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  1. Just saw this post/cache. Cool idea... A quick look at GSAK and I'm just shy of 3600 points (quite a bit more than I expected). Unfortunalty I need to scan the waver wire for a couple more specialists. I've got my eye on a couple that should put me over the top... This weekend maybe.



  2. We already have a couple 60Cxs's and a Nuvi (with a dead battery, so it's been relagated to in-car only). I use an iTouch for paperless currently, but W2 needs something to get the descriptions on now that the Nuvi won't last more than 20 minutes on battery. Andoid-based really appeals to me for the apps, and the GPS which my iTouch doesn't have. (Wherigo would be nice) I don't want to pay for data plan for an android plan, so this is one of the few non-phone android device i've seen... Archos has a small model out that got bad reveiws (slightly better than the Zen)..


    Opinions? Anything else I should be considering?





  3. I query the entire state weekly (date-based) and have a GSAK database. I exclude my finds and it's still 23 queries, about 3 per day. YMMV.

    Have you checked out GSAK version 8? With the API you can get another 6000 caches a day beyond the 5000 with PQ's. I don't think you can date range them. But once they are in the DB you can 'refresh' the cache data 6000 at a time/day, then a PQ to get the new caches - looks like 4 days to do it.

    I've played a little with it, but I don't always do the PQs everyday, so the 6000 per day might not get what I need. Something to play with and see. The big one I like is the "Check Status", so I can easily get the Archived ones status changed, and it's not counted as part of the 6000 limit. I don't think the "update logs" is included either, but I could be wrong on that one...



  4. Small explanation so you understand what I have here. The naming convention is YYYYMMDD-YYYYMMDD. The triple digit is the number of caches the PQ started with so I can monitor the effectiveness of the PQ over time with the number of caches listed to the far right. I always have an open ended PQ for the latest caches to be added, plus one to update the last month's worth in case the open ended overruns the 1000 limit. Then there is the PQ that identifies the caches that were set to disabled, but not yet archived. That limits a manual manipulation to a minimum once every six months or so to check caches that are actually archived based on last GSAK update date.

    That looks great! Thank you very much! I had a series of 19 PQs that went out 125 miles, and I would re-do the dates every couple months (PlacedPQ macro in GSAK) to keep the number of PQs down to a minimum. This turned into 29 for me. Looks like you missed one in the list, 20100806-20100916) I also have some OR/ID/MT and BC PQs that I run on occation, so I need to keep some open space to run the extras...


    Thanks Again!



  5. I wish someday someone would sit down with me and use lots of pictures and small words and explain to me why this is a good thing. I even have a had time keeping up with Kitsap county and the whole state boggles my mind.

    My main reason is lazyness... If I'm going to go somewhere, I don't need to plan as much or load up specific areas. They are just all there, so where-ever I am (in the state), I want to see whats there. I don't have a fancy smart phone, but I do use a iTouch for paperless and a wifi hotspot if I have to hit the internet.. It's just more convienent to already have them all preloaded. My only concern is the performance hit on to 60csx with another 10k of caches in it to search through...


    TotemLake, Thanks. I'm guessing it will still require some fiddling since we'll have different finds, but definately helpful!

  6. I was wondering if anyone out there has setup a series a PQs that will get all the Caches in Washington State. Not sure I'd want to pull them on a regualr basis, but would like to get a snapshot everyonce in a while and not spend hours figuring out where all the date ranges start/end to stay under the 1000 cache limit..





  7. further more for each reviewer who would quit over this there is 100 who would feel his spot. There needs to be more reviewers anyways. I think that is the root problem. For example: I can't believe that Japan does not have a dedicated reviewer. The world should be split up into areas depending on how active the community is in that area. Counties (usa) up to whole regions like Central Aisa or West Africa.


    This is getting off-topic for this topic, but Is GS currently looking for more reviewers or have they said they don't need more and turning volenteers away? I haven't really cached longed enough to have any idea of how many their are. I think I see 3 in my general area (Seattle), but I don't know how big their "terrirtory" realy is...

  8. I personally like the changes they made today to separate out them like they did. I have completed 8 challenges (under a different account, 6 from the Groundspeak Block Party and 2 from the Going APE event the following day. I was waiting to see if they were going to separate them out before I put them on our normal account). I will probalby pick and choose the ones I want to do and get a few more, but I won't be actively going after challenges. It will be more if I'm in the area it looks likes a worth while one...


    I also think it will draw enough attention to them to keep them going strong.


    If they want Waymarks and Wherigos to survive, they should do the same.. Keep the details on the separate websites, but list the totals on gc.com. Break out the "Totals" into different groups with subtotals and a grand total.


    Physical Caches (Trad, Multi, Unk, Lett, Wherigo+Cache)

    NonPhysical (Virtual, Locationless, Earth, Webcam)

    Events (Events, Mega, CITO)




    NonCache Wherigo



  9. My plans are still tentative, but with the HQ and the Ape:Reclaimed completed over the weekend, I'm looking at stopping by and trying the Triad Challenge on the way to the Original Stash...


    My better half would kill me if I went that far out into the bush alone, so I was wondering if there are any more cachers heading out there on Monday the 29th. I'm coming from Everett, WA, but heading down into Central Oregon (Prineville/OSP) for a week after these two, so Carpooling is not an option... (Plus the GeoHybrid will be packed to the roof with stuff, so no room anyway...)





  10. So... Challenge (CX1) Snoqualmie Tunnel of Light. I'm going to travel all the way there to make my way through the tunnel, THEN log the challenge complete. This is 185km from my home as the bird flys, but people are logging accept then 1 or 2 minutes later logging completed. :mad:


    I am going to the event his weekend and will be going through the tunnel, but I'm not going to log it as a "challenge" until things settle down and the "completed" are not counted as a "find"

  11. I just took a look at their page, and seems like a great service. I would definatey log one if I came across it. I have my own trackable wooden nickles that I track myself (MyWebSite), but would think that this would be a great way to go for something like that. I have had quite a few of my wooden nickles logged (all I ask is they email me with the number and GC code..), so I think most people would log these as well..



  12. Ok.. this may seem like a clueless question, but is there general parking nearby? Looking at the Cache Page, it has recommended Handicap parking, but I can't decipher any other parking... We're only 20 miles north, but I'm not that familiar with the area...






    I'm not tryin to be a smart a** here...




    Thanks.. Looks like I was the only (dumb) a** here.. :)

  13. Ok.. this may seem like a clueless question, but is there general parking nearby? Looking at the Cache Page, it has recommended Handicap parking, but I can't decipher any other parking... We're only 20 miles north, but I'm not that familir with the area...





  14. Hi,


    I just placed my first cache, and while checking up on it I saw a TravelBug in there... Can/Should I "discover it"? It wasn't a "find" on my list since I own the cache, so I was unsure if there were any "official" rules out there that covered this..





  15. I've wanted to hike this trail even before we started caching, so we're going to try and make it. I'm not thinking we'll make the full 6.5 mile round trip, W3 (4yr old) is usually good for about 3-4 miles, so we'll probably pick a good spot to turn around about 2 miles. I'll have to see which caches would still be availible.


    Thanks for all the links..



  16. Are you trying to get your finds? If so don't use a regular PQ, instead use the MyFinds PQ.


    Thanks... I'm trying to keep my GSAK database up2date so I don't go after any archived caches.. I searched on the GSAK forum and found the same info presented here... Seems silly not to include them, but I guess that's the way it is... I installed a Macro to help keep track..





  17. Hi, I'm having an issue where I'm not getting some Archived caches in my PQs. I've seen this in about 5 or 6 cases so far. The Caches matches all the other requirements of the PQ, it's just not there...


    I have opened the PQ in notepad and searched for the cache, and double checked the PQ to make sure it should be there...


    Anything I can do to troubleshoot this further?


    I've started sorting everything by the date I last had a GPX file for it, so I can check out the older ones.. (I run a series of PQs every week on the areas I want, so I keep them up2date..)





  18. We've used our Nuvi265 and it worked Ok... It has Pedestrian/OffRoad mode. We couldn't find a compass and the zoom didn't get tight enough on the maps.


    It had poor reception in the trees. About the same as our 1st gen Vista, but much worse than our new 60csx's.


    We picked up a transparent waterproof pouch with a lanyard to hold it in...


    I also found a GSAK macro that does a good job of getting alot of the descriptions in the POI file, so we still bring it along just for the paperless aspect. (we also have an iTouch for paperless as well, so we each have one...)

  19. When we started, We used a Nuvi265 for Geocaching (and a 1st gen Vista.) It worked ok.. Had as good reception as my Vista (poor in the trees) (bad compared to my 60csx), but no compass that I could find and the zoom didn't get close enough for me. It does have a Pedestrian and Off-road mode (two different places to turn them on/off). Used the POI loader to just put everything on the FlashCard. (If you write protect the flash card, it will not be able to copy the POIs to the internal memory. Something we liked since it just adds them into Favorites and are a pain to remove at that point)

  20. Hi, I'm just getting started and am wondering how people handle the 1000 waypoint limit... I like to just load it up and then not have to touch it for a while, but I end up filling the memory and having to delete things in the field to make space...


    I was wondering how most people go about getting rid of the ones you don't want on the unit anymore. (say after a vacation someplace you will not be going back to anytime soon).


    I was thinking of just deleting ALL waypoints and then just reload the ones I want with GSAK... Is there a better way? I've got about 900 in there right now (after deleting inactive caches), but I'm going on Vacation in a couple weeks and will want to load a bunch in the areas were going....





  21. Hi, I'm pretty much a noobie and was wondering what that the opinion was on creating my own signature wooden nickle and adding a private tracking number and website (to log). Is this "bad form"? I would guess I wouldn't get as many people logging it if it wasn't attached to "geocaching.com", but would like to leave a "calling card" and see where they may go...





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