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  1. how do I put my little stat bar on myspace page i have seen them on others pages
  3. I am going to hocking hills ohio this weekend for three days and want some good easy (cause were taking a four year old) caches!!! Does anyone have any!!
  4. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase geocoin fairy sprinkle your majic dust on cache GCVW9T a little girl would love your coin for her 5th b-day!!
  5. not from MI but I am from OH and go to MI every weekend in the summer!!
  6. I would love to have two of them if i can
  7. Hi I was wondering if anyone has any idea where I can get a really cool puzzle box type cache I have went to one in MI that you push/pull pegs to open-- well any ideas!! thanks The Butterfly Effect ohio city ohio
  8. Yea!!!! Ohio rocks---------------------but go BLUE!!
  9. am a member and I order two per month!!! come on bears score!!!
  10. I think that so far only two or three are in the running!!!
  11. I got two coins from geoswag and dont know what to think of them keep or trade what do you all think!?! they say: geocaching the world is our playing field on the back: Oak coins and pins and had a bunch of writing around the coin!! thanks for input!!
  12. BEARS 34 COLTS 21 GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#1 YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Sorry!! stepshep if I had seen this forum a couple of weeks ago I would have had a gold deadmans hand for you but I activated it and it is on my discovery list and in my binder SORRY!! I could have even brought it to you!!! I am 20 miles away from lima!! in ohio city! crapola If you watch my cache (GCVW9T) theres a surprise every once in a while left in the cache unactivated by me for the next cacher!!
  14. i requested for one too my good friend and several family members have the disease my friend likes to joke that he has dinosaur footprints when he goes to the beach cause he has had his toes removed cause of it!!
  15. I wonder where my November geoswag coins are dec.starts real soon!!!
  16. Hi I am in the process of activationg 36 coins for discovery and I cant find two coins codes to activate I don't even remember where I got them!! the coins are The Great Reward coin and [/s] thanks the butterfly effect mandy
  17. I had a fairy with me on sat. she got lots of candy
  18. I got two halloween pumpkins from usa geocoin site today!! there sooo cool pumpkin on front and ghost on back
  19. I have two ideas for personal coins can you help me decide!! or It will be trackable and have icon too or you can give me changes to it to thanks i will have to workon this later sorry
  20. I have had several people that don't follow trade even rule heck I have even had people take coins and not write it in the logbook just on the site and have never deleted them people dont trade even all of the time not a big deal I just buy more coins and put them in so 95 percent of the time the coins in the cache are mine I bought!! The way I figure it is it is A GAME FOR FUN so we have fun trading bugs and coins and everyone has there own opinion!
  21. Is it to late to buy one I would really like to buy one for my hubby!! thanks mandy the butterfly effect
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