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  1. Ok, so on my new Win7 64bit machine, every time I try going to the Geomate site to update my Geomate, it tries running something called dw20.exe from Microsoft and explorer crashes with unhandled exception errors. I've tried with and without AV running and no luck. They don't support Chrome, apparently, nor Safari. I tried in Firefox, followed the PDF to the letter and now Firefox will not run on this machine at all. Even after deleting Firefox and re-installing, it fails to actually run. Apparently, removing Firefox leaves something in the registry that I can't find, and so whatever screwed it up the first time is screwing it up for all eternity. So, how exactly do I update my Geomate using Windows 7 64bit and IE? Or at all? I never had this problem on my XP machine (which I now wish I had held onto...) I've got a trip to Taipei tomorrow and I really wanted to take the geomate along and do some caching while I was in Asia...
  2. Thanks... that was what I was thinking, however, after I posted that, I did some further digging and ... I cant find any way to actually put maps on it... it seems like the only map products Garmin sells now are geared toward Nuvi or for topo maps. I can't find anything like CityNavigator or CitySelect anymore for the older models I e-mailed Garmin's tech support, but I have no idea if they'll even respond. Any suggestions for getting local maps and putting them onto a GPS 72? Are there any 3rd party companies that make maps that can be installed on the older Garmin units? Cheers Jeff
  3. Cool! Yeah, I've never run into problems myself, but I've read plenty where cops have hassled cachers and a couple places where they've sent in the bomb squad to blow up a cache that was improperly marked, afraid it was an IED or something bad like that. As for me, I actually will be in La Hulpe for a week for a work conference. I won't have much time outside of work to do anything other than drink and hang out, but the weekend before I'm planning on spending Saturday and most of Sunday in Bruges (I fly in at 0800) and the following weekend, I've got Friday evening and all of Saturday in Brussels with a friend of mine from Switzerland before flying back out on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, no car for me... I like the idea, but this time around, I'm going to avail myself of the wonders of European mass transit. I understand it's far superior to most public transit systems in the US (meaning most European public transit, don't want to sound like I think "Europe" is a single country or anything)... So trains and busses for me. Next time, if I have vacation time to tack on to the business trip, I may rent a car instead so I can visit a few different countries, but that's in the future so who knows what will really happen.
  4. I've got three GPSrs at the moment... A Geomate Jr, a Garmin GPS 72 and a Garmin Nuvi 780. I plan on taking one of them at least with me to europe for a little geo-caching. The question is, which one? If I take the geomate, I'll have to update it with european caches. It makes cache hunting very easy and fun, but really isn't terribly useful for anything else. I could set the home location at my hotel so I'd always find my way back, but that's about it. If I take the GPS72, I'll have to update it with eurpoean (or belgium maps) as well as load it with waypoints for caches in the area. The plus side is that I'll at least be able to use it for navigating while walking around Brussels and Bruges. The downside is that it has no external storage, so it's limited in that way. If I take the Nuvi, I'll have to load Belgium maps on it with POIs. I'll also have to load waypoints on it for Belgium to go caching. THe plus side there is it gives turn by turn directions, is pocket sized and has a fairly decent pedestrian setting. So what would YOU take along in this case?
  5. I'm headed to Brussels in may and will spend the first weekend in Bruges on holiday before I have to attend a work conference up in Brussels.... I had planned on bringing my geomate along, or maybe the GPS72... Anyway, I wanted to see if anyone here could provide some tips and tricks for caching in Belgium. I'm not sure how the law works there (the police) or what kind of reaction I'd get if people saw me digging around for hidden boxes... heh... I know sometimes in the US such things can be mistaken for nefarious activity, though not often. I guess what I wanted to find out is how geocaching friendly is Belgium? From what I've seen here, there seems to be a treasure trove of caches all over the country. Also, what advice would you give someone who's from another country and visiting for the first time? I don't want to inadvertently offend anyone, or upset the locals if I go off caching. Cheers Jeff
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