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  1. Oh dear... I'm NEVER going geocahing with MGTS if she wears these! I hope you don't like these Nellie! Poor Chloe the Wienerdog wood have a heart-attack!
  2. Hey Aviatrix22! Congrats. on 100. I saw you there and was attempting to get over to you to visit but.... ya know... we get so caught up in the Geo-Gab!
  3. test this cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=25fd3cde-2170-4d06-b38f-4fb5d74a1ee9' target='_blank'>
  4. Cool! Will have the opportunity to look for those soon?
  5. I'm sorry Grossi. M.R. made me do it!
  6. EraSeek, Have you been hitting the bottle again?? Too funny H.C.! I was thinking the same thing and then I scrolled down to your post! So where have you been EraSeek? Still in "silent" mode? Not that I ever dissappear.... I am trying real hard not to hibernate this winter. Hey... what have you been up to H.C.?
  7. Congrats. to K7-Wave on 1700! Were you out in that pouring rain yesterday?
  8. Glad to hear you are back safe and sound. It was a pleasure meeting both of you (and your daughter) at the Pizza Meeting. Glad we could get to a quieter corner that night and chat! Congrats on all your finds!
  9. Nellie does Green Lake is a great cache! It is probably best if you do it with a group. I did it that way a couple years ago. Have fun! Donna
  10. Congrats on 800 Old Bald Eagle! Quite the cache wasn't it? Did you like the final?
  11. Sounds like everyone saw this except for us. I must have been in my winter hibernation state at the time. OKAY!!!! How about this one.................. Has anyone seen the commercial for Duracell batteries and the Natives are using a Garmin 60CS in the rainforest? It's not like I sit in front of the 'Tube' all the time!
  12. Last night I was scanning programs that I might want to watch for the week so I could program my DVR (TEVO). I just happend to look at the description for this show: Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Sunday Oct 30th @ 10:00pm. SHOW DESCRIPTION: "A young actor is wounded and his fiancee killed, leading detectives to look into a high-tech treasure-hunting game called Geocaching." BTW: We have Sat. Dish. Should be the same as time as cable since it's a major network. Oh! I do hope they make us look good. Hope the murderer isn't the geocacher!
  13. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Ri-CORN-do on 3200! We must find a "corn" emoticon!
  14. We haven't been able to do V yet. It was disabled Saturday when we were in town. I thought III was great. The first one was the funniest. We were on our way somewhere so Mr. WD jumped out of the car to grab this one while I waited. Not knowing what to expect..... well, it sure was fun watching the suprised look on his face. I did jump out at that point and help! Thanks Dayspring!
  15. Congrats to Puppers (and Maggie) on 3K! Dogs Rule... and cats too Donna, MR and Chloe
  16. Congrats to the 3 F's! FauxSteve, Fishiam and Funnynose for thier milestones. Edit: Congrats to BHMP also! AND congrats to the rest of the Team that was able to get FTF on the cache. It's a tough one. We have only found a couple waypoints so far!
  17. Thanks for the kudos, but I've still got aways to go before I hit 3K... My odometer just rolled over 1800 a couple of days ago. Well congrats. on your 1800th L. !!! Gosh! I should of been paying more attention.
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