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  1. I have email notifications from new caches set up. I have it set up for 2 email address, the primary email works but the secondary has stopped working in the last 2 months. The email addresses show as being verified.
  2. I have spoken to the OP about it and, he can correct me if I am mistaken, it would work like this: 1. It would be totally optional to participate in general. 2. You could set each bug individually. Say you don't care about the bugs in the wild, but you do care about the ones you take to events, like car bugs, trackable t-shirts, etc. Those you could set up to have logs approved while the others just post up automatically. 3. For the ones that are set up to be approved, the logs could be posted by the discoverer (bogus or legit) and they would show up via email, asking you to approve or deny. You go in, and approve the logs that look legit and deny the ones that don't. If they are legit, they'd post to the trackable page and the discoverer gets another discovery added to their count. The bogus person gets nothing. I think that's what he's talking about... That is exactly what I am saying. Give the owner the ability to research and decide if a log is legitimate or not. This will curtail virtual logging if the owner does not allow it. Currently, if someone logs a trackable virtually, the owner has to go in and investigate the log and then delete it manually. This removes a few steps in the process and only logs a discovery once it's approved by the CO.
  3. With the dawn of the virtual log and groups on social media dedicated to sharing Trackable codes for discovery whether the trackable owner wants it shared or not I would like to suggest having a feature that allows the owner to turn on a switch that let's them approve or discard logs on a trackable. This way if the owner does not allow virtual logs on their trackable they can turn on the switch and be able to decide which logs are allowed or not allowed.
  4. Dipping isn't really about numbers, a cacher who dips a TB gets nothing out of it. The TB however logs the miles it travels. So some people dip personal TBs (like my vehicle TB) in each cache they visit. It's a way to keep track of miles travelled to each cache (not entirely accurate as the miles are logged 'as the crow flies' instead of actual. I also will dip a TB I picked up in a cache or two to let the owner know it's still active until I find a suitable cache to drop it in. With the cell phone craze, caches have become mostly micros and it's harder and harder to find a cache to drop a TB in.
  5. Must be referring to post #3! (Don't get me wrong, I am also completely opposed to the three card monte concept, but that has no bearing on the fact that the "logic" being used here by the OP is bogus.) BTW, the munzee analogy reference makes perfectly good sense to me. ' If an employee plays geocaching a certain way he is geocaching and one would assume he is playing in an accepted fashion,if he plays munzee he is not geocaching, he is playing a different game and has no bearing whatsoever on geocaching. So by your logic, a bank employee steals money then it's ok for us to rob a bank?
  6. No I started with an empty database and cleared the database of waypoints after I did not get the results I thought I should have. Perhaps the API downloaded the Columbia list when I requested the other queries? I did not request the Columbia Area List at any point. I even manually down one of the Tipton queries manually and got the same result. When I look at my list now, there is a New Query which I created after one of the first ones failed and the Tipton3. Both appear to have the same results. I am wondering if there was some kind of delay, GSAK showed the query (Tipton2 and Tipton3) as available to download but downloaded the very first query (Tipton) I did instead? Just a guess...
  7. The Columbia Area list is not the PQ I am having the issue with. Tipton, Tipton2, and Tipton3 are. I played around with Tipton3 and got a list with caches that are just unfound finally but only on the third try, and the unfound by me was checked on all three attempts.
  8. I have created a PQ of an area I will be caching in on Saturday and when it shows the preview of it it only shows caches I have not found (I selected this option), however when I download the PQ via GSAK or just by downloading it, it includes all the found caches in the area as well. I've done this a lot of times and this is the first time I've ever received found caches when I specifically selected unfound only. Anyone else having this issue?
  9. There was a cacher active in my area that would log :} for a find and :{ for DNF and that was it. Another more experienced cacher emailed them after he received said log and explained that it would be more nice to log. The cacher changed to TFTC for finds and Boo for DNFs. One puzzle of mine has many Boo logs LOL.
  10. I recommend doing a bit of research. Try getting a unit that allows paperless caching (stores the cache page information on the unit for use in the field) as you may not always be were your cell signal is available. Find a unit that comes with pre-loaded TOPO maps as they are extremely helpful when out in the woods caching. Look at all the options and pick the ones you want and can afford.
  11. Hmmm. Maintenance on a Virtual? Does not going there count? Looking at the logs someone logged a Needs Archived on this when their email bounced. My guess this one would still be active if it were not for that.
  12. I just found this one this weekend. http://coord.info/GC1MDCE It's a must see if you are in the area.
  13. This happened to my NUVI, (it's lower end one). When it happened I searched the internet and found that the power cord was failing. It's not getting enough power to the unit, that's why it thinks it's connected to the computer. You can buy a new one from amazon pretty cheaply.
  14. I overheard a lady I work with talking about a 'game' she plays with her friends when they go out to dinner for a monthly event. They all place their phones in the middle of the table. First one to pick it up has to pay for everyone's dinner. I may implement this with my teenage daughters next time we go out to eat.
  15. Why archive a cache that is getting found on a regular basis. Especially if it's newer cachers. If you want to improve the cache, look for a more durable container, an ammo can (if it fits the spot), or a lock and lock. It's great you adopted it and the CO allowed you to.
  16. Really, we're going to rehash this old argument again? Didn't this just come up last week?
  17. The above devices are time based, requiring the user to use the code within a specific set time period (like 30 seconds) before the code changes. People who don't log the find using a phone would not be able to log the cache as the code would have changed multiple times before they log it.
  18. I would think the 'swag from specific shops' would violate more than one guideline, Agenda/Commercial and ALR....
  19. I love the macros and statistics it provides. Now that I have an Oregon 450 the publish logs feature is very nice, gets all the found caches off the GPSr, allows me to create a template and then modify that template for each cache. So for example, if I'm out with other friends I can start each log with Out caching with x, y and z. Then edit each log to fit that find, add TBs that I dipped or dropped and push a button to publish it all.. Very nice.
  20. Actually Google makes billions of dollars on advertising and selling premium search results to companies so NO it's not free. You pay for it when you buy products that are advertised. YouTube also makes money by selling advertising..... Same principal and if I remember correctly same company... What does cheating have to do with PMO? I have seen a lot of cheating from non-PMO. If someone claims a find on your cache and didn't sign the log, delete the log. Some will argue that those people cache a different way than you and it doesn't hurt you. One way or another, it's a game, enjoy it your own way or not. Best advice when I started this hobby was, if something about a cache is no longer fun, don't do those type of caches. Not sure what your rave about minimum wage here is about. All in all your arguments have been done before. It's all been stated. If you don't like this site there are 2 to 4 other similar sites you can go to or even other similar type games. So at this point, I say you've started to beat the dead horse that's been dug up and buried over and over again just so you can beat. No point made...
  21. Here is a suggestion to the OP. Vote with your presence. There are several other geocaching listing services on the web. Some are completely free to use. I suggest you take your caching needs there. A simple Google search will find you what you need. Otherwise some simple math will put your complaint into perspective. $39/365 days a year is about $.10 a day. Can't get a phone call for that much these days. Now consider this, for a personal website it costs about $10-$20 a month, about $10-$30 dollars a year for domain registration/renewal multiply that by 10-20 for a business site. Add the cost of licensing a database for online use, coding (or programmers) and system designers to build a back end, web developers and designers to build a usable website..... Oh then there are the lawyers and insurance to keep you from being sued, customer service reps to handle issue/complaintts, accountants to keep track your income and expenses, the list can go on..... I'd say you're getting a steal a $39 a month... Just food for thought.
  22. Change the cache to a Mystery cache, put a combo lock on the cache and put a simple puzzle on the page to get the combo.. If it's muggles they won't bother it anymore, if it's a cacher outside of the game camera or a GPS tracker on a TB not much you can do.
  23. Up to you, but since this is the first time you checked, if you don't, expect more and more of those type of logs.
  24. The social network page he was referring to has since removed the posts as the local caching group that runs it determined the topic was getting to heated. A cacher made some bad choices, involved some of his friends inadvertently and got a short term ban..... He and several others attempted to appeal the ban and got an indefinite ban and others got banned as well. That is my understanding from reading the info from the now deleted threads. I don't know enough to say how the person banned was affiliated with DGS but there is a chapter very active in that area.
  25. We've experienced a bad example of an Eagle Scout not following through on a cache placement recently. Cache was placed and published, an experienced cacher looked at the coords on Google map and found them to not be near the area described in the description (cache was placed near a church parking lot, coords pointed to a junk yard .2 mile away.) Cache was redacted, a few days later cache was published again with updated coords. This time location matched but after many attempts the cache was not found. Many people sent message offering to help the scout make sure his placement and coords were accurate, no response. After 3 months, cache was archived. The location the second set of coords was a low bush beside a kids soccer field.... my guess is that the cache was muggled soon after it was placed.... No follow through, no maintenance. Either the Boy Scouts Council needs to remove the cache placement option or modify it to include a maintenance period and minimum number of finds before awarding a badge. To the original poster. Find a good container, (ammo can, lock and lock) put some interesting tradable items in it, put the log book in it, find a kid friendly interesting place to hide it, gear your cache page for kids and scouts, and then make sure people are finding it 6mos to a year after you place it. Check on you hide at once a month or least once every few months. That will make an interesting cache.
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