed on it. Unlike GUK which has 24,000 rated caches on it give or take (site down for maintainance at the moment) I am surprised with all of the comments flying around that no one is able to put the thread together. The GUK site IS the (in)famous European site that has 24 some-odd-thousand listings. Someone was curious as to whether there were any other rating systems based in the U.S. and if not, maybe this website had potential. But someone mentioned geocaching.com will have this in a future release?? Sounds cool... any background known about it?
  14. You sure you didn't have a cached page? Maybe you just don't get it. Maybe a refresh before posting..?
  15. The link was... Geocache Rating System The solicitation has since been removed.
  16. Besides the famous European geocache rating system, are there any others out there that people use?
  17. Texas DOES have nettles, particularly central TX around Killean, Waco, Fort Hood area. And it looks nearly the same as the species that grows here in Minnesota.. although we have several species, the base characteristics are all the same. Not grass-like.. but I know that is not the implication.
  18. Even among those certified to carry conceal in the U.S., the whole carrying bit is way overrated. Most of us do not carry most of the time unless you reside in remote areas. I know a couple of dozen people in urban areas that are certified, including in my own suburban neighborhood. I think I can count the times we've all carried, cumulatively, on two hands.
  19. Well, for the Twin Cities area, I'd say there are actually two "best" hiders (not to take anything away from others that have great caches, but two come to my mind right away). Nearest to my home coordinates, I've got Paklid who does a great job with puzzles and camo, and has lots of nice caches. Still in the cities but north of my area is Posen, who has taken over an entire suburb that local cachers have renamed "Posenville". His caches always have great camo and he's got major variations...they're either really easy and make you laugh out loud, or they're major difficult because of the intricate camo. So I'd say I'm lucky in having two great hiders in this area...again not saying there are tons of "bad" hiders either...just these two stand out. Hidden most...now THAT one is easy: I live in King Boreas territory. Although some of his may not be the greatest hides, others are (my favorite cache ever is still one of his, "Lair of the Three Headed Woman") amazing. And he's got so many areas of the state he's hidden things, it has brought me to great areas to visit. I like this question...trying to bring out the positives of areas, thanks for asking. And yes, I don't rate any of my caches that high, I just know I don't spend enough time on them to be great caches like these I've described, but I at least try to make them fun. Celticwulf Don't forget Knowschad, Candy Apple Green & bflentje.
  20. MNGCA topic on collapse
  21. Cybret is right. It's a game. Everyone plays it their own way. It's your cache, do whatever you want. Personally I wouldn't have claimed a find. Some of my best logs were DNF's. For us it's all about playing while for others they don't get the enjoyment without the smilie. It doesn't matter either way. Although I did battle a snake which was coiled up next to a cache one time. But another time one drove me away Reptiles= 1 OEnavigator= 1 The summer is not over yet! At the end of the day, I don't care what people do either. But the notion that it is a game that anyone can do what they want is laughable. Monopoly is a game too. But last I checked, there was an instruction and rules manual. Probably a sad correlation.. but I tried.
  22. gotta agree! it's very difficult to decipher what you are trying to say. Do you mean, "I've got to agree! It's very difficult to decipher what you are trying to say."
  23. This is what we have to look forward to on your next cache hide?? Great. Your's are tough enough without the use of magic.
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