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  1. Hi Mrs. B!! It's nice to see a post by you. Too bad about your house. That's horrible. Do you think you will stay in P.T.? Any plans for some new caches? We loved your Sweet Sixteen Series so much. We never made it over to get the final. Dang! Ms. WD
  2. Congrats C...Ca...Cat...Cath..... okay... Pandora! It seems like just last summer when we were caching together you just had a few hundred! Wait, it was just last summer. Way to go girl! Donna Wienerdog
  3. Congratulations to you EraSeek on your 1000 mark and thanks for so many great cache adventures. Congrats also to MA on 1200! Woof! Wein… wieen… wener… ah shucks, Dashound!
  4. Congratulations to Evergreenhiker! on number 2500, that’s a pretty spectacular milestone and FTF to boot at Ben Dreams of Kona . Nice choice for the big number John, it matches your Geo name perfectly.
  5. Unless our vacation dates change (all depends on Mr WD's busy work schedule)we are planning on making it to this event. Sounds like fun!
  6. Geocaching, vacation, shopping and a milestone… that’s a hard combination to top! Congrats on 800 Shop99er!
  7. Wow, Lucyandrickie are just flying! Congats on 2800. 3000 by the 4th of July maybe?
  8. Congratulations to Grossi on number Five Hundred! It’s always neat to see people hit new milestones but this one is especially fun for me because there is a story behind it. On a cold and dreary day in January 2004 DiscoCry presented a social studies / Geocaching workshop for teachers here in Seattle. To assist with that class Wanderlost and I attended to help the ‘students’ learn how to use a GPSr to find a cache. Well as it turns out, Grossi was the student and I was the ‘teacher’ on that rainy day at Seattle U. Always nice to see one of your students succeed in the world! Keep on ‘cachin Grossi. Wienerdog
  9. I will be there with my lawn chair and binoculars.
  10. Have it bronzed, it will then transcend its humble origins and become an authentic piece of Americana Art. Heck, you could probably sell it on Ebay.
  11. I won't tell anyone, but congrats to jcar on 600 at Kiwanis Ravine
  12. Oh by the way, the picture that Blindleader posted really is what the Leakin Lena looked like in her prime! Well sort of... almost, At least that's what she felt like when she crossed in front of John Wayne's Wild Goose at Roach Harbor many years ago.
  13. Oh the sea is so big and my ship is so small! The last crew of the Lena is seen here on the last leg of the final voyage, loaded down with plunder and tall sea tales to pass on to their grandchildren! And as for the Puppers canoe and Lucyandrickie’s Jolly Rancher, well, the Lena is like comparing the old Narcissus, that Tugboat Annie captained with Wallace Berry, to a Carnival Cruise Lines fun ship! Hey, sign me up! Arrrrg!
  14. Hey congrats to you George 'and a bunch of numbers' and congrats to you also RK!
  15. The BT solution does have a big plus in battery life. The GPS 10 turns itself off after 15 minutes or so if it can't 'talk' to the PDA. In the short time I have been using it the time between battery charges is measured in days whereas the PDA is a handfull of hours even when set to turn off after 2 minutes.
  16. That would be the ticket. A Groundspeak Geo hat with a magnetic mounting plate on top. It would be great for good reception!
  17. Man, the milestones are rolling by quickly. Congrats to blindleader, Ajetpilot, and W7WT ! If these numbers continue to grow at this pace the State is going to look for a way to tax geocaching!
  18. Garmin does have the GPS10 BT unit. It more or less turns an iPaq into a poor mans laptop. Works very well. The only hassle is telling the PDA to stop looking for the GPS when you leave the car to go for the cache.
  19. Make sure that the downloaded geocache waypoints have the Geocache treasure box symbol and / or make sure that the geo symbol in the 60C is selected as the search filter.
  20. Wow… between M10B, Pepper, Puppers, Ol Nevcopoke and OldBaldEagle that’s 7600 in milestone caches. THAT’s a lot of caching! Congrats again to all and I wish I could have been there. Wienerdog
  21. Congrats to OldBaldEagle and Ol' Nevcowpok and I know there are going to be some other oldtimers posting some big milestones later today so congrats to you guys also!
  22. I don’t know about the iTunes but I know it took a lot of Pepsi to get my Pepsi watch and cool blue Pepsi sunglasses a few years back. Congrats to L&R on 2500 and congrats to all on the many new C marks. Now... it must be time for another Pepsi!
  23. Whoops, I guess I misspoke on that one. On the other hand maybe that’s not to far out. The “other Washington” paid the cleanup bill.
  24. Fair enough, Mt St Helens 1980. Maybe we can have something from the “other Washington” next year.
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