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  1. Well lesse. Sitka is about as close to Pelican as Alaska Airlines flys. It can be dicey getting in and out of. Lemme think about this. You are so sweet Cent 5! I really wasn't trying to put any pressure on you You are just known as our Alaskan connection I guess! I was just spouting off because I miss my kids so much! I really don't see you on the forums that much so I am suprised by your reply! Thank you! Truthfully, I don't know what the best route would be. I know that however, I miss my Son so much and my Grandson I have never seen. I have been saving up some money to try to go see them this summer. If I can swing it, I want to take my little Granddaughter with me. You can email me personnally if you like! Keeping my emotionilism off the forums would probably be best. If you can think of the best route it would be much appreciated. If not... don't go to any trouble, I'm sure in time I can get things orderr Thanks for your concern! Donna (WD)
  2. Hey, could we see a picture of Gadget girl out caching? I know many a pretty, feminine women in Washinton State. Geocahers who look glorious at the events. But take them out for a day of caching. Tough and sturdy girls they are. How about some srcatched up legs. Hair with brambles stuck to them, hungry and contacts so clouded over we can't read the PDA's after a few hours. Feet wet to the socks that they remain that way all day without complaint. Trying to find a restroom for some privacy after caching 8 hours with a bunch of men. Cold and will not admit it. Never backng down. Have you ever experienced a 10-12 hour day with these woman who in my eyes are dedicated cachers? Well you can take the ones who look fine in the morning with combed hair and a bit of classy makeup. Yes, I try to start my day looking like a lady, but in time the sweat and sand and brambles have you looking like someone in the woods on the quest for a find! The ones I know move beyond that point. They are the dedicated woman cachers. The ones that take you to the end.... who you better hope if you are dedicated cacher you will be with these girls. They will be there and watch over you. I would like to list some here. The ones that have gone beyond. But I am afraid I might forget somebody! My friends know who they are. Those are the ladies you should be talking to! It's not hard to find them, but if you need help I can direct you. Unless of course you just want a "Cover Girl" No hard feelings and with utmost respect! Just want you to know what we are about! Donna (WD) Edit:Correcting spelling erors.
  3. Hey denali7, You sound like a typical Alaskan to me. Oh dear, if I find there are are many caches about I might have to rescue the Grandson from Pelican, fly to Anchorage, and get some real caching in! Where is Cent5 when you need him? Whining.....Cent5... I haven't seen my son in may moons, let alone the new babe who is now four years old! How can I get there on my meagar income? Boo Hoo! Inquireing...... Mrs. Wienerdog!
  4. Well, I was tring to edit my post but somehow it got confused by edit, post, quote, edit ,post, reply, reply etc. Seems like I need to get back to work!
  5. Ther are no "Lame" caches in our query! If someone has taken the time to hide something we appreciate it. They may be of NRV....No Redeeming Value. This is a series a ohjoy! placed in the area. Great idea friend! She had the Mother Load, which released many containers to be placed in a NRV place. We had fun with these... and let me tell you, some we not that easy to find. In fact... Kitelady.... where the heck did you put that one out near Puyallup? . We try to find the fun in them all! Not saying we haven't swore at some puzzle caches or some that claim to be 1/1's. When they were truly under-rated. If we bothered ourselves with the perfection of geocaching we wouldn't be out there having fun! Cache on! Forgot what this subject was about. Something about a coffee spot??? Sounds good to me. We can always use that afternoon lift!
  6. Hey I've been to Pelican. Don't remember too much about it, but also been to Tenakee Springs several times, once to pick up a guy that had been shot, and also to Hoonah where we ran out 95' patrol boat through the dock and up on to the beach. Good times. Really EraSeek? OHMYGOSH! Sounds like I might have to dress like Annie Oakly when I get up there! About 140 people claim residence in Pelican. But even at this time of year there are only 40 people residing in the town. I have a sweet little Grandson I haven't seen yet! If you look at pictures of Pelican my son lives in the big white house to the right of the picture. Just hope he doesn't make me go out in his big fishing vessal. Ugg! I will truly be sick!
  7. Oh definately Hawk! We love any kind of milestones. Did you read Team Sagefox's post for DNF's some posts back? Spelling edit! My MOST FAVORITE WORD TO SPELL WRONG IS GRAMMER! Where is that "a" anyway! Nothing to do with your cache.... just an addendum!
  8. Congrats. AndrewJ, Congrats Markta! And congrats OBE ( It was a pleasure to finally meet you at the Cito a couple weeks ago!)
  9. Congrats. to our neighbors in Alaska for their recent and upcoming milestones. Nice to hear from you! I have a son who is an Alaskan Commercial Fisherman. Might be visiting him this summer. I thought about placing a cache where he lives. He could maintain it. Thing is... you have to take a float plane into Pelican! Our best to you! Mr. and Mrs. Wienerdog
  10. Hey J.! We have known you for many years now. It doesn't matter how many you have dear Mr. EraSeek. You are a wonderful person in our eyes and many others. You have put out caches that we will never forget. TRUE QUALITY CACHES! And for sure almost ALL of your caches rate at the top of our list. Always will! We would love if you placed more! And MR and I are looking forward to a day of caching with you and some of your old long time geocaching pals this spring or summer! We love you EraSeek!
  11. The GPS V is an excellent unit for Geocaching… and just about anything else you want to do and it can do things the newer 60 series can’t do. The B&W display and slower screen redraws are the only real drawback when compared to the new models. A GPS VI would be a real killer unit.
  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one who cries about the least little things. Hugs to you G.F. Beautiful avatar. But be careful honey.. I would hate to see you blown off that cliff. Missed you at the VCM!
  13. Hey, congrats. PP. You are moving too fast. That's why I can't keep up with the congrats. Now who does 100 in about a week?
  14. Oh my! I am sure I have been captured on the Wildlife "Woman Geocachers taking a Potty Break in the Woods Camera"!
  15. Thank you Gavid..... err Stump! We had a great time. And thanks for your TIME putting together this wonderful CM for all of us!
  16. Ohmygosh! We can't keep up! Congrats to all of you who reached milestones this weekend. Prying Pandora seems to do a wonderful job keeping on top of this!
  17. Congrats to our old friend MTB. 4000 finds! So happy for you! We remember a few years ago we saw that you had 200 and something finds! Wow! We could not imagine how you could of got that many caches! You have gone far, and we have enjoyed your friendship these past years. You will always be the Washington Geocaching Icon to us! One of the guys who started it all! Looking forward to the 'Tykes" finds! Donna and MR
  18. Congrats Birdies on your milestone and The DeLorme Challange! And to you Patudles on 1700!
  19. So whats's the weather predictions for Friday through Monday? I am getting ready to pack my luggage My husband would be grateful if I didn't pack everthing for 32 degress up to the 70's something. He's the one that has to carry my bag into the hotel room! Poor Mr. WD!
  20. Hey WK02! Of course you are invited. It's an open invitation to all geocahers. I think you will have fun. Plus it will give you the opportunity to meet some of us zaney geocachers. Welcome and hope to see you there. Donna (Wienerdog)
  21. Where exactly is this located? My son is an Alaskan Commercial Fisherman out of Pelican. I have plans on visiting him this summer with my Granddaughter. This might be too far and too much to accomplish with a small child in hand, but I am just curious. Ms. WD EDIT: Just noticed it is in Anchorage. A bit farther that I am going. Still has my curiosity up. You can write me through my WD account.
  22. Ditto Patudles AND Team Noltex want a friday night dinner. How can I turn them down? Dinner will be at 6:30 at Izzy's Pizza in Kelso (it's right off the freeway so it's convenient for everyone). I'll post the coordinates on the event page. Sounds good kids! Hopefully we can make it there in time!
  23. Hi ya Allanon my forum buddie and Wienerdog lover!! I am so sorry... we are planning on attending the LCM also. There must be some geocachers that are staying around this weekend! Speak up boys and girls. Allanon is a good egg! Hey... Why aren't you going BTW? EDIT: Oh yeah, that work thing!
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