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  1. Hello again all...


    Just wondering if all you fine folks could give me a little advice on starting up my own collection for trading/collecting. I do not have alot of money for extras in life like these beautiful coins but have begun hand crafting my own line of wooden coins that I will hopefully post some photos of later today. The are a little time consuming to make but I am quite happy with my results


    How did you all get started. I have visited a few of the caches in my general area and have not come across one in the wild as of yet. If I am understanding these threads correctly, there seems to be some sort of mailing list. How would one get his name on that list?


    Please understand that I am not looking for any freebies or handouts. I would love to get in on all the trading that goes on around here but obviously need to get a few under my belt, so to speak, before I can do any trading.


    Thanks in advance for all the wonderful insight I am sure you are all just dying to give...T.

  2. Another quick question...or actually might be better described as advice...Since I am hand carving each one, would you avid collectors rather see coins that were fairly uniform in design (as uniform as is possible when hand carving) or would you rather see each coin have its own "personallity" based on a similar theme (which in this case is our Caching name - The HandsomeBoys). I realize that having each one have its own design will make it harder to appply for tracking numbers because each one would probably then have to be approved individually (would this be possible since you need to order 50 #'s at once?) I guess I would have to have all 50 approved which might take a while. What is your opinion? Thanks...T.

  3. Thanks everyone for the tips. I created my first one yesterday...sliced a piece of 1 1/2" wooden dowling into a disc and then took the ol' rotary tool to it. Came out pretty good if I do say so myself...trying to get a nice shot of it to put on here (but I'll have to wait until my wife gets home to show me how to put the pics on the computer...bit of a computer moron here...lol). Gonna work on some more of them over the next few days. We are going on a 2 week vacation soon and I would like to have some to drop along the way...T.

  4. Hello my fellow Canuckleheads!


    We are The HandsomeBoys and are located in Kimberley BC


    Daddy Handsome, The 5 Year Old Handsome and The 2 Year Old Handsome.


    Looking forward to meeting some of you on the trails!

  5. Hello all...I attempted to look in all the geo coin FAQ's and such but could not find a clear answer for my question. Hopefully someone will be willing to help...


    My sons and I (ages 5 and 2) have recently started geocaching and we would like to have our own geocoin to enter into caches we find...this seems like common practice...what my question is is can I create my own (I am a little handy) and register them to be trackable or can you only track the ones you order through the various websites listed? If I am understanding correctly I can order tracking numbers or ID's through the site and then attach them to whatever I create but I am not sure I am reading that right. Would I be smarter to just attach a TB to the coin?


    Thanks for the help...T.

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