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  1. the letters are VERY legible and theres no o or 0 i or 1 or 5 or s's I have no Idea what to do I have even emailed the deleware people that made the coin!!
  2. tryed to get a hold of her but no reply and theres no activation code with it just the tracking number on the coin
  3. how long does that usually take and didyou get my email atlantagal?? I am new to coins!!
  4. I hear what you are saying and I started a cache just so people can trade coins or just stop by to see what they look like!! We never got to see a geocoin for the first year we cached and so we decided to make a cache just for that purpose SO PEOPLE CAN TRADE/MOVE COINS no one better steal them from our cache we watch it!!! geocoin trader GCVW9T so we buy coins and keep on the moving of coins!
  5. it is my cache and I try to keep all coins tracked and on the right track so this one is bothering me!! I found that all delaware coins are owned by delaware geocaching and they put them out to get coins out there again and they have all been activated so I have no Idea whats up with this one!!! any ideas???
  6. NOTHING SATURDAY but I would sure like to know when I am to get my geoswag geocoin for may!!!
  7. Hi everyone I have a cache it is called geocoin trader GCVW9T and everyone has loved it so far but I have a question!! Some one put a really neat geocoin in it (delaware 2005) it says that it is trackable on geocaching but when I put the code to have it show up in the inventory colum on the right it says that it isn't activated yet am I doing something wrong!!! that is the neatest coin I have seen yet it has deleware and a bird on one side and on the other it has a list of the first coin cache cacher and has some cachers avatars on it it is a big coin too!! pleeeeeese help me I have emailed the one who put it in there and she hasn't emailed me back!!!
  8. hi everyone i was thinking about making a geocoin trading cache. I wanted to make it cause there are alot of coins out there and this cache would make a place to trade or log your coins so that people that visited the cache would be able to actually beable to find/trade coins, the other reason is beccause we love to see the art work that people put into this and we never get to see them. we buy coins but are scared to put them any where cause of muggles and this cache would be in our front yard and we would be able to know that they started off there travels safe. We decided that keeping the coins we bought is sill and it is time to relese them into the world so they can do what they intended to do travel!! so... would you be interested in a cache like this or not? thanks the butterfly effect
  9. there was on in ourarea at a rest area that is a micro that someone stuffed full of doggie poopoo gross!! and I cant believe someone would actually take the time to touch the CRAP!
  10. my daughter and I go with grandma and hubby!! But the girls rule the finding all the time- boys are slow!!!
  11. I couldn't believe it this morning when I left work this morning (decatur, IN) gas went up 30 cents!!! it was 2.59 when I got to work and 2.89 when left I think I need to buy a horse and buggy!!! we drive a avalanche 19MPG and we drive ALOT!!!
  12. I can't believe people can be so distructive! What is there major malfunction!!!! maybe everyone has to make caches member only caches till they calm down!
  13. can type very fast with these slow fingers-LOL I saw your post as mine came up and thought to myself well crap!
  14. how cool geocaching was on the cbs evening news jus now!!! did you see it?
  15. looking for the steal your face coin have to trade: generic micro generic gold generic silver not another micro camo thanks!!
  16. I make our signature item i brade copperwire and place colored glass beads in the brades and we call them geocaching good luck charms you can hang them off of you gps, lanyard or whatever you want they have a zipper pull clip on them so it is easy to attach to stuff!! Alot of times I put czech beads in them so there not just the same old beads there NICE ones!! alot of people pick them up. We also leave business cards that we hole punch and attach them too.
  17. I have family in Idaho and that is the closest I could stay to CO
  18. were renting a cabin and needed a change in scenery
  19. were going on a hiking caching trip in april and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a few good caches on rte 33 from vanwert county ohio to hocking hills in ohio!! thanks
  20. didnt take any pics. but we have seen two racoons in the daytime one sleeping in a tree and one out to get a midnight drink boy he was sure sleepy too he climbed his tree right in front of us and just looked at us like what do you want and just watched us walk by and he was only about four to five feet beside us!! we have also seen bobcat foot prints on the way to a cache!!
  21. we love to take our 3 year old she loves the long walks and to explore we always to have a bag full of neat stuff she found alng the way-pinecones and clamshells lots of neat leaves and she always has to find a walking stick too!!
  22. I am looking for the steal your face geocoin you know the one with the cache box in the greatful dead symbol just wondering if it has beenseen lately if i can find one Isaw one somewhere this week but now i cant find it thanks
  23. still cant get into the getting started forum can everything else though!!
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