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  1. Dang - forgot to check RetailMeNot...
  2. What Craig said. I just booked the Motel 6 in Hermiston for $54 a night (AARP rate); that's the one Travis mentioned. Money's tight - We will have to book Motel 6, but the Oxford would've been really nice. I will still try my best to Priceline bid another Our AARP rate for 2 is $59 online for Motel 6.
  3. Lizzy


    I'm thinking about going on this Boulder River hike. But I most likely will find a turn around to make it <6 miles RT to save a knee or two until I get a little more conditioned.
  4. Not knowing if it's the case or not, my guess is that your "Found it" log and your e-mail to the CO weren't sent near-simultaneously. The CO for this virt didn't want to sift through logs and e-mails sent days apart trying to match them up, and also didn't want to accept e-mailed answers for groups. One e-mailed answer per log, close in time, is the way he wanted to accept finds. It's archived now, along with his other three virts, so the point is mostly moot, except for the handful of people who have yet to log valid finds. Thanks Travis. I emailed the required info about 2 minutes prior to logging the find. 2 minutes - maybe 3. This was a couple of days ago. My cache log date was the Saturday of the cache machine - logged on the 8th of October when I finally had a chance to get all of these logged. Still would like GC to step in, just on principle.
  5. Yeah, I'm having a pissing contest with GeoKnievel. Since ALR's on Traditions are illegal he does not have much to argue. I see he archived three of his caches. Well, so be it. Never gave a reason even though I asked. Time for the letter to Groundspeak. Sent the letter, we will see what happens. My logs were re-instated by Groundspeak. Who did you email? I could dig for the answer, but it is easier to ask. I need my Pilot Butte log reinstated. CO says for me to read thru the logs to see why (I was polite in all emails & asked him where I errored on the ALR). I refuse to accept the whole, I needed to walk up there thing, as that is not what is required on the cache page, but I never mentioned that in any logs/emails. I'm determined to log this one, based on principle!
  6. I see you are focusing on city caches. Looking forward to this cache machine. Just thought I'd add my thoughts. I absolute LOVE the CM's where you have a mix of urban & rural caching, but since I've never been to Bend - this should be fun too. We will have plenty of rural on the way there
  7. How did you get $45/night? I was unable to get it that low when I tried. Do you have a gov't discount or something? I just looked it up Abby and it's showing $44.99 - best available rate for single. We booked 2 beds for $53.99 for us there.
  8. Burlington, Sedro Wooley, LaConner, and Anacortes are all close enough (within 5-20 minutes) to check for hotel rooms too. We live close enough that we will be driving from home, but thought I'd mention those to some who are coming from far away.
  9. Just arrived - man, it is smoky Watched the NWCN & they're now predicting wind patterns out of the south, which should start clearing more of it out.
  10. Sunnyside Country Inn was a better overall deal all around, so I've booked a room there. I'm still hanging on to my old reservation until I check with a (local) friend about it being a safe area. When last I checked with her, she told me to avoid staying in Toppenish (sorry Lookout Lisa) - lots of gang activity.
  11. Booked at Guesthouse International in Yakima, but at $141 for both nights before taxes. Still bidding thru Priceline to get a better deal. It's hard this time - read/heard lots of places are "scary" to stay at. I had the hardest time weeding thru Trip Advisor reviews for this area. Hoping to successfully bid lower at a nearby town.
  12. Last I heard, the NF people were responding to a lawsuit by getting in there & cleaning it up, which would require a new road in to bring in the machinery. Now the people that sued to get the NF to clean this up are again going to court to prevent the NF from building this new road. Go figure. Of course, this is all rumor, but - if it's true??! WTH?
  13. The majority of the rules were to prevent armchair logging or to help highlight notification. It needed to be a real "challenge" to me, not just another blip on the GC map, but a blip you needed to earn. And I reaaalllllyyy disliked the whole "community owned" mentality that kept creeping into forum comments. It was gratifying for the most part to maintain, but my priorities are shifting and Fluteface is a great cache owner & will take care of it better than I did.
  14. I want to thank you all for the kind words. It is gratifying to know that the challenge was well thought of. Happily, an awesome cacher has stepped up to adopt my "baby" and I know it is in great hands. Thank you Fluteface! Now, I can get busy with finishing the challenge, but first...I have to submit my qualifying finds. Oh no! Some may no longer qualify
  15. Well, after speaking with one awesome cacher today - I may have an adoptee for this one. Stay tuned...
  16. I've been thinking about this for a while now. This cache, along with a few bookmark lists of mine, have become increasingly more demanding/time consuming to maintain. Along with constant requests for pre-verification & demands (that's right - demands) for final coords, it has become stressful to continue maintaining this as it was set up. I would put this up for adoption, but the cache is located on private property. My hope is that someone steps up & starts their own County Challenge (and maybe I can partipate ). It's days are numbered. I will most likely archive this by the end of October. No nasty remarks please - after all, it is not a community owned cache. If anyone wants the cache container/contents for their own county challenge, at that time, please let me know & it's yours. No, this is not geo-suicide - no drama here.
  17. Just a heads up if anyone is interested. Maintaining some of my bookmark lists have become quite time consuming, with micros being placed under every lamppost skirt on the planet & every cup hook screwed into trees in the woods, etc. The bookmark lists for Whidbey, Fidalgo, and Camano Island will soon be deleted (mid September), along with the Mountain Loop list. Someone else hopefully will generate new public bookmarks lists for these & maintain them by then. No, this is not some sort of geo-suicide. My priorities are just shifting a bit.
  18. I just happened to be at Tillicum Inn in Umatilla that evening (south of Tri-cities in Oregon) - $60 rate for queen. I was unaware of an event going on nearby, now I'll have to look Keep trying on Priceline - lower bid acceptance sometimes goes thru the closer you get to the date. Get an alternate reservation(refundable) set up now though, just in case.
  19. Lizzy

    Found Your GPS

    Or put it in the startup splash screen. Garmins can, not sure about the others. I think there was an owner page somewhere in the old Magellans, but it did not show up at start. I don't know about the new ones. Mine has that start-up page, where I have my phone number. This one is a different Garmin - could not find a startup page. Was able to contact the last one who logged the cache where it was found and able to verify ownership thru custom routes they had in their gadget (thank God for that). We're now figuring out how to get together to exchange it. So - OWNER HAS BEEN CONTACTED
  20. Lizzy

    Found Your GPS

    Out running around doing cache maintenance today & ran across a GPS left on top of one of my caches. If you are missing your GPS, contact me. I think I have a way of verifying it's yours. Next time - PLEASE ETCH YOUR INFO ON THE CASE SOMEWHERE!!!!
  21. I looked up a user route in the create/edit route section. I found one similar to what I was looking for and went to click on the "modify route" to adjust it for my needs. Unfortunately, the link is not there. It appears to be a link, but nothing... Here is the location: create/edit route Just sayin'
  22. Subarus are nice but the cost for repairs - ouch. Pricetag = ouch. Honda's run forever with minimal repair problems. I already miss my Hyundai Santa Fe & it was INCREDIBLE on mountain roads - like....Ruby Grade. A small sized Pickup with a nice weather-tight shell might do the trick. Be smart - don't buy new!!
  23. So glad you're ok Jester. Wow, incredibly scary & just reading the story made me anxious.
  24. I still like the start as a group format. The social aspect is more fun for me. We didn't run into hardly anyone till after the lunch. But I did like sleeping in
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