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  1. Wow... that's incredible! Congrats to Blindleader for an amazing FTF and to Blindleader and GeoRoo for what must be the quickest ever tours of the state! Beep Beep
  2. M.R. and I warmed it up for you last weekend Pepper! You'r gonna like the new ride! Dang, we just cached out B'Ham a couple weekends ago. We have been there twice before too! There will be plenty of caches for those of you that haven't been there. I hope there are enough new ones to make the trip. I'm gonna be sad if we can't go. Oh wait.... I don't cache in the winter. Well I would buy more polar fleece for this occasion.
  3. Hey, those crazy vandals come out of the woodwork no matter where you go these days Our car got marked up too! CORNography run rampant. BTW. this is L&R's beautiful new Cache Mobile. They got this when they hit 3K. Hey Mr. WD! Did you hear that.... 3K? New Car?
  4. Thanks everyone. And thanks for all the wonderful caches all of you have put out. We're still having fun!
  5. Don't forget the snow tires, ice axe and cramp-ons!!
  6. Welcome Northwest Cacher! There are so many different kinds of caches to choose from. Everybody has their own style, likes and dislikes. There are high mountain hikes, tough urban micros, difficult puzzles, alter-egos with evil hides and caches with no redeeming value! Cache Machines and fun events (like walking through a Corn Maze). Some go after numbers, others chase after T-Bugs and some collect coins! And so much more. AND... you will meet alot of wonderful people! Enjoy!!!
  7. Oh Gosh! I hope I didn't stir up a hornets nest here! It seems everything came tumbling down after my post regarding Blindleader. I was GENUINELY trying to acknowledge how involved he was with this Challange. I just happen to know him and know how interested he is in maps. I think I'll stick with "Corn-ography"
  8. Wow! Anyone notice what Blindleader has been up too? Running all over the state! Good job J. You have always had a love for maps! Sorry I'm posting this a couple days late. I just noticed. Ms. WD
  9. I was already planning to do most of the work on the spring 2006 cache machine in Longview (actually from Longview to Portland via Hwy 30) and the fall one in Grays Harbor. Since Travis is stepping down I'll plan those unless someone else wants to take them on. Can't let the tradition die. At least for another year. Oh! That is SO cool Stump! Thanks!
  10. Oh.. and Cathy.... did you notice I didn't tease you about the "Icy" roads in B'Ham?? Did ya? See what a nice friend I am. I'll wait till I see you face to face!!
  11. Well Darn! Mr. WD and I just spent 4 days camping at Birch Bay State Park. We did a ton of caches in and around Bellingham during our stay. I definately think a C.M. is in order though. There are some real fun caches and unique containers. Oh.. and old haunted Fairhaven was a blast! We have been to some, not all, of the Cache Machines and thoroughly enjoyed them. Especially the social aspect. We would both love to see the tradition carry on. Another thought... we had as much fun on the Anderson Island Mini Cache Machine as we have on the big ones. There were about 25 caches to be had that day. It was a pleasant pace and just enough time to enjoy the social event at Team Notex's summer home. I guess what I'm saying is... they don't all have to be BIG C.M.'s.
  12. Hey! Congrats congrats. guys and girl! Shark 400 Blindleader 1700 Yumitori 1700 Cathy the Prying! 1600
  13. We couldn't let another day go by without thanking Half Canadian for the most wonderful cache event! You did so much to make this a memorable event. Your creativity and generosity is much appreciated. The Corndogs!!
  14. Are John and Immy still planning on attending?
  15. That sounds like fun! Do we really get to see you on a Saturday EraSeek?
  16. Wow, time flies… seems like it was 500 just a couple of weeks ago Grossi! Congrats on 800 and thanks for replacing the log for us at Bridge to Nowhere. Congrats also to the many other milestones in the last few weeks. It has been a busy Summer! Wienerdog
  17. Congrats. ohjoy! Oh my! 100 cache hides too! I just want to take this time to thank-you for all those great caches. Mr. WD and I haven't done them all but hit quite a few while in Olympia and Mt. Vernon this summer. You have some really cool ones out!
  18. No, you can do that if you want. The "rule" (which was really more of a suggestion) was, in retrospect, not a great idea. I'd still discourage it, 'cause it's fun to see who else is crazy enough to be out at dark o'clock in the morning, but feel free. Heading out the door. Hope the Tacoma bridge isn't too bad... Thanks Travis! We actually aren't coming until morning. I recently had a discussion with another geocacher about this so I thought I would ask. I didn't want to misdirect anyone if the "Suggestion" had not changed. Looking forward to caching with The Ricardos and Johnny Greenforever tomorrow! We go at a "Banker's Hours" pace these days!
  19. QUESTION ABOUT CACHING BEFORE SATURDAY MORNING! It used to be that it was a rule you could not hunt for any caches on the route a couple days prior to the Cache Machine. I know when I went to the Vancouver CM I arrived early the day before. I had a few good hours to cache that afternoon but had to seek out caches NOT on the route. Does this still hold true?
  20. This does sound like a fun! Mr. WD and I will try to make it. H.C. ..... You might want to continue to bump this up weekly so people are reminded of the event. I think there has been a big focus on the Alaska trip and the PT Cache Machine this week. I bet more people will respond once those events are over. Look forward to seeing you
  21. I wouldn't worry about breaking your arm RWW! It's a nice gentle hike. Grossi and I did Lilm Kiln this summer. It's a lot of fun. Many interesting artifacts to see along the trail. Have fun!
  22. Nope. Not going to do this. Muggled logbooks happen - I'd rather spend the effort rehiding the container to keep muggles from finding it. Geocachers are actually very trustworthy. With over 100 caches placed I've not detected any evidence of caches logged without having visited the actual site. Yep. I've got enough stuff to do to get a cache logged: quiry, download, convert to pda or print pages, find parking, get to cache, possibly some photo for interest, log, maybe trade, get back to car, get home, upload interest photo, upload gps route, get list of caches found, log caches, admire the day's work. You are a little lazy aren't you Sagefox? Just kidding... SF is my favorite bro-in-law!
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