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  1. Hey you guys/gals! I may be completing my project this week. Which means I may be in puzzle mode again. Beware of Wienerdog trying to sniff out hints. You may hear some whining and howling from Chloe if she gets frustrated! Ms. WD
  2. Aren't you a West-Side-Of-the-Mountains guy Allanon? Anyway, thanks for answering. Seems like I may have been a bit out of place asking for this kind of information on this thread. Ms. WD I forgot to answer you! I'll tell you this so you get an idea of what happens when a small animal gets bit. My cat got bit by a rattlesnake this summer. We're not sure when he was bit, because he had snuck out of the house the day before (he's strictly indoors). But we found him on the porch, and he was acting a bit slow. After around a half hour, his face was getting visibly swollen, and we saw that he had a puncture mark in his forehead. At first we thought maybe he was in a cat fight (after he had been healed, we could see the other puncture mark). But after an hour or so, his face almost seemed to slide off of his skull bones. It was horrible. I didn't get a picture of the worse, it was so awful. We took him to the vet, and they said that you could try steroids, which sometimes works, and it's cheap. But this was in the face, so they said that wouldn't work. They were worried about him even living with the antivenom. To give you an idea, my cat is around 14 pounds. We gave him the antivenom, and the whole thing cost about 600 dollars. We picked him up the next day, and he acted perfectly normal like nothing had happened. Before taking Jonesy to the vet: After coming back from the vet: Where he got an iv. Funny enough, our other strictly outdoor cat is such a good mouser, that he's actually killed a rattlesnake. Gosh, Chloe is only about 15lbs. That's scary. Thanks again for posting.
  3. Awe, thanks Ambrosia! Like I said, I have cabin fever tonight and was kind of thinking I was infiltrating on your thread. I need to get oout of this house!
  4. You can never miss another dog like you can a Doxie. Nothing like them..... OH! But some will not agree! Sorry... in a feisty mood tonight. I have terrible cabin fever! I work out of my home and have been chained to my computer on a project for days!
  5. Pretty sure this is why they have forum mods. My money's on Criminal. Okay... from what I can gather... Criminals choice of caching is in the woods and hiking. Which is why he posted this info about bears. Prying Pandora (is like me)... Likes all kinds of caching from the hikes in woods to the hides (quote Criminal) "under lamposts". So maybe Criminal needed to be more specific on who he was writing to. i.e... the high mountain hiker geocachers. ANYWAY... I still hold to the truth that there are all kinds of cachers and YOU pick what suits you. If it's puzzles, go for it. If it's strenuous hikes, go for it. If it's urban mircos, go for it. DON'T JUDGE ANOTHER for what they like. Can we just get along and accept what our preferences are? Donna WD
  6. Aren't you a West-Side-Of-the-Mountains guy Allanon? Anyway, thanks for answering. Seems like I may have been a bit out of place asking for this kind of information on this thread. Ms. WD
  7. Woof... that's what Chloe said. Congrats to you GG.
  8. Thanks for the input Patudles and Ambrosia. I imagine we would do urban and rural stuff. Not too much interested in long hikes especially if we have Chloe with us. I might have to write you before for more snake information. Would Chloe be a likely target since she is so low to the ground? And how bad is their bite, for people and small dogs?
  9. Hey you guys! What's the weather like in May? Is it hot yet? Are the snakes out yet? Remember..... we are used to being wet while caching! We don't like too hot. We know when the festival is and don't want to be there that week. March might be a good time to come over but there just isn't enough daylight to get the tons of new caches there. Too many events in April! Mossy people
  10. Yeah, that sounds really good. For my own selfish reasons. Mainly because we are plannning a trip to Wenatchee around that time. I'm glad you mentioned the festival Patudles..... we don't want to be fighting traffic around town on those two weekends either. Now we know when NOT to go! So that opens us up to the Machine those weekends. Thanks for taking this on Stump
  11. Oh dear! Me and my big mouth about "scarves"!
  12. Didn't you manage to snag one of those?? I silkscreened 10 dozen bandanas with the BCM logo on them that people could grab during the cider/cookie stop #20. I had a few left over that I put out at the dinner but they disappeared right away! Sorry you didn't get one -- I don't have any leftover Hey hydnsek! MR and I grabbed two at the dinner. We don't need two. We can share. I would be glad to give you one. Send me your address!
  13. WOW So many milestones this past week I can't keep track! Congrats to all of you!
  14. I just wanted to say it was such a pleasure meeting a bunch of you at the BCM this weekend. You seem like a real fun crowd. I hope we can meet up again at another event! Donna Wienerdog
  15. Half-Canadian..... you just amaze us to no end! You go above and beyond to make these events wonderful. Ya know you are spoiling us don't you? Thanks for the lovely scarves! MR and Donna, and of course Chloe the Wienerdog!
  16. MR and I will be looking forward to seeing you both! So glad you plan on attending. We might not see you until dinnertime but hopefully we can get a seat closeby!
  17. I was so excited about attending the TUS Brew-Ha-Ha Event this afternoon. But I have been fighting a sorethroat/cold the past couple days. We are triyng to get ready for leaving for the BCM in the morning so I am hoping I will be well by then. Have a beer on me. Well, I guess you can't do that unless I give you my Debit Card number Anyway... just enjoy! I wish I could be there to see all of you! Donna (WD)
  18. Well even though Mr. WD and I were there the end of September we are still planning on attending. We have found there are probably enough new caches to keep us busy. Plus, we are anxious to see all of you, at least at dinnertime. Now, if I can just shake this sore throat/cold thing I have had for two days. Maybe Pandora can pray for me too! I hope Ambrosia is feeling better! Looking forward to seeing everybody! Especially you Pepper!
  19. I will wait to see you to extract hints so I don't have to hurt my brain anymore. I still have some unsolved puzzles floating around.
  20. Can't you plan some kind of event cache for this? We could all meet at your ole 'NightSea Cache' and ring in the New Year!
  21. Well if you have "just got back" you and Immy should be able to make it huh?
  22. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! You are truly a great bunch of people! Donna and MR Wienerdog.
  23. Hey LittleBlue! You having fun down there? Can't wait to hear about the Texas caches!
  24. Well I am going to do my best to be there! Don't know if MR WD can make it though. We will see. Looking forward!
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