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  1. my daughter and I made a cache that was geared towards family with kids, we wanted to put something extra special for a ftf so I let her pick out anything in the store and she picked out a wooden flower. The people that found it thought it was so neat, and it happened to be their 2 anniversary, so it made them real happy to get a flower from a 3 year old stranger, and that it was real cute!!! they thought that it was also neat because it was different than the usual money and lotto ticket it made something to remember as a memento!! but money is!! always !! nice !!!
  2. I was wondering where everyone gets the print offs of the micro log book, you know the 1-2inch wide paper that is 11inces long!! please help
  3. is there any way that you can just caches listed that are in restareas!!
  4. hi everyone I am visiting texas from ohio and wanted to see good easy caches that dont envolve being in the middle of nowhere we have a 3 year old and have heard that it is to dangerous to be in the woods without protection i tryed to post this in the south site but not many visiters thought this would get more traffic! asking this cause last year we went caching here( hemphill texas) and they where not very easy and in the middle of nowhere like a 1 star is a 4 mile walk through stickers and anthills need something easier or maybe some one can contact us and help forgot to tell you we are visiting outside of hemp hill texas
  5. the worst cache was in Indania My Webpage it was real close to a roadkill pit I have never head of this till I saw it!!gross we could smell it from 500ft away!! I also recommend NOT taking a three year old with you!! after you pass the pit you had to walk another 500 ft through barbs poison ivy and up and down hills and the difficulty wasn't very high either!!
  6. I was wondering what goes on at the gatherings that cacheers set up! I am thinking about going to one in Lima Ohio and I don't know what to bring not to bring or what we are going to do, I have a three year old and if all it is is a person standing in front on a stage and talking I think she will get real board and get loud!! I dont quite understand what is up!
  7. Hi me and my family will be visiting hemhill texas and want to cache I was wondering if anyone could give me a list of simple regular caches that we could do (no micros I have a 3 year old who loves to trade items!!) I am asking because last summer we did some off the pages and the difficulty was not listed right, were from ohio and not used to large national forests that you can get turned around in easily(sabine national) and then I hear from locals that youshould't go out into the woods without a gun!!!! whats up with that??? are the animals really out to get you or what!!! looking for some in cemetarys and parks. And another one that we found had a huge hornets nest on it and no one has checked on it since we were there in July. Oh well would appreciate the help.
  8. where can i get an ohio geocoin i havelooked everywhere!!!
  9. i was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is some one hit my cache today and said it was a part of a coin quest game and I have never herd of this before was he mistakin or did some one set up a game and my daughters cache is a part of it (waypoint GCQGJ2)
  10. what is a coin quest someone just hit our cache and said that it is part of a coin quest and was just wondering what they are
  11. how do I put picture on my cache page!!!
  12. He has had all of my bugs I only live 7mi from indiana we traveled to texas this summer and we dropped one in missouri and I think it is in michigan now(I can't remember)
  13. Hi everyone I have a silly question about my TBs they always seem to end up in Michigan and never can seem to get out of Michigan, I have one that has seen almost every Metro park in detroit, whats up with that does anyone else have a tb that can never seem to get out of a state? Maybe there are just alot of caches in Michigan!!
  14. I like to use self laminating sheets you get two of them and stick them together a pack of ten is about 2 dollars and they are the size of regular notebook paper and their easy to cut down and make any size. You can find them in the computer paper section of any walmart. As for the conection to the bug it self I like to use keychains!!
  15. I went to this cache GC9197 I dont know what they were thinking!! the cache is real close to what they posted as the road kill pit!! It was so gross and the smell knocked you over!!! The pit was clear full of dead roadkill animals and I mean alot of them!!!!!
  16. well if i was there i could find it i have seen one of these in our area!!!!
  17. I want to set up a new cache and I want it to be unique, what are your favorite caches? May be I can incorperate several kind of caches and make a real neat, different kind of cache!
  18. Since I was traveling, I didn't bring along any signature items. In the past, I had shipped flash-frozen signature items ahead to whoever was hosting me at my travel destination. I found this alternative to be superior to bringing live rodents through airport security. I mean, I can only listen to jokes about cavity searches so many times, you know? But what I failed to account for was the local geocaching culture in the places I was visiting. Apparently some areas are just not quite ready for the experience of finding a live hamster in a geocache, nor for the other possibility which exists if the signature item is placed in a cache that's infrequently visited. Some of the e-mails made my daughter cry. So I just don't do it anymore outside a 100 mile radius from home, where the practice is well-known. gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Oooh! A Project APE cache! a what???? That is the container used for the giant-sized Project APE caches that were set out as a promotion of the "Planet of the Apes" movie in 2001. Here I am, posing with my friend at the Chicago-area APE cache, Mission 12: Blind Canal: That cache page has a link to Markwell's excellent summary of Project APE on his webpage. The caches needed to be huge because original props from the movie were placed as FTF prizes. There are three surviving Ape caches, in Maryland, Illinois and Washington. cool cache I will have to find it on vaction this year!!
  20. wow thats really large you would need long arms to get stuff in there
  21. about the size of a cooler but an ammo box, I have seen them but... where do you get them??
  22. where can I get a large- I mean reallly big ammo box so I can make a special cache!!
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