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  1. If you are under trees one must remember that the 60c and the 76c has a quad-helix antenna and the units need to be held vertical for best reception.
  2. On a search & rescue mission the 76s fell out of my pocket when I got into the vehicle. When I found that I had lost it I backtracked and found it on the road. Hmmm it was laying on a tire track. I drove over it with the front wheel of a suburban. GpS still worked but the display was bad. Not broken just bad. I could still download the track and waypoints and track on a computer, just couldn't read the display. How is that for rugged?
  3. KC7DRB Richard Myrtle Creek, Oregon
  4. Ham license fee for 2005 if $14.00 Do not use 2m without a license. 73 Extra Class VE
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