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  1. Gosh, I am glad to hear that you live your life by what you hear, i.e., what you "have always heard" from the masses. That should get you far in life! Hope you have lots of fun with that strategy! Hmmm.. not sure where I said I live my life by what I've heard from the masses. http://www.myspace.com/vinneyrulez When I tried to click on your link, I received a message from MySpace that they had disabled your account. Then again, given your assumptions about what MySpace is all about, I can understand their reluctance to allow you to continue to have a profile page there; it was only prudent of them to have removed it. thats just about the same thing i said The comment only works the first time it is said. Unoriginal thoughts are, just, unoriginal.
  2. Gosh, I am glad to hear that you live your life by what you hear, i.e., what you "have always heard" from the masses. That should get you far in life! Hope you have lots of fun with that strategy! Hmmm.. not sure where I said I live my life by what I've heard from the masses. http://www.myspace.com/vinneyrulez
  3. SO DID ALL PLASTICS. The OP's question is completely senseless. Sorry.
  4. The now archived Nordic Limericks.
  5. I did not use a GPSr for the cache I found this morning.
  6. I always heard there were only four kinds of people with MySpace or FaceBook accounts.. 1. Pedophiles looking for prey. 2. teenie boppers who like to brag about their questionable exploits. 3. Spouses wanting to cheat on their spouses. 4. Adult children with too much time on their hands (see #1)
  7. Night cache as often as possible. Eliminating the peripheral vision can actually be helpful for some caches. And there's nothing like caching on a moonlit night with snow on the ground during a Minnesota winter. Two different instances of successful caching without the aide of a light.
  8. KBayNPapaBear and I know about this first hand when we pulled Moving-1-2-3 40' off the bottom of Square Lake last summer. We had an underwater fish-cam and still struggled for over an hour just to find ground zero. I can't imagine throwing in two feet of ice as an obstacle. Ouch.. on the other hand, you won't have waves and swells to contend with.
  9. Do a PQ where container size = regular... er, oh forget it.
  10. How do sock puppet accounts affect you? Seriously, I am naive as to why this would be a problem.
  11. bflentje


    Isn't temp used for altitude? I've never figured out where there isn't a visible thermometer.
  12. I've got to agree, whether or not the cache was found legally. An FTF is an FTF whether or not the cache owner deletes the log. Trying to put FTF back in play is like trying to find a re-cycled virgin. That dog don't hunt. As far as condoning the actions of the seeker if they broke the law, I don't. But that said, legally or not, they were FTF. I agree that CO has the right to do anything with their listings, no matter how benign and passive aggressive it might be. But I also agree that it is FTF regardless of it being deleted or not. I never condone law breakage but if you do I think you ought to use common sense and not point it out. I unintentionally entered a park here in MN about 5AM from a back bike trail thinking fresh day, ok. I decided to leave through the front and found the place gated up and the signage posting hours. Oops.. unintentional and probably wouldn't do it again knowingly. On the other hand, I'd hate to lose the logged FTF since I ruined a pair of work pants in the process. Oh well, all part of the game.
  13. Yep.. snow, no problem. Temperature is my deciding factor. And I've cached when it has been as cold as 18 degrees below zero, BEFORE windchill. Not sure what my cut off would be. Probably anything below zero that also has a 20+ MPH wind.
  14. Any underground tunnels or culverts under the street? I've done that in the past.
  15. As long as you don't cheat, go for the gold... no matter how much people whine. FTF would lose its luster if it were handed to you. What would be the point?
  16. I can remember most of them. But the quickest way for the details to materialize if you've forgotten is to approach the cache site. I will almost always remember. Unless of course, I am trying to remember how I've hidden my own caches Forgot to mention I have about 1500 finds.
  17. I always get a kick out of when people bring up "fair". What do you mean is it fair?
  18. I've learned that the people who scream most about "getting permission" don't actually get permission to hide or find caches for themselves. I've learned that some people actually think that plants have feelings and that if you walk on the grass that you've commited a heinous crime. I've learned that no matter how many samples you take with a GPSMAP 60CSx that your reading can still be wrong. I've learned that people don't kill people and that guns do kill people. I've learned that if you really want to get people's opinion about a particular topic to avoid the use of these forums (unless you want to see 47 pages of cool containers). I've learned that I am not the only one to find a pile of Playboy magazines out in the woods.
  19. BLM - Bearua of Land Management Docent - A volunteer. A term normally used in museum to refer to the people who man information desks and give tours Plinking - Target shooting CFR - Code of Federal Regulations
  20. This isn't THE Rostropovich, is it?? I saw you in concert once several years ago.
  21. Although it is not regional, Geocache Rating System has recently popped up. Looks like a great idea but don't know ho wpopular it is.
  22. Caching in the snow?? No problem. I am going on 26 consecutive days caching in the snow, not to mention subzero temps here in MN.
  23. Thanks, but I've had plenty of speculative ideas... which is why I created it in the first place. The problem is finding a real place where it really blends in, and where you can really put a cache. Very few public places around me have any equipment like that in them. The problem is that the threads would need to have the appearance of being connected to something. Unless the container was made to fit in with some scrap heap or junk yard kind of scenario.
  24. There is a series of 7 caches up on the Cannon River, probably not too far from you. There are plans for several more to be planted this early spring as winter thaws away. I believe there are, or soon will be, a series of caches on the Root River system as well.
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