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  1. Congrats to Hydnsek on 2K and a big salute to you John EGH, on 3000. It's kinda fun up there isn't it. Wienerdog
  2. To much MA... I don't know if I will be able to stop laughing in time to get to work tomorrow! Wienerdog
  3. Well congratulations to all of the4grays on 1000. Nice way to do a vacation in style.
  4. Metroguide Version 4 was the last release that would autoroute on the GPS. The newer versions do not transfer routing info to the GPS but they will autoroute on the PC.
  5. Congratulations to Puppers on 4000+ caches. That really is a remarkable achievement considering the fact that there are no cache machines or mega events anywhere in that number!!! Our hat is off to all three of you! Chloe the wienerdog and MR & Donna.
  6. Congrats on 2600 Cathy. Is it the 4th already or are you just warming up for 2700!
  7. Hey congrats to our longtime friend EGH on 2900! from Chloe and the Wienerdogs
  8. So where is this lame cache? North? In our eyes all caches are worth looking for! If it's down South we may have to make a trip this summer..... BUT we will look for it!
  9. We had trouble recieving the right date for this from Alaska. Wish I could remember what was the right date. Because what was given to me from Alaska was way off. I sat up one night trying to figure out a date that would fit and finally came up with something. You might want to write G.G. since things seem to have gotten so mixed up. I'm sure.... okay, well maybe she might give you the date on the coin! Oh yeah! We didn't have the proper mirror and glasses to read what the Seattle coin was. Got it wrong as did others!
  10. We live in North Seattle near Edmonds. Therefore we frequent the Northend quite a bit. I LOVE the North. Anything North of Seattle is great. I always feel such peace driving that direction. I don't know how many caches there will be that we haven't found but if we can make it we will. Don't want this to interfere with the big Cache splash event going on this summer. Have you guys worked out the details of that?
  11. Well Kealia, ah... umm... your picture is a bit scary! Wouldn't want to run into you in the woods (or even a urban mirco for that matter) finding a geocache! Seriously, I have never met you and wish I could have. I assume you aren't as scary as your picture! But... my "Honey Do" list is growing at unspeakable bounds for Mr WD. in June! Truly.... hope we can meet sometime! Donna (WD)
  12. So sorry to have to miss this. Mrs. WD. is not a mermaid. In fact she is deathly afraid. If we hadn't been to Wenatchee a couple months ago we might consider coming over for the vist. But the price of gas for our big gas guzzler... too much! We must however get some things done around this house. I just uncovered my Dahlias sprouting under the leaves of fall. Oh my! Will miss seeing some of you we have got to know either personally or through email! Have a blast! Ms WD. LUCILLE... when are you going to come over and help me with this yardwork!?
  13. Well congratulations to you too Shunra and congrats to Grossi also on 1300. Now that the days are long and the weather is good I’m guessing there are going to be a lot of C marks passed in the next few months.
  14. Thanks for noticing Puppers! We had a grand time with our pals. And WOW you have just gone over and above 3900! Congrats to you!
  15. Thanks all. It sure has been fun and we have met a lot of neat people out on the trail. Hope to see you all soon at the next ammo box! Donna, MR and Chloe the Wienerdog
  16. Had fun etc... at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...efb079c-8b32-41 Seattles Old....
  17. 'bout time somebody noticed that! Those Alaskan's... they have the time to count toes. Ah, so much darkness, but maybe it's the many hours of summer that makes them go.. "Whew.... I didn't notice that this winter dear!" Whatcha been doin EraSeek.... to make you count tootsies?!
  18. Congrats. to our Bro. Sagefoxe on 1600!! Can't wait to see what you do when you get up here. So looking forward to the day!
  19. Congrats. P.P. It was fun talking to you while on your quest. Perfect timing for a technical call don't cha think? Anyway good going G.F. An addendum: Oh Gosh! I was just flippen back through the pages and happend upon Page One. When I started this thread my very first post was to "Phil and Cathy" on their 300th find! Whew, you guys have come far in a short time!
  20. I wouldn't start worrying. PP apparently is a PO magnet. Like I said, I've never seen any PO up here, outside of Seward, although I guess there are a few patches at these lower elevations. I don't think dogs are susceptible, although you could get it from touching Chloe if she ran through a thicket and you are sensitive to it. That's one thing to know - not everybody's allergic to PO. I used to be completely immune, I could roll in it and nothing happened. Unlike PP, who appears highly allergic. But repeated exposure breaks down immunity, and after a couple of years orienteering in California, and getting repeatedly exposed, I started getting rashes. But still only after serious encounters and if I don't put on protectant. Some of my orienteering compadres can't orienteer at all in parks that have PO because they are so highly sensitive. The other thing to know: Tecnu. Orienteers swear by this poison-oak preventative/treatment. You can buy it at many drugstores or online. It's wonderful stuff. Breaks down the irritant oil if you put it on within 6 hours of exposure, so you don't get the rash. If you do get a rash (PP's right, it takes 2-4 days to occur), it can reduce the agony and itchiness and cause faster recovery. Thanks Abs, Sounds like me and nettles. Used to be I was screamin down the road.. "Give me Calamine..anyone...give me Calamine!" Now, after being in the woods I can brush up against it, touch it and yes, I feel a slight pinch, but it seems to go away in no time. I remember in the past it would raise welts on me. Now if I sat in it, or picked a bunch to bring home to put in my favorite vase, well that may be a different story! I guess we can all build up a resitance to things we are exposed to on a regular basis.
  21. The Wikipedia link has better pictures - looks all too familiar. The first photo in the first link has FIVE leaves! What's with that? Yep, in the fall, PO leaves turn bright red - beautiful hillsides, but deadly! I grew up in Southern Calif. surrounded by poison oak, so I know what the stuff looks like. I was caught unaware when I got into it at Oscar's Place because I wasn't expecting to encounter it up here, and because the leaves were not notched like poison oak. They were shaped more like a football. After I pushed it aside (I remember being grateful that it didn't have thorns ) there was something all too familiar about the way the green leaves were mottled red. Just like the way poison oak starts to color up in the fall. I saw that the leaves were in groups of 3 and decided to get the heck out of there. I didn't clean myself up until later because I was on a tight schedule that day and I was sure it couldn't have really been poison oak because I thought it was too cold for it to grow here. You think you get away unscathed but it takes 2-3 days after exposure for the blisters to appear and by then it's too late to do anything about it. It is absolutely Hell to go through. It itches so bad you want to scratch your skin off, but it hurts so much that you almost vomit when you touch it. It lasts for weeks. Looking back at the photo I took of myself, it's so swollen that I can't even believe it's my own arm. Yucccck! Oh My Gosh! Ths was in Washington? I have lived here all my life and have never encountered this evil vine! Of course I wasn't visiting so many places as I do today. Mainly more up in the cascades. Which never seems to be a problem. I guess I will be paying attention more these days. Does it affect dogs the same way? She aways comes first before me, Mrs. WD
  22. My brother-in-Law.... Team Sagefox... had a whole array of pictures he sent us when we made a trip down through Oregon and Northern California. I will write him and see if he still has something that he could post for you.
  23. Oh no! It just goes on and on doesn't it? Thanks H.C. for pointing this out. When I was an avid backpacker-hiker many years ago we saw this kind of thing coming. It was happening all over the place Not just this area but many. There were very few of us (mountaineers) to fight the cause. Now that geocaching has come about and brought so many people into these wonderful places my hope is that a stronger voice will be heard. We will look into these groups and see what we can contribute. Ms. Wd
  24. Yikes! Scary. My son who lives in Alaska always recommends the Super Dooper Bear Spray when my dad (his Grandpa, comes to vist). We used to live in a log house near Fall City. I would see bears crossing the street all the time. They always seemed to be more afraid of me than I of them. For some reason in my younger days when I hiked the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area.... it never crossed my mind that there would be bears about that would hurt us. BUT, we always had our food bag tied to a rope a thrown over a high branch then pulled up beyond a bears reach. Actually, it was those dang little night-mice that could do some damage to your backpack. Interesting story... one night I kept hearing somthing running in my tent and running out. Well it turned out to be a mouse chewing on the end of my toilet paper. (Biodegrabale BTW) Guess he thought it was fine stuff to build his nest. Glad my food was up a tree. I don't know if the typical black and brown bears have changed since then. I know the Grizzlies were all sent North in the sixities and it has been years since there have been sitings. Could they be moving south again? Ms. Wd
  25. Congrats. to our dear friends Lucy and Rick..... hey wait a minute.. when did you pass us? Not fair! I have been working , working, working! Poor me! Ah heck, we will catch up. He, he!
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