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  1. Holy SH** I make one JOKING comment about a machete and this is what I stirred up. Just out of couriosity why shouldn't Podlians Pod attempt this cache at this time of year? I got confused at your post, it sounded like you are thinking that LJ is going, he already has, a while ago, and podlians has already said he wasn't going to use a machette. I think PP understood I was joking and that I was speaking about the mental toughness needed for this cache. Andrew (and others) that may not be aware.... I think the reason people get a little bent out of sorts when you mention the word machette or cutting your way into a cache might have to do with what happend about a 1 1/2 years ago. Fen Dweller had a cache called 'The Belt of My Last Victim'. Although there was a slight trail into the cache it was hard to find. Most of us had to bushwack into it crawling through mud and everything else you can imagine. It was actually kind of fun though. You should view some of the pictures if you can still access the cache. Anyway, everyone was having fun with this cache until a couple cachers came along and machetted their way (creating a highway!) to the cache. Most of the geo-community was very upset. As was Fen Dweller, who then pulled the cache. So I think you may be getting a reaction from people who remember that incident. Is that so guys? Hope this helps. Donna (WD)
  2. Sometimes when I find a box that is so stuffed you can hardly close it I take a couple items out and move them to a cache that's almost empty. Now someone is probably going to find some wrong in that, but to me it's just common sense. Ms. WD
  3. Hi Mr. Mumbler! Blindleader and I met Cathy at Noletator's cache Something Evil in West Seattle. From that point on The Gang of Three (BL, Cathy and I) set out almost every Wednesday last spring and summer to work hard puzzle caches and difficult multis. We had a blast. The gang needs to meet up again for some more caching!
  4. Good for you Dick! congrats on 1000!
  5. Grossi and I did Lime Kiln about a month ago. It's a real nice walk. It didn't take as long to do as we thought it would. We filled the rest of the day with nearby caches in the area. Ms. Wienerdog
  6. That's great ohjoy! And heading towards 100 hides. ohmy!
  7. This was a wonderful event! One of our favorites by far. What a great group of people to spend the day with. All the caches were fun. Nothing "lame" there. I think there are about 25 of them on the Island now. A special thanks to Team Noltex for setting this up. It was kind of you to open up your beautiful home to us and BBQ'ing all those yummy burgers and dogs. You guys did a great job putting this together. Including the gpx. file and route maps. Sir2u.... your puzzles are just amazing. Truly! Thanks for coming along with us on some of the caches. Ohjoy! ..... you make a great watergirl. Thanks for your time. Anyone that wants a fun day of caching, just hop on the ferry at Stelacoom and take a short ride over. I recommend working sir2u's and ohjoy's puzzles some time in advance! Thanks all. It was a most wonderful day!
  8. I just noticed that LittleBlue has 1500 finds! Congrats. to you!
  9. I think you would be more than welcome. We are meeting in the parking lot on Anderson Island at 9:30 am. Which means you should take the 9:00 ferry. And that means you need to be there early 8:00 or 8:15 to get in line. If you go to the very first post on this thread and click on the Anderson Island cache machine it explains most everything. Yes, as you can see Team Noltex said everbody is welcome. Kids, dogs, inlaws. I think they said inlaws! Hope you can make it!
  10. Way to go Grossi! Congrats. on 700!
  11. I was just going to post a note saying how great this thread is and Little Blue beat me to it. I am sure other people are enjoying this as well. Keep the stories coming. They are well written and very entertaining. You never cease to amaze us EraSeek! Donna
  12. We decoded the first part. Now we don't know what to do with it either! Got this one last night. My head is 'PUZZLED' enough for awhile. Ms. WD
  13. Finally took a look at this tonight. Nice website!
  14. Cool! Wow 22 miles! Congrats from Mr and Mrs WD.
  15. We decoded the first part. Now we don't know what to do with it either!
  16. Thanks for supplying that information on the ferry. We sure don't want to miss it! We are almost done with the four 4* puzzles. We did need some very helpful hints to accomplish that task. Whew! Talk about hard. Still working on ohjoys! 4* puzzle. This is how I looked trying to solve the puzzles. By tommorrow I should be starting to look like this. Ms. WD
  17. Occasionally when we have been searching for a cache we have found it somwhere other than where the clue said it was or in a place where the coords. were quite a bit off. Many times in those conditons we noted on the cache page the owner wrote, "Hide it better than you found it!" I really don't care for that statement on the cache pages. Now I take it as meaning... put it back in the same spot but make sure it's covered up well and so forth. I believe to some people it means, 'HIDE' it in a better spot. Which in turn leads to it being moved around. -Ms. WD
  18. I thought I would post this question here just in case someone else was wondering. Looking at the ferry schedule it states what time the ferry LEAVES Steilacoom and what time it DEPARTS Anderson. It's not clear on how long the ride is. I am assuming it is the same ferry and it must run back and forth every half an hour. In that case I am guessing we take the 9:00 if we are to meet in the parking lot at 9:30 on Anderson??? I'm used to the BIG guys running and wasn't sure about this smaller type. Gads! If I have trouble figuring this out you can imagine where I'm at figuring out the 4 1/2 star sir2u puzzles on the Island! Oh, I also noticed that you must be in positon with your tickets 20 minutes before boarding. Donna (WD)
  19. Congrats to all of you who reached milestone finds this past week. Many of you we haven't met yet. BUT, we have done some of your caches! I hope our paths can cross someday. EraSeek's mom is amazing! Donna (Ms WD)
  20. Hey Everybody! This sounds like fun. Anybody else out there thinking of going that hasn't signed up? We are still planning on being there. Cool that you have added more caches. We are going to start the puzzles this week. See Ya!
  21. Wienerdog

    Your Ride

    OHMYGOSH! BEAUTY!!! Is this what happens when you hit 3000?
  22. We just noticed that lucyandrickie hit the big 3000 MILESTONE! At this cache Kayak Point Overview. Congrats. to the both of you!
  23. Thanks Everybody! Love the 'Hot Dog' Pandora! And H.C. .... lovely picture of Scooter. Do you remember us meeting in Canada? I didn't have Chloe with me. She still needs to meet Scooter! Ms. and MR WD
  24. Oh my GOSH! How on earth did you get my husband to do this???
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