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  1. I am thinking of ditching my aged eTrex Legend (gray scale) for a new Legend Cx or Vista Cx.


    My only concern is that these new units only hold 500 waypoints. Is the custom POI loader different than waypoints? Can I load up different POI categories to get more points in? Am I only limited by memory?


    I haven't used the custom POI loader because it doesn't work with my old unit. Does anyone cache using custom POIs instead of waypoints?

  2. I have a VX6700 which is the same generation as the tro700 (WM5+bluetooth)


    I use the cache pages for the info on the cache, but I use an old eTrex Legend to get me there. With the places I have cached - I prefer to leave the delicate electronics put away.

  3. What is the big deal? Just turn off the auto run feature if you are using windows. You can then safely browse a CD. I like the idea of making an off line web page.


    I'm all for burned CDs pirated or otherwise. If someone turns me one to a band I wouldn't have otherwise considered - I'll but there stuff.

  4. I know you guys get this all the time - so here is another. <_<


    I have been geocaching for over a year with my trusty eTrex Legend. I also use it on the motorcycle and have been doing more long distant trips with it into the mountains for a weekend.


    Here is my wanted features in order of importance.


    I'd like to get something that can auto route on the fly

    Something small for geostealth in the city

    sensitive antenna for caching under tree cover.

    I might want something with a bigger screen size, but don't want a huge unit.

    Battery life is a concern


    So I'm thinking of either the eTrex Legend Cx or the GPSMAP 60Cx. Every time I think I know which one I want - I flip flop to the other.


    Looks like no matter which one I buy - I'll have to get the mapping software for another $120. (unless the City Select that came with my wifes i3 would work)

  5. Be aware... SanDisk announced a 2GB MicroSD last year, and chances are they're offering a rebate because they plan to start selling the 2GB shortly. In other words it may be worth waiting, as prices will drop on the 1GB anyway once the 2GB hits shelves.

    I think I remember seeing that announcement (you can even find it using Google). They announced a 2GB miniSD and a 1GB microSD (the ones we are currently buying. I did a double take too.


    If it turns out I'm wrong (happens a lot - ask my wife), please post a link to the new article.

  6. You can add "Custom POIs" to the card. There is no limit other than card memory capacity. They work differently than Waypoints though.

    How do custom POIs work? how are they different from Waypoints?


    Could I have a 'Ammo' POI, 'Micro' POI, 'Muli' POI, etc?

  7. I currently have a eTrex Legend that I carry about 950 caches on it at any given time. I'm looking to upgrade to a Legend Cx, but am less than impressed with it's 500 waypoint storage capacity. Is there a way to have multiple 500 waypoints 'books' loaded on a MicroSD card? It wouldn't be so bad if I had to load an unload waypoints from a mSD card. If that were the case I could have >1000 points available without connecting to a PC.


    Have you gotten around this? Do you carry more than a 500 cache points with you?

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