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  1. Hello all you Edmonchuck-ites...


    The HandsomeBoys will be making a visit for a week or two in the Edmonton area (St. Albert) and were wondering about any interesting caches or events going on between Aug 4 and 12. I am familiar with the area having spent most of my life there. Two of the Handsome boys are quite young so nothing to dangerous or strenuous...we prefer traditional caches but don't have a problem with the occasional micro or something. I know I could make a PQ for that but I thought I would ask and get that personal experience...Hope to run into you on the trails...The HandsomeBoys (AKA FunkMaster-T)

  2. Thansk alot Penny and Kona...The Handsome Boys have adopted Lettuce Go Caching and can't wait to watch its travels. Very Generous of you and we sure do appretiate it. Two of the Handsome Boys are quite young (ages 5 and 2) and its nice to be able to show them that there are people that do things in this world just to be nice...T.

  3. Thought I would hijack this thread a little rather than start a new one...my question is similar...


    I just won myself a Premium Membership after attending my first Geo-Event (Yay Me!) and since me and the family are about to head off on holidays, thought I would create some routes and download the cache's on the way. No problems there...What I am wondering is if there is a way to have the Names of the cache's download or only the GC #? On EasyGPS they are listed by name but when I downloaded them, I only got the GC#.


    I am using a Garmin Etrax Legend.



  4. Fair enough...that makes sense...and I was, by no means, trying to attack the reviewers or such...I respect the fact that these people volunteer their time for our game and sure do appretiate it. I can completely understand how they could get bogged down appeals and complaints. I cached a few years ago when I lived in Jasper National Park (In Canada) before The National Parks got on board with Geocaching and found a way to make it work. Virtual caches (in the form they were intended) just seemed like a smart solution to the problems they had with Geocaching (I mean, lets be realistic, we are hiding boxes of trash in the woods when you get right down to it). I am going to read up a little on Waypointing as I am not terribly familiar with it and all its ins and outs.

  5. Having read this thread I am still a little confused as to why Virtuals were eliminated. Is it because too many people were logging false finds? Because if thats the case I just have to say "who Cares?" If somebody really wants to log finds he didn't find it isn't going to change the game much for me. I only compete with one person while geocaching and that is myself...its kinda like golf in that way although I don't usually drink as many beers when I am geocaching...I think some places should have virtual caches instead of an actual items...Im not a big eco-green-treehugger sort but in National Parks and such it seems to make alot of sense...and sometimes the purpose of this crazy little game is just to get out of usual surroundings and visit someplace new. Finding a little treasurebox when I am there is fun but not always necessary when I am looking at a beautiful mountain view.


    And if Virtuals were eliminated because there were too many people registering "Mcdonalds and Libraries" I think the responsibility sits more on the reviewers shoulders to not publish these sorts and truly encourage it to be what it was originally intended for...an opportunity to see/find a new and exciting area and spend some time admiring the amazing world we live in.


    Just my 2 cents...T.

  6. Hey Thanks Penny and Kona!! The HandsomeBoys sure do appretiate your generosity! Looking forward to seeing that adoption request and following the many adventures of the coin! Thanks again...glad to see some people who really try to encourage the newbies and help them get started...T.

  7. On my GPSr, I can actually change the icon from "geocache" (Closed box) to Found Geocache (Open box), but I actually have to click on the waypoint icon and physiccly change it myself. Hope that helps...T.

  8. Is your cache on the hill in Fairmont or here in Kimberley? Let us know when you are in town this year and maybe we can find some time to get some caching in together...always happy to meet a fellow Geo-nut

  9. We are from Kimberley. Myself and my two young sons are known as "The Handsome Boys". I had actually discovered caching a few years back when I lived in Jasper, Ab. But at the time Parks Canada did not allow caching so there was a very limited amount of caches. Decided to introduce it to my boys and we are having a blast. We are planning on going to the Caching Event next week so hopefully we will meet there...T.

  10. I too have started creating my own coins. I sliced a 1 1/4" dowel into "coins" and have been using the rotary tool to carve out a design. Looks alright...still working on perfecting it...I think I am looking at going the travelbug route as there is no way I can make 50 identical coins, nor do I think I want to. I like the fact that each one will have its own "identity" and "personality". The TB price is a lot more practicle for those individual coins. For mass printings, yes the geocoin tracking numbers make sense.

  11. Hello Canuckleheads...


    Just wondering if any of you are from the East Kooteneys in BC? Specifficly the Kimberley/Cranbrook area...I know I saw someone from Elkford...any one else around?...What are your favorite finds around here? Any Geo-warnings I should know about? ...T.

  12. Unfortunatly most of the logs I have found have been in micros and only have room for my name and date (and some don't even have that much room) but in a full sized log, I would definetly write something a little more...er...long-winded. Sometimes you just can't shut me up...T.

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