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  1. I got a Serial to USB port Adapter (brandname Gilsson) from the GPS Store for about $35.00. Works like a champ for my GPS. I imagine it'll work for a Palm too....
  2. Thank You Sputnik 57!! That was exactly what I was looking for. If there are any other software programs that I neglected to include that relate to this topic, please add those also if you all can.
  3. Thanks! I like the replies and opinions, but I was hoping to have a topic where people new to this could come for general descriptions of all the software available, not necessarily just for my set up. Although, with the replies and what I've read elsewhere, I do think that Cachemate is what I plan to use. I still don't quite understand what the other programs that I listed really do (with the exception of EasyGPS). That was my intent for this topic. I really do appreciate your replies! But I would still like descriptions of the software.
  4. I'm new at this and have a Palm being shipped to me to start paperless caching. I have an older GPSr and have been using EasyGPS to transfer waypoints to it. I find it really time consuming to weed through all the Forum posts to compare different types of software to download/buy to use with my new setup and thought it would be nice to have one place where others could get all the general info. Opinions can be found all through the Forums, but not necessarily general descriptions of the software and what it does. I would like replies with general info on software for GPSr/Palm/PDA/PocketPC/Desktop use, i.e., what it generally does, what hardware it's for (not specifics - just generalities). To start: GSAK, Cachemate, Clayjar Watcher, Plucker, EasyGPS, Spinner. Forgive me if this is too broad a request.
  5. I have a complaint...Why a ROCK for a trade item ?? Not a pretty rock, not semi-valuable, just a rock, like all the rocks on the ground around the cache. If you don't have nothing to trade, sign the log & come back later with something. I b---- therefore I am.
  6. My Favorite to date is Sledgehammer in Tennessee. My local favorite is Mountain Loop Mine in Washington. Of course, I don't have a whole lot of finds under my belt yet...
  7. So I guess my idea of a log-only cache at the top of a climbing wall would'nt fly (cause you'd have to pay to climb it)?...
  8. I was wondering how long does it take for the map to show new finds with the "found" check-mark. I understand it sometimes takes a few days for this to update, but should it be taking longer than a week?
  9. Thanks for your replies. I went out right away and grabbed one that was close to home. Woohoo! Lizzy
  10. Hi, kinda new at this. I would like to enter White Jeep Contest, but need an explanation to the term "Point of Origin" requirement for the contest. Is this the point of origin where the bug began it's trip? Or is Point of Origin definition left up to our discretion (i.e., using any point of origin, like a river's source, etc.)?
  11. I want to change my user name. The problem is, the one I want appears to be taken. From what I can tell, this member has not visited Geocache web site since 2002 and has no logs/stats. Is there some way geocaching.com can get these unused names opened back up?
  12. I'm really new. When logging in finds, I see a checkbox that says "Add a waypoint to the log". What does this mean/what does this do?
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