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  1. I like that you added any changes/specifics in red to the usual post - easier to see for those of us who are return visitors to your cache machines! Thank you. I booked Guesthouse Suites (Kennewick) for $107 total for 2 nites back in December (used discount broker). I'd love to priceline bid, but we need 2 beds, and sometimes they don't guarantee that! YMMV
  2. Since he's not posting it here - I'll give you the latest from WatchdogsMike - he has decided to leave the Ft Casey State Park cache on the CM so that people can get their passport stamps during this weekend. So kind of Mike We appreciate him leaving it on the list. So the Ft. Casey State Park cache is available for hunting! If he changes his mind, I'll leave it up to him to update the forum - it feels weird for me to do that... I'm deleting my original forum post about that to prevent confusion.
  3. DELETING post Thanks again Mike for leaving that cache on the list!
  4. Thank you so much for the work you do on these. Looking forward to your updates
  5. Boy, I cannot stress how THICK the deer can get outside of the towns on Whidbey during early morning & evening hours. Especially north end & central. It's like they're magnetic & attracted to cars. I've had to dodge them numerous times when I lived on Whidbey. They're smaller than mainland deer, but they'll definitely put a dent in your insurance premiums. They're stinkin' fearless...keep an eye out.
  6. Local 'gossip' about accomodations - third hand info. Just so you know... Oak Harbor: Queen Anne at one time housed long term residents, monthly live-ins, etc. Kind of run down. Acorn Inn: refurbished hotel, it was closed down before because of Meth issues (biohazard clean-up). It is open now, but you might want to be aware. Tyee Motel/Restaurant (12 miles from Oak Harbor) is a nice alternative, in Coupeville (Mom & Pop style motel). Coachman Inn & Candlewood Suites all ok.
  7. For those of you that are military, there is a Navy Lodge in Oak Harbor and the rates are usually decent. I'd book sooner rather than later due to the Holiday.
  8. Oh dang. While syncing my calendar with my kiddo's school calendar this morning, realized the Tri-Cities CM is Easter Weekend - I'll have to do Tri-cities another time, but thought I'd let you know.
  9. I saw that this morning. It's very well done!
  10. Personally, I love June 18 for NCM and would make it doable for our team (I think we're all headed to GW in Denver) - but it is your baby. I never want to presume that you will bend to fit people's wishes, but am grateful that you are considering it.
  11. What Jim said, in spades. And what Lizzy said too. Dang, have to choose between GW and Nanaimo. For Whidbey - look into non-traditional places to stay, BNB, Ft Casey guest houses (cool, stay on park property) share a vacation house with several cachers. I don't think there's a bad hotel on Whidbey. I'm staying with my bestie at her house in Coupeville
  12. I did a little dance & a cheer when I saw Colville on the list!! But then shed a tear when I saw the Nanaimo CM (much anticipated) listed the week before Geowoodstock in Denver. If you ever consider moving that date - I'll do another happy dance, but I understand how hard it is to schedule these things and please everyone.
  13. Can't win them all - good try though Travis. You did everything you possibly could. Looking forward to Whidbey, although there isn't a whole lotta places there that can feed a crowd cheap. Might want to alert base security if you include many caches near the Seaplane base or top of the hill from the main base. Just sayin'
  14. You know what rd had me curious today? Looking at the maps, trying to figure out how to squeeze a ride up Slack Canyon Rd (Douglas Creek). It's just off our cache machine route, but I hear not good except for high clearance vehicles, which made me want to try it more! It's just north of "WagOn" which is on the CM route. Looked really cool.
  15. Lizzy


    LOVE Cody!! Visit the Buffalo Bill Museum (can't remember the exact name). My favorite museum in the west if you like anything "western". The nightly Rodeo is a kick in the pants. We've stayed at the Big Bear Motel - really kitschy & old style - rustic, loved it. If you can spend some time (an afternoon) drive east of Cody out in the "prairie" toward the Little Bighorn Mtns & check out the wild horse area - we've been able to catch some really awesome pictures of the mustangs. Of course, Yellowstone is awesome. We're returning to Yellowstone this year too!
  16. Maybe it needs re-wording... Instead of saying "Talk geocaching in..." it should say something different since it does not lead to a forum.
  17. It depends on how you access it. I tried accessing it by GC Forums > United States > Washington and that's where it misdirected me. If I clicked on GC Forums > United States > Northwest, it works just fine. I see my problem - I just thought that "Washington" would lead me to the Northwest Forum. Instead, it shows event listings, etc. Maybe that is purposefully that way. So...maybe not a bug/problem.
  18. Just watched a news report on the lack of hotel rooms available in Spokane area for March - Better get your rooms quick if you've been procrastinating!
  19. I was trying to go on the Northwest Forum (Washington link) and it sent me to this: http://www.geocaching.com/local/default.aspx?state_id=48 I finally figured out a round about way to get to where I wanted, which was this: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=21 I believe the Washington link is not quite right and needs fixing.
  20. I just priceline bid a 2 star in Post Falls for $49 a nite and got the room at the Riverbend Inn (which I have stayed at before) - I knew at that star level I would probably get that one. If I didn't, then it would've been the Sleep Inn or Comfort Inn (wish). Either way, it might be worth trying to see if you can get under that price. REMEMBER, you are only guaranteed a room that sleeps 2 (possibly not 2 beds), but I will be calling the hotel to put a request in for 2 beds when the priceline reservation comes through there. My total cost with taxes was $114.96 for the 2 nights.
  21. Accomodation prices prevent us from attending CM this time round. We've been 'bleeding' money lately, so time to reign a bit of that in. Sometimes I think it would be a great deal if enough of us booked a vacation home instead & split costs. Keep that in mind if it ever comes up with your team Abby - on this or future CMs - we would probably be willing if the price justified it.
  22. Loved this one. Good mix & great caches - clever hides. Of course, I preferred the out of town caching & the scenic areas and little "adventures". Did not mind passing up other caches for these. A successful CM for us. Loved the ferry and the history! Thanks again, Travis. We could see the difference & liked it.
  23. I had no idea up til now about this VERY USEFUL Macro. I Love You.
  24. There will be a lot of us at the Salem Cache Machine this coming Saturday. You're bound to run into someone at the event that can possibly help.
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