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  1. Oh John, you have always been such a rule follower! I still want MTB's second edition!
  2. So what kind of "swag" are you talking about J.? A coin perhaps? You know, I have known Jon (Moun10bike) since the beginning of time (geocaching time that is!) ... maybe a year later! His coins are precious to me. I have one on my desk (his first coin) I also have a lovely Christmas coin. I could never lay my hands on his second coin. If I found that one of those was placed in a cache of mine what would I do? My first instinct would be to go grab it. But like you said where does the etiquette come in? In a case like this I might write MTB begging, crying and asking him if he minded if I retrieved the coin. I don't know what his answer would be. BUT, BTW MTB... if you are out there listening.... my birthday is this summer, I can send you my home address if you don't have it! If it's not a coin or such.... just something you want. Why don't you replace it with something just as nice!
  3. Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn't used it before. See, now I can post a quote. Hey Markus.... you have become quite funny lately! All those one liner posts you throw out!
  4. Oh dear! I'm sorry. When I read your post I thought yoou were coming to Seattle from Skagway. BIG EDIT!
  5. Pandora.... your Seahawks avatar is just way too cool! Save that for next year. Mr. WD and I have lived here since forever. It took so, so many years to get a pro-football team of our own. Now we have one. And they are GOOD! I'm so proud of them. Just making it to the S.B. is enough for me! Ms. WD We missed out on a sunny Sunday of caching. But it was so worth it to spend quality time with our wonderful family.
  6. What the Heck? How did this appear over here? Sheeesh. I know Groundspeak is trying to make things better for us. But I'm having to figure out the ropes again. I'll have it plain as day by tomorrow! Anyway.... if you would of seen my post earlier... Plaidguy is not my husband, but my friend Cathy's husband. Congrats to you Phil!
  7. Nope... Can't do that! We all go SO far back. Jon is the greatest. He is a wonderful guy! And a great firend. Lucyandrickie... you know how much MR and I care about you! You are great and wonderful too! We love you! I can't say "The best person wins" Because in our eyes you all will be the best. NOW just don't let anyone else pass either of you two, quote "Ya'll hear"? end quote Donna and MR
  8. Oh boy! They changed things again. I can't seem to post a quote like I want to.
  9. In the waypoint window select all the WPTs you want to show independently and after you have them highlighted click on the catagory box and give them a new category number. When you view the map you can then select what you want to see on the map. Each catagory can be named whatever you want it to be.
  10. Well that is a good question. It can be done in Mapsource but I have no idea how you would do it on the GPSr. Sorry.
  11. Under Waypints you can go to Menu and select show by waypoint symbols. This might not be what you are looking for since the filter only allows you to view specific waypoint symbols rather than everything Except the geocache symbol.
  12. You really HAVE been cooped up too long when you start talking to yourself.... Ab's.... naughty girl...... tsk tsk!
  13. Although I'm not sure about Fishiam's 'Mr. Stinky" or whatever it's called. Overflow of sewage prompted by rain is a bit....... yucky!
  14. Fishiam just put out some really cool jigsaw puzzle caches. They were fun. VERY straighforward. I need to get to "The district "to find the finals!
  15. Or a puzzle solver! So you can give us all hints. That's a good idea. I have some on the Eastside that I just don't know what to do with!
  16. Why is that WD? Have you been hanging out with MGTS lately??? Are you kidding? That girl drives me looney! I mean, I like shoes but come on! Sorry MGTS. It not my style to slam anyone. I know you are doing your best. Maybe we SHOULD go shoe shopping someday. I do happen to love shoes, as my dear husband does DETEST! Can my friend Cathy (Pandora) and my sweet little Luce (Lucyand Rickie) come too?
  17. Oh dear! That is a shame. I guess we all need to remember that Geocaching is a fairly new sport. Anytime something new comes up like this it takes awhile to evolve and have the general public TRULY know what it all entails. Geocaching is not a household word yet...... but we just need to press on. Someday it will be!
  18. Congrats. nevcowpok. You go WAY back. I remember one of the first caches we found was the one that you hid at Carkeek Park. Glad to see you have stuck with the game!
  19. Who is the person in this picture? I have not yet met him.
  20. Congrats Snowolfe75 on your 100th find. IT IS A BIG DEAL! That is a milestone, I will never forget mine. Ms WD.
  21. 20 years ago I would if jumped on this! But now my old crreaky bones say...where is the motorhome with the comphy mattress and heat? Have fun to whoever goes. I remember those exciting times way back when!
  22. Kinda makes ya want to approach that next geo-stump a little more cautiously don't it? When the area was rural, and seldom visited, the miners didn't have much reason to use concrete like they do today. They just used the available material, dirt and trees, stumps, and old cars. If they used a stump, or tree, it would be placed into the shaft to hold back the dirt fill placed on top of it. You would not come upon a stump sitting on top of a shaft, all you would see is the dirt. The problem is stumps and trees rot, and cars rust, so the plug goes away in 50 years or so and the dirt placed on top starts falling into the shaft. So the dangerous areas are where you see the depressions caused by the dirt underneath falling away. If it gets bad enough a hole will open up. That's when the Office of Surface Mining (OSM) comes in with they heavy equipment and concrete trucks (if they have budget). Very interesting Mark. Thanks for the insight!
  23. Wow! Lot's of interesting Milestones this week. Including FTF's. Congrats to all. Spelling correction!
  24. Thanks for those of you who found the time to attend. Much appreciated!
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