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  1. I emailed a bunch of caching friends already, but thought others might be interested. Airfare as low as $75 one way flights Seattle-Nashville & back if you book flights midweek. You have to play around with the dates to get the cheap fares to show up (example: fly down on May 20, return on May 26). SW Airlines. I'm hoping that this isn't too "commercial" of a post - there's probably cachers who couldn't afford the regular airfare rates. Edited to add: TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THIS SALE (JANUARY 22)
  2. Guess it doesn't really matter whether Stevens Pass is open or not... You 'could' get around all that if you went to Plain from Coles Corner, then travel the back road to Leavenworth. It has a steep grade & is full of sharp curves though. I wouldn't want to be on that road in snow unless I was on a snowmobile . Of course, that route could be one that they don't plow...
  3. Thanks Allanon That was really usefull. Hey - Don't forget, my Whidbey Island bookmark list has always had all of the caches on the Island. It's updated frequently and has every single one on there. I added the cache machine event cache to the list when it came out. To find the bookmark list, go here or pull up any cache on Whidbey and you'll see it bookmarked.
  4. I got the email - thank you. It looks like I need to do some research & possibly change hotels. At least it's early enough to have a selection left. I live in a small town too, so I'm more comfortable in a smaller city. Thanks for the info!!
  5. This is going to be a "well read" topic today I bet. If you're brand new - Welcome to the Addiction!!
  6. Had to add some pictures around my house. This was yesterday & last night. It snowed all night, so there's more on the ground now.
  7. Wow! You learn something new everyday! I didn't know I could do this on my unit & I've had it for a couple of years. While you're learning, it might be helpful not to "follow road" at first. Use off-road - less steps for you to remember. Play with the "page" button & see what screens you can use when navigating to the cache. The map page is useful until you get closer. Also, go to some of your local caching events & hook up with an experienced cacher. You learn a lot by caching with others! You've got a lot on your plate trying to learn everything at once (GSAK, cachemate, AND your GPSr).
  8. I ventured down to Marysville yesterday afternoon to take my daughter sledding at Jennings. No problems on the way down, but it was touch-n-go on the way back home. And I used to always be the designated driver when we skied at Stevens!! Too bad I don't live closer to Harriet!!
  9. We got over a foot here in Lake Stevens! Hey Harriet - you want I should come dig yous out?! I just hope my gutters stay on the house! The downspouts are completely filled with ice! Makes my pictures from last year look like just a "dusting".
  10. I can always change my plans...where would you recommend in Shelbyville that's clean & safe?
  11. Check the pawn shops - you might be able to pick up a decent eTrex for cheap.
  12. Thanks Joe - with an accounting background, I can understand the Jan 1st date now. We ended up booking a hotel in Murfreesboro. Maybe an official "Forum" discussion about the plans would be in order - and would not affect tax year stuff. That would help & we're all eager to hear the plans
  13. I wish they'd hurry up and put up a website or add something to the event listing with info. Lots of people have to make reservations, need information to make firm plans!!!! We've made tentative hotel reservations, but would've liked to have known about more local places to stay
  14. I've bought several Palm units off ebay (for me, friends, etc.) I have one I use & one buried in my backpack as a back-up. I'm sticking to Palm IIIxe - cheap, won't break my heart if I drop it & bust it. When I was hunting for them on ebay, I made sure that my bid AND shipping didn't top $20. I've loaded info for over 1300 caches into it & still haven't run out of memory. I dump info into it via GSAK & cachemate. These two programs are some of the best money I've ever spent on anything for caching!!
  15. I was looking through your draft for the CM route. Stop#2 may be a problem if people followed the route #'s in order & started at 7am. The business doesn't open until 9am & the cache would not be accessible until then (legally). Because of the location of Stop#58 - I'd let base security know what's up too to avoid any embarrassing moments.
  16. The only thing holding me back is not having a promise from Delorme that they won't come out with a new & improved unit in less than a year. I hate to buy something or receive it as a gift (my Garmin 70CS) and have them come out with the better unit less than 6 months later (70CSx)... If they told me that there won't be a newer model out for the next 2 years - I'd be on the "order now" button so fast your head would spin. I'm pretty much sold on the Delorme unit from reading all of the comments here - just a bit worried about the screen size & my over 40 y.o. eyes. Hey TotemLake - I can beta test that unit for ya while your leg is in that cast - what, 6 weeks?!! Oh yeah.... One more thing - looks like J&R is outta stock, but Tiger GPS has some in stock & offers Guaranteed Lowest Prices. Of course, the rebate doesn't apply to either
  17. Lizzy


    Probably not cheap, but I saw some on the shelves at the little mom-n-pop Asian market (can't remember the exact name) on the south side of Everett Mall Way.
  18. The map doesn't show the strip of land that separates the ocean from the freshwater lake there. It's not a Bay as it appears. You get to "walk on water"
  19. You can't - but I can Yep, take Hwy 20 to Ault Field Rd. Also, close in to town the Seaplane Base could probably also be restricted (i.e., Torpedo Rd., Coral Sea, Maui) east of the Marina. There's lots of 'other' lodging options on Whidbey - B&B's in Coupeville, Ft. Casey Inn, and if you have a larger group - check on some of the vacation rental houses/cabins for the weekend (www.vrbo.com is one site) might be cheap if you split it with enough people... Oh yeah, and Navy Lodge if you're DOD people.
  20. Yay, a CM on my old home turf. The nice part with this CM is that I can stay at friends & don't have to shell out $$$ to stay in a hotel. Any rough ideas on the starting point? - just curious.
  21. I remember those days.... Homecomings were always Happy Times!! I sure don't miss cruises.
  22. Let me know if you need any help before/after the event. See you there!
  23. Yep, noticed that again this morning. Hope they get it fixed.
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