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  1. I LOVE the new line-up. Especially seeing the "never been done" ones BEFORE the ones that have been done in the past. I'd love to do that one in Astoria. I'm not too crazy about the Methow/Omak one in March (still lotsa snow & Cascade Highway will be closed - makes for a long drive-around) That would be an awesome May/June destination. Northwest corner of the state would be fun. So would a Coeur d'Alene area & north if there were caches enough to support it.
  2. I'd love to see a "Wenatchee River" cache machine for a fall time frame. It's nice up there then & it would be so much fun!
  3. I was looking through the Jetty Island Days brochure and noticed this event they have scheduled for August 1st. I haven't seen any mention of it anywhere on here, so.... "...one course is designed for individuals, one for groups or families; both courses will be timed. Register on Jetty Island the day of the event. Bring your own GPS unit."
  4. I SOooo wish the date was different for Sept. We have already booked a long stay elsewhere for Salmon fishing. Boohoo
  5. I was on Jetty Island yesterday, but my daughter wasn't going to be content with me getting more than one cache - and I chose the southernmost cache. We had overheard on the Rangers' radios earlier in the afternoon about it, but thought it was small. As we were leaving just before 4pm, it was BIG. We took a drive over to Tulalip to get a better view & you could see the flames from over there. The fire appeared to be really close to the northernmost cache, but there was no way to tell.
  6. My guess, and this is only a guess, was that the comment was a sarcastic one, as the reservation system for WSP did not have the most intuitive setup the last time I used it. (maybe that has changed) As far as the comment about spots going soon, that sounds like someone doesn't realize that we have the group area reserved and don't have to make reservations in the main campground. (I am guessing this so please don't take it as fact). Therefore I assume the rest of the campground if filling fast, not our part. Andrew, you are correct the comment was a sarcastic one. Making reservations outside of the ones we (WSGA) have reserved is not an intuitive friendly process. My wife was the one who made our reservations outside of the reserved spots. I believe I herd Grrrrr more than once. We (WSGA) has a large block of spaces reserved and paid for including a group camp site. I was waiting for WSGA's next board meeting to update the cache page with pricing and availability and the reservation process of these sights. We may have to come up with some info posted to the event page sooner than that with the interest shown in the campout and how close it is to the event date. I'm glad it wasn't something like, 'the other spots are horrible' or whatever. We had to reserve our spot outside of the "WSGA block" to get free camping (disabled pass), but we're not too far away from the rest of the group. Looking forward to the campout this year!
  7. The campout is coming up. I hear that the campsites are starting to fill up. I'm really curious about the comment on the cache page GC1MYH1 about camping outside of the reserved spots...
  8. I know!!! Isn't that cool! I'm in (ya'll know that already) for any gruntwork you need, but I WON'T scrub porta potties....eww. I've been to Remlinger for corporate picnics & IT IS AWESOME!!! Hey Avroair, my better half won one of your geocoins at the Poker Tournament at GW7 - what a coincidence, huh?!!
  9. I haven't been in the FTF race for a while, but while I was, I thoroughly enjoyed the friendly FTF competition up here among caching friends. It was all great fun for us. I miss it sometimes. The best part was showing up at a new cache & the impromptu social event that occurred - I think that was the icing on the cake. To each his own. Everyone has their own particular reasons for enjoying different elements of caching.
  10. According to my latest email from WSDOT, the North Cascades Highway (20) is scheduled to officially reopen at 8pm tomorrow night (Friday) - rumor has it that it may open a couple of hours earlier than that. I wonder if the Cinnamon Roll Lady will be there with her goodies for the first ones to drive over? Here's the info: Linky
  11. What might be cool - since I'm assuming the hotel is full of cachers, is to leave change info at the front desk for later arrivals (like us).... Just a thought
  12. *singing* - "less than 24 hours til the journey begins...."
  13. Nope. The file's been updated, but the link to the file remains the same. Some weird things going on with my data this morning....don't know if it's me or what. But, when I click on the link, I still get the old version of the PDF without the changes shown in post #82 above.
  14. Great news about the weather! Are you going to give us a new updated link for the pdf file?
  15. There's two of us, but we're not exactly sure what time we'll be rolling into town or whether we'll be in any shape to do anything more than just pass out for the night. We're caching our way there via the LONG southern route.
  16. Hey Jeff, make that list "shared" please - I'd love to take a look at it!
  17. Sorry for setting off the alarms . I didn't call them, I just did a little fake booking on line to see what would pop up & the rooms were all showing unavailable. Guess calling is the way to go now.
  18. Wow - just out of curiosity, I checked Inn America reservations. It appears they are booked up now. Nothing was left available for Friday or Saturday night. I wonder if we're ALL geocachers filling the place up?!
  19. Your best bet for an answer would probably be to post this in the Geocaching.com Website forum, under General Geocaching Discussions. The people with the answer will most likely see your post & be able to answer it there.
  20. Yep - that one would be a huge help. Would love to see the Add to bookmark check-off boxes added back to the map page. Still seeing the "Sponsored Links" ghost box on the map page.
  21. Lizzy

    flash Mob?

    Hmmm . . . it seems that you could be describing me! But I put one on . . . I bet you could handle a measly little 15 minute event! Even so, I'd be happy to to put one on over the the Spring Fling neck of the woods BUT . . . I'd need somebody to do certain location work for me . . . find one, get land manager permission, and make sure it can handle the number of cachers that are likely to appear on Spring Fling day. Any takers? So, who's putting it on?
  22. Looks like I get to go!!! Dragging Tessa1 along from Whidbey for this one. We've got reservations at Inn America through my Entertainment Book for half price - get this - $34 a night. YAY!!!! I'm so glad they had rooms left at that promo rate!! See ya there!
  23. I just can't keep this to myself. I've been dancing the "woohoo" dance all day long. I've got 4 nights booked in the Doubletree Hotel in Murfreesboro to stay during Geowoodstock for - get this - FREE!!!!! Total value = $151 x 4 days = $604 for NOTHING. I've been following a thread in Slick Deals on a travel promo - World for $1 and nabbed one at 3:45am this morning. I'm still skeptical - a little - but not much. Skeptical enough to keep my original hotel in Murfreesboro until I check in to the Doubletree. You can google it, or you can email me & I'll give you the links. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!
  24. For a while, I was terrified to fly. We took a 3 day Amtrak trip - Everett to Chicago to Memphis. We had a sleeper on both legs of the trip & it was comfortable, but I can't sleep in an auto, much less a train. You think I'd think of that??!! 3 days without sleep = basket case. I ended up popping Sleeping pills for the return leg. The rails between Memphis & Chicago are freight rails & VERY rough. You had to "time it" to get through the doors between cars & hang on tight to keep from falling down. It was horrible. I'm kind of a private person & I didn't care for being seated with strangers for dinner - a bit intimidating for me. I'd rather drive cross country, but we can't afford the time off for that anymore.
  25. Yep, we're paying $298+tax ($317) RT - I bought my tickets during the first sale back in December - I was a bit bummed to see this sale come along, until I realized that the non-stop flights weren't on it. It's still costing us a bundle with all 3 of us going! We're making it a family visit trip too though (kind of justifying it that way), with visits to my mom-n-law in Nashville & my sis coming over from Memphis to do some Genealogy stuff down closer to Chattanooga.
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