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  1. I'd be willing to bet that a large percentage of those that said that they don't read the hint before being stumped are full of beans. I don't see decrypting the hint early as being an issue of pride. Everyone I've ever met caching has hints decrypted before going out into the field.
  2. bflentje


    The Constitution states we have the right to free association, which I fully support at ALL levels. But could you imagine the uproar if a call was put out for heterosexual geocachers to gather?? It would be like calling February White History Month. A clear cut example of reverse discrimination, or hypocrisy, or something.
  3. Posting a DNF does not make you a lesser cacher. I've never understood this frame of mind. But everyone plays differently I guess.
  4. Quite frankly, the more cool and challenging or fun the cache is, the more likely pictures will be posted. I usually carry two cameras.. a cheap little digital point and shoot, and my prosumer style Canon G6 digital. Very sweet camera without going to DSLR.
  5. I think you should just not worry about it. I think you should also be required to have found 2000 caches before you're allowed to hide a cache.
  6. Which state park are you looking at?
  7. I won't give you the most visited caches I've hidden, but will list the most popular and highest rated according to the Geocache Rating System. Birch Park Shelter Cannon River Bend Halloween 2007: Rest in piece Caching Challenge Yo, Anyone Home? and the archived Foul Water
  8. Sounds cool. Your biggest problem was asking for everyone's opinion. Just go plant the cache if you have proper permission and follow caching guidelines. Asking for opinions here will get you nothing but a 50-50 split and probably a lot of whining and abuse.
  9. In all good fun. Didn't mean for this to get contentious :-) Regardless, it still smells terrible down there :-) I will probably try this one in the next couple of weeks and let you know how it goes. Same.. wasn't intending on a debate about it.. I'd be interesting in hearing about it. The chances of me doing the cache are slim to none since I live out of state. But remember, if you do it and want to tell me about it, you'd better PM me since logging the liar's cache requires an oath of silence.
  10. Number 1- the grotesque pictures of the infections were for the bathtub cache, not for the wastewater cache. Secondly, that fire/rescue squad I believe are a team of cachers. Thirdly, why wouldn't grass be green around a waste water site? Yes, the water coming out is treated, but the area still smells nonetheless, and yes, that lake happens to have a very high pcb content in it, more so than most lakes in this area. And regardless of the wastewater being treated, do you really think ALL traces of virii are taken out? While it may not be actually sh*t you are wading through, given that fact that are are a couple of hundred yards away from the facility, given the smell and given the unknowns of what really is in the ground there (lets be honest, how much do any of us REALLy trust the government to be totally honest with us about adhereing to the standards THEY made), how many people would not attempt this cache because of its nature? I am not saying liar cache's dont exist, not am I saying this one itself is not over embelished, but what I know of those who did this cache, of the area, and of that particular facility - this cache is a real one. I am not saying it is a liar's cache for sure either. All I am saying is that it has all the signs to indicate that it is. Posted pictures of mud and medical issues do not confirm it is an extreme cache... it's all part of the embellishment. And I am certain there are some elements described which are true... but totally embellished. As for the green grass.. I meant the groomed and cut lawn at GZ. I wasn't clear I guess.
  11. Sounds like an obvious Liar's cache to me. I wouldn't trust it. when you see the classic "you must follow logging requirements in the cache", it's a good bet that it is bogus. Of course, it could be real too. Actually, there are pictures on the cache listing. I happen to live a short drive away and this is real. The cary wastewater treatment plant does discharge water into this lake. It does smell horrid there. The pictures of people all mucked up are real. The logs left on the cache listing are people I have seen before. I plan on doing this cache and I will let you know if this thing is bogus or not. Nonetheless, it WILL smell there. (Note Cary, NC is also known as Containment Area for Relocated Yankees - most of which are new yorkers - so I can imagine the crap that comes out of there is worse than most) ;-) I hope you do attempt the cache. But even if you do, we'll never find out the truth. Because in a Liar's cache, in order to get credit for the find, you have to swear to secrecy. Here's a case in Wisconsin of a Liar's Cache gone bad.. lots of hard feelings and fighting because the cache owner and some finders of the cache were touting it luring people into the cache from long distances only to find it was B.S... this one really blew up big time a year or so ago... The Gauntlet.. Let the Games Begin!! When you start reading the logs, you will start to see the pattern. The two caches listed here in that post follow every pattern that The Gauntlet had. And then of course, they could still be real extreme caches... but I wouldn't bet on it.
  12. Sounds like an obvious Liar's cache to me. I wouldn't trust it. when you see the classic "you must follow logging requirements in the cache", it's a good bet that it is bogus. Of course, it could be real too. I know many folks who have tackled this cache; it is real, and one of our friends almost died tackling it due to some pathogenic microbes which entered a wound on his leg. On the other hand, there are lots of rumors going around that ALL of our Psycho Urban caches, except for PUC #1, and also Psycho Backcountry Cache #3, are tall tale caches! Who knows? Of course it's a real cache, a real liars cache. You can get flesh eating bacteria infections by swimming in any lake if conditions are right. And as for the pictures the other poster mentions, every one of them is a dead giveaway. First of all, the pictures of the grotesque infections I found on Google. Secondly, the team event picture by the fire truck?? Yaaa... there's no way they'd look like that after the cache. Finally, there's no way they'd be going to the cache dressed like that knowing what they were allegedly in for. And then we have the children in the picture, don't forget about the cut grass at ground zero. And it wouldn't be complete without the sock puppet logs posted on the listing. And the final reason why they're B.S., Vinny is the king of literary creativism (sp?), and you have to believe the exact opposite of everything he says. Do a search on his profile and you be the judge... it's good stuff, and I mean that as a compliment.
  13. Funny, sounds like another liar's cache. And of course, it could be real too. Yep, reading the logs, this one definately has to be a joke.
  14. Funny, sounds like another liar's cache. And of course, it could be real too.
  15. Sounds like an obvious Liar's cache to me. I wouldn't trust it. when you see the classic "you must follow logging requirements in the cache", it's a good bet that it is bogus. Of course, it could be real too.
  16. 200 plus? Heck, you're probably one of the turf hogs (s)he's complaining about! That's not even close to the record. King Boreas, from the St. Paul, MN area has just over 1600 hides. I'm going to be in St. Paul on business in about a month and will be bringing along a King Boreas 1000th hide geocoin I picked up in a local cache. It's never been in any of his caches so I hope to drop it in one or even in the state of Minnesota. cringe... good luck getting that coin into an aspirin bottle.
  17. Frozen caches will soon be a thing of the past with warming and all...
  18. So, are we talking about vandalism or the silly notion that walking in the woods destroys the environment? I just wanted to be sure to understand your point (and your motive).
  19. Now, if someone was smart, they'd contact the maker of that tool and see if they could it made with a green handle and something stamped on it like 'geocaching nano log roller' or the like, and sell it thru the various on-line geostores... As I thought of it first, its patented, and whoever does this must pay me royalties!
  20. So whats the GC# of the cache you submitted and were told to change it? Combatative post coming from a moderator?
  21. As soon as this topic was posted, I had a TaDa moment. When I was a kid, used to have this hobby called Quilling. And I still happen to have all of my tools. I think this is an ideal tool that I have just thrown into the caching toolset.. RANDOM LINK TO DEMONSTRATE WHAT A QUILLING TOOL IS.
  22. One in four?? Jeez, what kind of ammo were you using? Iv'e got three pistols that I've run hundreds, maybe thousands, of rounds through and I can only remember a single mis-fire. Was it an English built bullet?
  23. Too scared that you couldn't even touch one?? Utter nonsense. Contrary to what you read by the biased main stream media, most Americans aren't running around toting their guns. That's just plain fiction.
  24. By this definition, 12AM and 12 PM would both be midnight. 12PM is noon and 12AM is midnight. So by definition, the event happens at noon on 03-27-2008.
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