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  1. I finally got my very first GeoCoin in the mail today!!! Hooray...my addiction officially starts now...T.





    Thanks to Jim at TheCachingPlace for the cointest that got me going!


    Nice coin!!! Unfortunatelly I can not read the inscription near the snake... it looks like runic alphabet??


    It is, in fact, a runic alphabet...in fact, solving the runes was how I won the Cointest to win this...(a little hint...if you know who wrote Journey to the Center of the Earth, you can read the Runes)...Thanks...T.

  2. So I have my "CacheStats" on my profile page with al the info about my Caching history (it isn't much yet but that's beside the point). Does anyone know if there is a way to add info about the cache's I have hidden on there? Info like number of finds, days between finds, maybe even things like where the person that lives the farthest away from GZ that found it is from? I only have one hide thus far but am planning some more and thought it would be cool to see the averages and such in relation to them?...T.

  3. Here are the Handsome Boys' Sig Items...The coloured ones are made of Fimo clay and the wooden one is a slice of 1 1/4" dowel and about an hour with a Rotary tool. Both styles take about an hour to make each one, so they are a little slow for mass production but I have a good time doing it. I am hoping with winter coming, I might find more time to craft these while holed up inside for the long Canadian winter. What do you guys think? (ps...sorry about the blurry photos...best I could do with my P.O.C. camera)...T.





  4. I am by no means an expert, but I would think you could contact a (some) local cacher(s) and see if they would like to adopt your caches. Then you are off the hook, so to speak. Try using the regional forums. Maybe someone there will be willing to help you out...T.

  5. Hello all...my TB, Eastward Ho!, has moved again and, ironiclly, has been dropped at an event in the town I grew up in, a whole province away. Needless to say I am quite happy by that turn of events. My question I am posing to you all, is how do these Event Drops work? Do all the TB's and Coins get dropped on a table and people just grab another one...Are they "traded" from person to person? My TB is currently listed as being in "An event Cache" (GC2DBMM Tales from the Trips) To me, that sounds like there is not really a "Physical" cache there s how does it usually work?...T.

  6. Thanks dhenninger for your response. I have made a couple but did not find they were any less time consuming than the wooden ones I have been making...but both are fun to make...probably will continue making both...T.







  7. Thanks for the answers...I run a Hockey Pool at work each year so I have a site I work with already (although I do know about YahooSports)...Sounds like this could work...will have to do some figuring and see what I can come up with...And Eartha...Duly noted...It would definetly be a Cointest...Sounds like a great idea...T.

  8. Hey...not interested in the Football league as I am not that big of a Football fan (I know...the Horror!!) but I was wondering how your Fantasy League worked, specificly how it relates to Geo Coins and how your format is laid out...I ask because I am from Canada and therefore a HUGE Hockey fan and was wondering if this sort of thing would work when the Hockey Season starts up in a little over a month...Thanks for the info...T.

  9. Has anyone out there in Geo-Coin Land had any problems with Fimo Clay (Hardened) surviving out in the wild? I live up in Canada so extreme Temperature Variations are the norm and I was just wondering if anyone has had any success or failure making their own coins from Fimo?...T.

  10. Hello...This is Trevor from BC (winner #2 from the Jules Verne Cointest)...I am just wondering if anyone has recieved their's yet as I have not? Just wondering what the status of these are. This is by no means a complaining email or anything like that...as this is the first coin I have ever won, I am not sure about the time it takes to get here so I just want to make sue its not MIA or anything. Thanks...T.

  11. No...there is another thread somewhere where this is being debated ad nauseum...seems someone has been sending them out to lots of people as a trolling activity...GS is aware of it as I believe it has been forwarded to them a million times or so by now...T.

  12. Ok...not really sure what I did wrong there...I am using PhotoBucket if any one has any advice!






    (Tried a direct link to see if that helps...I am a bit of a computer idiot so I apologize for the hassle)

  13. A while ago I had said I would post a picture of the homemade GeoCoins I was creating. I tried to find the old thread, rather than starting a new one but was unsuccessful. I finally have some (albeit blurry) photos I can post and wanted to hear your opinions on them...


    A little history...My caching team consists of Myself and my two sons (ages 5 and 2). Collectively we are known as The HandsomeBoys. I started creating these as we don't have alot of money to buy coins but wanted to have our own special item to leave behind. The three faces on the one side represent the three of us. The back side of each coin has been somewhat different on each one. depends on how the Muse takes me, I guess.


    I bought myself a length of 1 1/4" wooden Doweling and, using my chop saw, cut it into "coins". Then I used my rotary tool to carve away everything that didn't look like a Geocoin...lol...They each take me about an hour or so to carve (or 2 1/2 beers) and I have only created a few thus far. So far I have only been using felt pens and the like to add any colour to make some of the details "pop" although I would like to use some thinned down paints to create some sort of wash in the end.


    Just wanted to hear the opinion of some of you "experts". I apologize for the blurry pics but these were the best I could do...Funkmaster-T (AKA Daddy Handsome)






    PS: As a little side note, on a different one that I had made, we attached a TB I had won at an event and relesed it and it just logged it's first travel almost 200 miles away...we are kinda excited...teehee





  14. Any idea where in Canada it is heading...I live in Southern BC so we are (relitivly) near Montana so if it is heading in this direction a rescue mission could be in order! I would put on a dusty fedora, grab my bullwhip and set out to save your coin...as long as there are no snakes...I hate snakes....Indiana T.

  15. There was a thread here a month or so ago about a murder mystery puzzle cache where the searcher had to find multiple caches, each with a short "chapter" in a murder mystery. Then after (x) number of caches they were forced to make a decision on 6 suspects, each with coord's to a cache that would tell if you were right or wrong in your detective skills. I think it was in the UK somewhere...


    I did some searching and found the thread I am talking about...they had a link to THE FINAL stage of the murder mystery...




    Not exactly what you are talking about but along the same lines...sounds really cool to me and I hae started thinking about one of these of my own (being a part time writer)...might give you some more inspiration/ideas...T.

  16. So, while on my Vacation, I got you a nice Postcard, but unfortunatly had no internet access to retrieve your addy while I was there...I have gotten back and was re looking at this thread before getting it together for mailing when I realized I am not in the same province as where I bought the postcard...am I going to be disqualified and ostrisized, persecuted and humiliated for my inability to follow rules? I will send you the postcard either way but was still hoping to be in the running...I am less than 4 hours from the province I bought it in and, in fact, even though I am in a province that is further West, I am actually further East than where I got the Postcard from (Bonus Points if anyone can figure out which 2 provinces I am talking about)...T.

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