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  1. Maybe a Kettle Falls Cache Machine is in order I've been secretly hoping for one up in that area.
  2. Was able to *finally* get a winning bid on Priceline. Staying at the Riverbend Inn @ Post Falls (2 star on priceline) for $40 a night + tax for Fri & Sat nites. I'm kicking myself for not trying an even lower bid - so if anyone else bids on 2 star, try lower bid Wow - these cache machines keep getting better & better with all the to-do's. Thanks Lisa for the breakfast addition & to the Inland Empire group for the lunch set-up. Looking forward to all of this!!!
  3. Thanks Antiqueman for going to bat for us for discounted rooms - but not sure I like the reviews on TripAdvisor for that place. We reserved a room at Days Inn for $51(discounted) + tax. I'm still bidding on Priceline to see if I can do better...
  4. I'm having a problem uploading my field notes from 2012. Had no problems up to this point using this feature with my Colorado. I've opened the text file & it appears legit. Can someone give me some ideas on how to remedy this? I have a BUNCH of caches to log from a recent cache machine...
  5. Do you then load as a POI file to your GPSr? I've done this before. Not as easy to maintain as you noted but basically unlimited points + more info on each. Do you use a GSAK macro to create the POI? It's been a while since I did it and forgot how or if I used a macro or did it a different way. Plus the new v8 is out and not all macros work with it. Use Garmin's POI Loader. It's free. You point it to a folder containing the GPX file(s) you want to upload as POI and it's done. You can use it to uninstall the POI in your GPS, as well. I export three GPX files from GSAK into my POI folder - finds, hides, and waypoints. They get uploaded together, but are separate databases in the GPS, so you can search just one if you want. That said, I'm sure someone will suggest a GSAK macro that eliminates the need for POI Loader. But it works for my needs. And to your original query - I use a combination of bookmark lists and GSAK databases to organize my To Do caches for challenges, etc. Wow - I can't just skim thru these posts - I need to spend some time going over them & digesting all of this as I'm sure I can use a little upgrade to my process. As of now, I've been pulling caches thru filtered searches from several databases on GSAK depending on an area I am targeting & dumping them all into a separate database on GSAK & then loading to my GPS with a basic macro to tweak it a bit. I can just imagine how outdated my process is... We sure could use a "Tips & Tricks" class. I know I've barely tapped what GSAK can do for me & I've been using it for years.
  6. I know I most definitely need cans & would be willing to go in on a bunch - but I don't think there's enough of us for a 1000+ lot. If you find a smaller lot though....
  7. I love making caching runs with others, but there's a sort of unwritten 'only us' rule between me & my friend Tessa - we do most of the cache machines together. We've been best friends for decades & we don't have to worry too much about offending one another with our back-handed, back seat driver comments And she doesn't yell at me too loudly when I go the wrong way down one-way streets, or drive down trails that are NOT roads.
  8. I soooo want to go get China Wall, so we will be making the attempt in my Santa Fe. It's higher clearance, but not 4WD. I've taken mtn roads you probably shouldn't in it & did ok. Is the road any worse than the one going to GC23AEX? Just hoping to be in a group of vehicles in case assistance is needed. Any updates on the road will be appreciated, especially at the pre-dinner dinner.
  9. There's a few cachers camping out @ Pearrygin State Park. We're camping (trailer) there & have another cacher in a tent at our site. There may be others who would be willing to add tents to their sites - that would be a good alternative to moteling it - but you have to consider the cooler nights - Just sayin' . I am thrilled that the start is in Winthrop!!
  10. A quick stop at the Ranger Station should get you some answers too.
  11. In 30 years, I'd not seen a tick in Washington - even with many trips over to the east side. Then about 3 years ago, on our way to Pullman, I was caching on Steptoe Butte and had hundreds crawling up my pants legs - ewww. Haven't seen any since.
  12. Newspaper report says suspected suicide/double suicide? Haven't read anything else other than the article you've linked to. So, dead bodies not necessarily a murder scene. I worked up there half a season last year @ Verlot and it's a pretty safe area around the camps & trails. Lots of gorilla camps with no problems. Not sayin' it's Disneyland though. Most definitely would not trespass private property. Lots of wary homeowners.
  13. Lizzy


    Yes, we ran into a local homeowner who was not happy with the crowds searching near his back yard on the canal & stated that we were all on private property (the canal roadway). Not a comfortable cache search there. Overall, the CM was fun & loved a few of the historic ones.
  14. Thank you PaneledZero! I went ahead & tried $41 on Priceline & got the Red Lion ($101.22) total. I figured I had 2 shots today for a decent rate, so tried underbidding just a bit. See you all there! Poor Travelodge...
  15. I love this challenge idea! I can do this! But...it's very hard for me to wrap my head around the 3 caches, alphabetical rule. I want to do this, but that part was/is hard for me to understand. Great challenge idea though - now to decide on whether to armchair some of the far-flung cities or visit all over again! I'd still like to visit ALL of the cities though
  16. I'll keep my eyes open, but for now, I'm slowly climbing the Priceline ladder. Looks like it's probably at about $50 a night; I'm at $30, and am trying $2 more each day, so I'll probably get a room in 10 days or so. Then again, I'm seeing the Travelodge for $47 $44 with corporate code 67243, and it's getting decent reviews on TripAdvisor, so I may try that one, instead, if Priceline gets close. I've made refundable reservations there as a standby, if Priceline doesn't get me a better place for cheaper. Yep, I checked TripAdvisor & went with Travelodge too when I made reservations back in October, but cost for us (corporate rate) is $52 for 2 queens. I was bidding priceline 3 star (for Coast Hotel) for around $50 earlier this month but no luck. Haven't tried this week. The price should drop the closer we get to the dates, I imagine. Oh - and thanks for that link I've not seen that site before - very useful!
  17. Yay! Have had a room reserved (refundable) for quite a while now, but hoping you'll have a better group deal available somewhere??
  18. Now, THAT'S a challenge I could sink my teeth into. Someone needs to create that officially so I can try for it! Great idea posted - using the favorites list and the new "favorite" feature.
  19. I can usually work my way thru most problems but this is something I apparently cannot figure out how to do and believe me I tried. I need someone to walk me thru this. Thanks for the heads up. If you are using gmail, it's as easy as adding "noreply@geocaching.com" to your contact list. After reading that (earlier) I added it to my contact list. Did a test log on one of my caches and still nothing. Later, I put my caches on bookmark list with instructions to notify when logged - did another test log and BINGO that worked great. I'm either missing something or ?? Either way, at least I now have a way to receive emails when my caches are logged.
  20. I can usually work my way thru most problems but this is something I apparently cannot figure out how to do and believe me I tried. I need someone to walk me thru this. Thanks for the heads up.
  21. Thanks for offering up this solution. I too have not received any email notifications since the geocaching.com's last upgrade. I NEED these notifications to manage a challenge cache I have and to maintain my others. I'm gettin NO notifications on my caches - zip - zilch - nada since mid-December. If my caches had problems, I've been completely oblivious. I don't use g-mail and have been receiving emails on watched caches, etc. just fine. Is there a fix in the works for this?!!!
  22. Remember.... a non-vote IS a vote, but not necessarily your choice. Please stop by the WSGA (Washington State Geocachers Association) site & cast your vote today for the WSGA offices. Today is the last day to vote. Not a member of the WSGA? It's a great organization which has done so much to help our fun sport/hobby. Stop by & join today! WSGA site
  23. Sounds like you had a great caching day. It's always fun to mix things up a bit. You should try one of TravisL's cache machines - just for fun.
  24. Advocacy at it's best!! You rock Abby. I never thought I'd see anyone get cache permission at NCNP. When anyone asks - what does WSGA do for me? Something concrete we can put a finger on. I've seen more progress in the past year with WSGA than I've seen in a looooonnnng time. Kudos.
  25. Funny you ask. There are members of the WSGA (Washington State Geocaching Assoc) currently working feverishly on list (actually multiple lists) exactly as you described. Here's one to get you started - more are on the way! http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...9f-45f6dbff7b58
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