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  1. http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#guide Note I never hold up a cache because of a hint. I "offer suggestions before posting" as the guidelines say. Abuse of power would be holding it up in the review process, while posting a suggestion and moving on is quite the opposite. Yeah yeah, I did qualify my statement in that maybe I should have chosen softer adjectives. Suggestions without roadblocks are alright I suppose, as long as the reviewer doesn't have an omniscient, God-complex (NO IMPLICATIONS).
  2. Nice way to advertise your away from your motor for sometime Doesn't the fact that a person isn't sitting in the car tell the same story? Not necessarily. I could be behind the first tree over there going #1.
  3. When I review caches I try to be aware of what the hints are and give suggestions. In cases where they say they don't need one, I use this template: I then publish the cache, because there's nothing in the guidelines about useless hints. Hopefully they change it, but I don't go back to look. I've done my part, much like a note in your log about the hint not being any help. It's up to the hider to change it on their own. While I agree with your position and respect the thankless job that reviewers do, I think that it is not your place to even be commenting about hints unless it is something that obviously violates the rules. It borders on a passive aggressive, abuse of power maybe (ouch... sounded worse than I meant it to be). The Dakota County Sherriff here used to sign conceal carry permits here with "In Protest" under his signature. While he may have a valid opinion, a legal document is NO PLACE for a political statement. It might not be a perfect correlation but ...
  4. I'd do it no problem. My sense of adventure is seriously looking for more than just an aspirin bottle lying in the bottom of a stump.
  5. Hemp is good for a lot more than rope, including food and clothing. It also grows amazing well in all conditions, including conditions where corn would fair poorly and it can be grown where ever cotton is grown but without the horrific amount of chemicals used to grow the latter. There's one thing that it's not good for. That depends... If you enjoy the aroma of burning hemp but have no imterest in getting high.
  6. I too am more of a developer but have done quite a bit of web work. My focus is enterprise level applications in the .NET environment. Not looking for full-time work but looking for PT gigs to supplement income.
  7. I think you might be over-reacting just a tad.. The data mining concept should have been defined as nothing more than looking for unlikely ratings coming from a single IP. Do you really think Joe Blow was in 8 different states and thought every cache was rated a "1"? With all online voting, it will never be perfect and totally anonymous at the same time. Precisely why online voting for our politicians will probably never happen. Bottom line is, ratethiscache.com is just another fun tool that geocachers can use.
  8. My statement indirectly said exactly what I'd do. I chuckled and kept walking.. If it were a large operation I would most likely turn it in to LE.
  9. Wild hemp can be found most anywhere. Ran into some just Sunday at the Nerstrand Big Woods State Park in Minnesota. Just chuckled and kept walking.. Wild hemp is good for nothing more than making rope.
  10. My record is 43 in one day with KBayNPapaBear doing Chippewa Valley last summer. That was caching 8AM to 10PM. We could have done more but 80% of the caches we DID do had terrain ratings of 3.5 and greater. As mentioned, the trick is density, planning and navigation. You have to employee some time limit before moving on to the next cache. We used the 10 minute rule. Bikes also helped on this trip.
  11. I should have clarified. The owner has since removed the need for a blacklight and supplied the necessary cipher information. There is nothing in my original post that isnt on the cache page now. Anyone brave enough to be reading these forums would have already found it anyhow. No problems here.
  12. I never wait for a response. I send the requested information and then I log the find. ditto.
  13. I've used the bird nest idea in the past but planted it low enough where you could see the Easter Eggs inside the nest without touching or pulling on the nest. My cache is no longer active and I generally agree it might not be a good idea in practice.
  14. Most valuable thing I've found was most likely left unintentionally. Picked up a 1948 silver Canadien quarter. In it's current condition it's probably worth about 10 bucks.
  15. I thought it was 30... Off topic, but I've often wondered what happens when the 70 virgins are no longer virgins. And, are they good looking virgins or are they just any old virgin off the street. And how'd they make it to heaven as virgins in the first place?? Ho humm... to many questions.
  16. Ok, I'll bite.. Geocache Rating System Have just added RSS feed for cachers to download their listings. Other RSS and XML feeds in the works to be available soon.
  17. I can't believe I get myself sucked into reading this lame dribble.
  18. A screw driver for chipping is better and faster. Frozen caches are common place up here.
  19. Or maybe it's that the lame reviewer is promoting an agenda????? Only thing I can think of. You know how many Pro-troop caches I've seen in my travels?? Hundreds, if not dozens and dozens.
  20. Ditto.. Is there a cache out there that can make everyone happy?? Against my better judgement, I've been following this LAME thread.
  21. You've probably just described every major metropolitan area in the country, including where I am from, the Twin Cities in Minnesota. We've got basically everything except high altitude mountains.
  22. Would have signed a piece of paper and stuffed it into the container. Log a new find leaving the DNF. There's nothing worse than when cachers change their DNFs to found.. it does't demonstrate the proper flavor of the cache when they do that.
  23. I saw this funky looking bugger while up in northern MN last fall...
  24. I'd be willing to bet that a large percentage of those that said that they don't read the hint before being stumped are full of beans. I don't see decrypting the hint early as being an issue of pride. Everyone I've ever met caching has hints decrypted before going out into the field.
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