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  1. Sounds like you made the right choice! I love riding and stopping for a quick cache. I would like to get a Vino 125 for caching in the city. A 700# bike is a bit much for STOP / U TURN
  2. I ride a Honda VTX 1300 C and geocache with a Garmin eTrex Legend. Any eTrex or Vista is good for a bike. GET A RAM MOUNT. Don't bother with the rest because they don't work well on a bike. The arm/vise has a hand screw so if you like a sleek cruiser look (or whatever you are into) the RAM mount comes off and noone knows of your other hobby. the eTrex get me close on the bike and then I pop it off to get me the rest of the way.
  3. by Maps I meant the current Mapsource v7
  4. HotFix

    New Gamin Products!

    Now if only RAM mount would replace the suction cup with a 1" bar adapter - this would go great on a motorcycle.
  5. First off - you have already been helpful. I tried Garmin's PI software and created a CSV file from the GPX that contained only the Long/Lat and GCxxxx. The software created a Custom option in the POIs of the i3, but was empty. The i3 came with Mapsource 7, but I couldn't find the option you are referring to. Could the included Mapsource for i3 be dumped down? The i3 is a great car Nav unit for the price. I use a handheld Garmin eTrex Legend for caching, but would like to use the i3 to get me close enough to park.
  6. Once you find it - let me know. How do you like your Cx? I was thinking og upgrading my Legend. Does it have a geoaching mode (cache description and such).
  7. Has anyone done this? I tried loading a CSV of Long/Lats as POIs, but it didn't work to well.
  8. wait. Am I to understand that if I buy a Legend C , then I can autoroute if the maps are loaded? If this is true then I will finally dump my b/w Legend which has served me well.
  9. How about a category motorcycle interest. This would include dealerships with bike services to fix a flat, restaurants with bike nights, common motorcycle hang outs, and motorcycle resorts.
  10. I use EasyGPS with my Etrex. Very easy, very free.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I should have read this before I went out caching today. I found a couple of ammos and learned the hard way about compounding my error with the placer's error. Once I found my first one I went "Ah - of course". I also do not have a compass in my eTrex Lengend. I found that wlking in a straight line for about 20 feet gived me a good clue of where it is at. I am still learning and will work my way up to the micros. BTW: My girl went with me today and is now hooked. With her eye and my ability to carry her stuff (read: otherwise useless) - we make a good team.
  12. I grabbed an eTrex Lengend off of eBay for $130. It is a fun little unit, but I have found nothing with it. I get right on top of it (GZ?) within 18ft accuracy. Does that mean the cache should be within 18 feet of me? I'm going to hunt some ammo cans tomorrow - they should be easier than these tiny micros.
  13. I ride my motorcycle as close to GZ as practical (street bike, not a dirt bike) and walk the rest of the way. I use a backpack that is always loaded for leisure trips. It is a blend of some everyday MC stuff (That I don't keep in the saddle bags), picnic, and now geocaching.
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