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  1. See, now you're gettin nasty. Someone doesn't share your point of view so you attack.. you'd be a good politician.
  2. Make that in the billions... and who doesn't like books? But that doesn't mean you (the collective you) should put human-like attributes on a book. The bottom line is, books are manufactured, JUST LIKE THE FAKE BOOK that NYPaddler <sp?> mentions. I mean, fake books are made of the same materials as a real book, so why would you think you should be allowed to mutilate a fake book if you think you shouldn't mutilate a real book.
  3. You're kidding, right? Watch crows and jays sometime. I'm constantly fishing colorful and shiny things out of my gutters left behind by them. So no... I'm not kidding. I should have been more specific... I want real and documented data that shows the annual death rate to animals that have been ensnarled and tangled up in lines. It's like the articles I keep reading in the newspapers how guy wires to cell phone towers kill millions of birds annually in Minnesota alone. I just don't see the bird carcasses piling up anywhere. Use the trash argument all you want. But the taking of life by these balls of string is nonsense. Crows and jays??? You can have em.
  4. In my caching experiences, I've run across many things that were obviously stolen and dumped. I am guessing that stolen bikes get dumped so they cool off for a while and then get forgotten about. Just this last year I've run into three bikes, a kick ball, and a razer scooter. I left the bikes but grabbed the ball.. the scooter needed parts so left it.
  5. Psst. [whispered]....books don't have feelings and all books are not created equally....[/whispered] I know books don't have feelings, and you may not feel all books are created equally, but that doesn't mean you need to rip up knowledge that someone else may value more than you. I may not want to read a book on the thermodynamics of pizza, but someone who is opening a pizza restaurant may find it very helpful if they are developing their own tastes. Destroying books is one of the worst things you can do in this culture. No. Murder, rape, child molestation, child abuse; THESE are some of the worst things you can do in this culture. A book can be reprinted. Obviously this is off topic... but I think someone may have a priority problem.
  6. So, does Judges 16:25 end with "no hint required"? I'll have to reread my Bible and check it out. Judges 16:25 KJV Last 3 words between the pillars. That's the scene where Victor Mature brings down the house. A hints a hint. I am in your camp. A hint is a hint, unless it reads (encrypted) "no hint required". That is the only thing that bothers me. But not to the extent where I get angry.
  7. One of the higest rated Minnesota caches, Lair, is located in Houston county, about an hour east of Rochester. Must do. The terrain rating isn't as bad as the cache listing indicates, unless you do it in the winter. Other than that, the caches in Minneopa State Park located in Mankato, caches all long the Root River can't go wrong with.
  8. So, does Judges 16:25 end with "no hint required"? I'll have to reread my Bible and check it out.
  9. Ditto. I find that much of my obsession with caching has to do with getting out into the wild. I'll pretty much hunt any cache in area with any conditions. For multis and puzzles I do the obvious recon. And I definately browse logs. Numbers are good but not required. Are there things that irritate me? Of course. But nothing to get all worked up about... "I hate this or I hate that". Silly.
  10. Just setup a BLOG because I thought I had all kinds of things to talk about. Now that it's running. I can't think of anything.. I think it is stage fright. Bflentje's BLOG
  11. Which is exactly why losing respect for someone who does pick up the "reserved" FTF, inadvertently, on purpose or otherwise, is childish.
  12. I find this so juvenile. Sorry. Just my lowly opinion. What part of it do you find juvenile? Surely, it's not the 'loss of respect' part. How could it possibly be juvenile to quietly think less of a person based on his/her behaviour? Whether you do it quietly or not, saying you have less respect for someone who grabbed a FTF on a cache that was supposed to BE RESERVED for someone else is so juvenile. If you don't like that word, then try childish. Our nation is going to fall from power because of idiotic behavior like this.
  13. So do I!!! . . . But I am south of you...so go ahead and PM all your ideas...maybe I can use a couple . . . As for the OP...Yeah, I have seen a couple, give it time and you will see them eventually...and yes, there are a couple that will just drive a person mad!!! I am here but not really paying attention... I've made my share as well: - Fake bolts - Gravestones - Floating ducks - severed arms and legs I have constructed many more but can't list them because Knowschad reads these forums and he'll eventually make it to my end of town.
  14. Yeah, and there's absolutely no way to prove he (or she) cheated even once.
  15. I find this so juvenile. Sorry. Just my lowly opinion.
  16. Me too. But I also prefer paragraphs so it is easier to read.
  17. SirZman here in the Twin Cities set a local (maybe national) record of 176 days a year or two ago. I am currently at about 165 days and counting trying to break that record. Why, just because it was a tough goal to set and meet. I might aim for 200.. but at 165 I have already pushed the limits with everyone that I have contact with.
  18. I've ran into everyone of them.. with experience, you will quickly learn how to spot things like this. Sprinkler heads are the toughest here in MN to find of your list.
  19. Psst. [whispered]....books don't have feelings and all books are not created equally....[/whispered]
  20. Agreed. That's complete hogwash. Respect, like a lot of things, is a matter of perspective. Equating it to spitting in someone's face is gross sensationalism. It's like, I am offended that you're offended.. that kind of thing. Still looking for the rule that says you get to spend your entire life never being offended or inconvenienced. If they didn't want the cache published, they should have clicked the little box that says hide from reviewer. MANY people cache blindly (which is another thread altogether). If you can't emotionally handle the risk of someone else possibly grabbing FTF, either don't plant the cache or be a little more involved in managing the publication of the cache.
  21. Whining? Hardly. Inquiring minds want to know... I did go back through this thread and I compiled some stats about peoples opinions and this chart displays it plainly and succinctly. The Chart What's a Caher?? j/k Your chart could be applied to any thread.
  22. I would just stop whining and go for the first to find. If log was deleted I would keep relogging it until my FTF log stuck or until the cache was archived.
  23. Trees don't have feelings but you shouldn't be stripping them clean anyways.
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