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  1. She told me about the bears today! Also the thump, thump, thump of a tire?
  2. We have to go to Spokane for my nephew's wedding that weekend. Have fun everybody!
  3. Congrats. to you Immy. What a cool place for a milestone.
  4. Go >---^---: ) We have our bibs on already.
  5. Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear And it shows them pearly white…. Congratulations >---^---: ) and a big smile to you on 1000 Wienerdog
  6. 3000 happy Congratulations to Grossi (2000) and GlobalGirl on (1000) at the ‘ORIGINAL STASH TRIBUTE PLAQUE’ cache!!! Party on! Wienerdog
  7. Congratulations also to Puppers on 5000 at ‘A Hint of the Past’ in California. They have a very interesting story on their MS find. The Wienerdogs
  8. Congratulations on your 5000th find L&R!!! That is a lot of parks, puzzles, events, hikes and just plain driving no matter how you look at it! Maurice, Donna and Chloe
  9. Congratulations Jon!!! MMMMM good... now that's a mighty good looking number! The Wienerdogs
  10. Happy birthday Rickie and congratulations on a half century of progress and achievement! Wienerdog
  11. I am looking at caches placed on Fishiam’s profile page and I don’t see anything unusual happening. Which caches are being archived? Wienerdog
  12. Well congratulations to you aviatrix22! 500 really is a fun number to reach and good luck on the FTF trail! Wienerdog
  13. Do you store the Bison containers in the main cab or are they in the red SUV? Wienerdog
  14. Hi Kitelady. Where have you been anyway? Wienerdog
  15. Hey! Where did you find that picture of me? Must of been a old issue! I don't know Sir, took me forever and a day and a lot of help to solve all those pirate puzzles on Anderson Island you created. I wonder if Mr. WD has been trying to solve this one.... he's been staring at the computer for a long time the past few evenings.....
  16. Hey... we had fun doing your caches this summer Shop99er. Congrats on the 1600 MS. Wienerdog
  17. Congratulations Jedi Grossi… the force continues to grow stronger. Wienerdog
  18. Congrats. to you Immy! The Wienerdogs
  19. Well geocaching is certainly a much safer sport since the changeover from steam to electric powered GPSrs. No more risk of injury due to roadside boiler explosions. Our hats are off to all you early pioneers! The Wienerdogs
  20. Interesting about the “Carolyn Grace's Multi-Cache Mania” container being used for the new cache. After thinking about it for a bit it finally clicked… Wienerdog was the first finder on that cache. That ‘easy’ find turned into frantic run all over the north end looking for waypoints while still trying to make it to work by 7AM! It started out easy enough but WP2 featured an encounter with “Psycho Goose” at the Ronald Bog park and the final WP, in a virgin field of Ivy under heavy tree cover, was a major challange. It was a very exciting morning on that run two years ago. The ‘Orbiter Dicta’ name and his caches were also very familiar to us and it would be fun to relate some interesting meetings with him but we never really met him or had a chance to shoot the breeze with him. Our sympathy to his family and our thanks to you for the memorial cache idea and we hope it has a long run. Wienerdog
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