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  1. Congratulations on Canto M Tom!!
  2. Chloe started wagging her tail when she found out. Conrats to you and your Geocruiser
  3. Wow! What a horrible experience to go through and even worse to have it happen in front of Rose! Hope both of you make a speedy re-adjustment back into the “normal” world. But at least he would be a well behaved burden under Leathermans supervision!
  4. Congratulations on 200 Rustynail. That's a great picture of the two of you!
  5. Mapsource City Select v6 and Metroguide 4 show 75' 240' and 500' distant from un-named roads. Hi EraSeek
  6. High 5-0-0 Kfam and I hope you find out who belongs to the mystery truck. Congrats
  7. Not a problem. At last there is some fun in a boring thread!!!
  8. Kfam... almost 500 and Blindleader 900. No matter how you look at it those are big numbers! Congrats!!!
  9. אשתי אותו-הדבר טוב, כשתגיעו לאזור שלנו, תהיו בקשר (just testing) æ... extended windows ascii 230 My buck is safe... right?
  10. That’s the right answer John!. It’s from Shakespeare … Julius Cæsar... Casca didn't know what was said 'cause he didn't understand the language. I will bet a buck this is Hebrew but what it says I know not.
  11. Hmm ...those that understood him smiled at one another and shook their heads; but, for mine own part, it was Greek to me.
  12. Well dang it all Travisl… sorry that to hear that you are in a Geoslump. For me (Mr WD) the fun is a combination of Fox and Hound, competition and the ubiquitous ‘if it hadn’t been for geocaching I would never have seen this…’ log entry. And it’s true. We have gone places and seen things that we would never have enjoyed without the stimulus of a cache reward at the end of the trail. As for clearing out the local area or ‘lame’ caches it is the Fox and Hound. Someone took the time and trouble to hide a cache and we are going to take the time and make an effort to find it. Most of the time the Hound wins but the Fox is always ahead just enough to keep it interesting. Oh… did I mention fun? One of the most interesting aspects of Geocaching is the social interaction with other folks at caching events and the Cache Machines that you invented and put together! So thank you for many fun times Travisl and we hope you break out of your slump soon. I could ramble on longer but this is enough. -30-
  13. I heard from John today and he has arrived safely at his new home in CutBank (sp?) Montana. Happy you made it okay! Oh so sad to see you leave. Hopefully he will be returning to the area in the fall! Let's keep out fingers crossed. He is truly an icon in this area and has become a very close friend to MR and myself. We miss him already! Let us know how you are doing John, okay? AND HEY EVERYBODY! If we keep bugging him enough maybe he will return sooner than expected! We all love you John and think you are just the greatest guy! MR and Donna PS Chloe misses you too. You know how she squeals when she sees you. She thinks you are one of the kids. She only does that with our kids and grandkids!
  14. Having started with a G-3+ then up to a G-5 we never had any magnetic compass features to work with. We now have upgraded to a 60C and a 60CS. So far the big plus with the CS is the MAP page will orient itself so we can see more clearly what is around us when standing still. To put it another way, if we are in a very poor reception area it is possible to stop and find out what direction we need to head to when the birds are gone. With the non compass units you just have to guess for a while until you re-acquire sat lock and then wait for the GPS compass to start functioning again. Another area where the CS works great is with offset caches where you are directed to point X and then told to go “n number of paces at xxx degrees magnetic (or true). This can be done with a real compass of course but it is quicker with the CS. As for battery life, it has not been a problem. With the CS set to switchover at 2 MPH the compass is not on long enough to make much of a difference. Bottom line… for the extra $30 or $40 do it. You won’t be sorry. As a side note, we still do the primary road navigation with the G-5 because it’s form factor allows it to sit further forward on the dash where the display is much easier to read that of the C/CS.
  15. Whoa Nellie! Fortunately the art of prediction is not an exact science yet!
  16. Those are some pretty impressive stats!
  17. A big WOOF and congratulations from the Wienerdog!!! And a big welcome to you Jameson Cavanaugh Stanley… the (geo)world has been waiting for you and we hope to see you and your Mom and Dad soon!
  18. After a quick experiment the 60 appears to have a nearest search range of 110 miles OR the first 50 within that range. Check your find by name list and see if they are all there. Either way, the first 50 or 110 miles seems to be enough advance notice on a caching trip. It has not been a problem we have ever really noticed out in the field.
  19. To see all of the waypoints you currently have on the 60, use Receive From GPS in Mapsource and check the Waypoint box. The downloaded WPs will be displayed in the WP tab in Mapsource along with the waypoint symbols. This will show you what you already have loaded and if you are close to or at the 1000 point limit. Another thing to check is waypoints by name or waypoints nearest on the 60. If you are using nearest it will only show WPs that are close. In nearest mode a WP in Oregon would not show up until you got close enough. I don’t know what the nearest “distance” is but it will hide all of your WPs down south. If you are at the WP limit the quickest fix is to Delete all in the 60. If you have waypoints you want to save you can selectively restore them from Mapsource back to the 60. As far as memory is concerned use all you want for the maps. The waypoint memory block is not associated with the mapping memory in any way. Hope this helps.
  20. You aren't going to have any trick questions or tough problems for us to work out are you? The last time we were over there a lot of us had problems finding that SNEAKY cache you did for the event! No tricks OK?
  21. Girl Power.. yeah! Sounds like a blast! So who are the 'girls'? Dang! How come there has to be so much water between us? Gosh, you mean I could wear the shorts I have on tonight that won't button on the top? No one would notice my pasty white legs? With all the bumps and bruises from vacumming... well, okay from geocaching last weekend. Anything with Mrs. B would be kick. Speaking of kicks. Mrs. B don't forget to take your Motrin tomorrow after your night out with the girls. Remember what the TV commercial say's...... Motrin kicks ?#%! GIRLS JUST WANNA HVE FU-UN! GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN! JUST WANNA...JUST WANNA! Mr Wienerdog Kidding.... just kidding! Donna
  22. MR printed out a picture of the coin and we have it sitting on our coffee table and have been looking at it. We both love it! I don't see how it can get any better than this! Navidog, great job. Pepper... so glad you initiated this.
  23. Oh! I'm so glad John noticed. I didn't know! Congrats. on your 400th find Phil and Cathy!
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