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  1. After doing a bit more looking around at the going rate, I would say 300.00 would be a fair asking price. Keep in mind, that includes an SD card and the topo maps. I never knew about that site Portland, Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Now, I'm off to see if there are any ways at all to ship cheaper to Australia. There must be.
  2. UPS, it would be about 176.00 USD. With declared values but I could send it marked gift possibly cheaper. I will have to check other post options and prices in the morning as it is currently 2:00 AM Here. Please bear with me, as I figure this out in the morning.
  3. I'm in Shelton Washington. I could probably ship it to you. You would have to pick up the shipping charges though. I just have never shipped anything out of country before. I do have PayPal for a payment. If you can pm or email me your address I will find out the shipping total for you. I wont charge anything over the actual shipping cost.
  4. Just won this off another site, I love it so far, but I really need a good chunk of change like yesterday... LOL. It has Topo 24K west maps on a SD card on it, and not a scratch anywhere (like I said, used once.) I figure they sell for about 280.00 online with out the maps, and the maps cost 129.99. So I was thinking how about an even 350.00? I'm a little negotiable as I'm in a huge tight spot right now. also have a Tom Tom one Gps with window mount for 30.00 OBO. If you buy the Garmin for 350.00 I will throw the Tom Tom in with the deal if I still have it (its for sale on other sites). An email to me through my caching profile will be the quickest way to get my attention probably, as it will ding on the phone the same as a new cache listing... LOL. Or if you want to, you can call me at 360-432-7935. My name is Dan. Thanks for reading my post!
  5. OOPS! Forgot to update yesterday. Item Sold! Thanks Bob! It was nice meeting you.
  6. UPDATE: SALE PENDING.Will update more tomorrow.
  7. Well I just so happen to have a GPS MAP 60 cs up for sale right now. I am asking 100.00 for the unit and ext. antenna, maps, usb cable. I'm very open to offers. I have it listed in the garage sale area on the forums here. It does great at getting the cache onto the unit. It doesn't do the hints and log stuff though. If you are interested in it you can email me at: lester-clan @ live . com (without spaces of course) Good luck on your hunt for a new GPSr!
  8. Would like to get $100.00 For it all. I have topo 24k maps and a awesome Washington state topo map that is currently on the unit. I also have an older city navigator (I believe) on it. The external antenna has a windshield suction mount and works awesome. This has been my geocaching GPSr and I have decided it's time to upgrade. Send me all you best CASH offers. Worst I can say is no thanks. This unit has never let me down, and I am sure it wont let you down either. Email me at: lester-clan @ live . com (of course without spaces...) Thanks!
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