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  1. All we need is more places for hippies to gather and pee and od. I like your initial intention, but I can see this ship sinking south so soon.
  2. Great idea! I once found the tombstone of someone who died the same day I was born. I was just young enough at the time that it creeped me out a bit. Now I wish I could remember where it was so I could get my pic beside it! I suppose I would get double points if he had my name AND died the day I was born! That would be all too cool/creepy! I vote you a yes and suggest the birth/death day coincidence as another sub-cat!
  3. There are enough world champion horseshoe pitchers, watermelon seed spitters, and hog callers who have signs posted outside these small towns that need to be recognized along with the signs such as, "Home of Nobel Lauriate . . .," or "Home of Astronaut . . ."
  4. I would like a few as well, having lived in Kansas for nearly 15 years total.
  5. Lets revive this. When I think of "tagless" travel bugs and TB numbers, I was thinking of buying the numbers and either printing out the number to be attached (as others have indicated) or, better yet, carving or etching or engraving them onto the custom bug. Can you imagine an artist creating a small painting; a piece of wooden, metal or stone art; or any other truly unique bug which incorporates the number into the piece itself? There could even be "puzzle" TBs where things had to be done or guessed to figure out what the number is. For those who make it too hard or annoying, they would pay the price! Even the Tshirts (or tattoos) some have made could only be activated after purchasing the physical tags. For those who worry about the cost, I ask, how could you increase profit MORE than by selling Virtual Merchandise? How much profit is there now in TBs? Can it beat 100%? Besides, I would like the option of purchasing an entire block of numbers which I reserve for just my family. If I did that, I would likely buy far more than I anticipated using in the near future (such as buying 100 or 200), and may never use them all up. In that case, the profit would actually be above 100% as I may buy 200, but their computers would only end up dealing with 52 or 112. Although I would always keep a few traditional bugs in the wind and I know many would always remain loyal to the traditional bug, there is room to allow the diversity of selling people numbers to use if they choose (or not) and incorporate them into some really cool and unique TBs. Any besides, is it not the imaginations of the cachers which makes this such a fun and refreshing sport? Please consider creating this option for those who would like to explore it a bit further. There is nothing to lose and a higher-profit revenue stream to gain!
  6. I am HUGELY in favor of giving the TB purchaser an option of two tags, one tag or NO tags (as referred to in an earlier post). This would allow the cacher the flexibility to pay according to their budget and desire. The money made from selling numbers without tags (we are talking a real cash cow here if they were sold for $1.00 each) would make up for some of the inconvenience of having to order doubles of certain numbers. Maybe also a new number series (alphanumeric, for example) could be started for each type (2,1,0 tags) to make it easier on the manufacturer. Strictly numeric serials would remain the standard for double-tags, alphanumeric serials could signify single tags, and an NT- prefix (standing for No Tag) would tell the cacher to look for a home-made or unconventional tag. This could also keep the manufacturer from getting confused on how many to make. The serial number plainly tells them. The biggest problem I could see is if people got so bizzare in making their own "tags" that the tags became rediculously unrecognizable.
  7. Olde Skool This bug is dedicated to first caches of any type (first in a state, city, or first found or placed bya particuar cacher). It was turned loose at the first cache ever placed in Kansas, Mingo. I find random movers to be boring. I like the mission approach. It gives me a greater feeling of investment and involvement in the bug's purpose. For this reason, all my bugs will be mission oriented. I have future plans to send bugs to be photohgraphed at certain places, such as at the hospital where I was born; or with certain (willing and forewarned) friends in other states. I also hope to be able to retrieve my bugs after they have completed their mission. They may be sent out again on a new mission, or retired to my own Wall of Fame so they can proudly collect dust and be fought over by my children when I die!
  8. Inkwell One Inkwell One is supposed to be delivered to my parents in another state. The deliverer gets to stay at their campground for free and fish in thier stream (if they are licensed). Then the bug is to be returned to me for Thanksgiving Dinner by my parents.
  9. us cAPITALS bUG The US Capitals Bug is trying to reach every State Capital, DC, and be pictured wth the President (a longshot by the owner's admission). It is a US Flag dogtag.
  10. Not being an author myself, but having seen Journal TB's which collect the stories of cachers who find it, I am wondering if there are any projects in the works to circulate a bug specifically to collect stories of caching, etc., to be published. Borrowing the title, A Bug's Life, is simply too obvious (and probably copyright infringement) but does get across the idea I had in mind. I challenge any would be or actually skilled author to take up the idea if it has not already been done. If it has been done, I would love to be directed toward the product as I would find the story quite interesting. Done properly and tastefully, it could also be great advertising material to bring more people to the sport (although I am quite impressed at how large it has grown in five short years!).
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