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  1. Hello Geocachers,

    Recently I entered my science fair at school. The project was on geocaching, and my hypothesis was that caches placed in rural areas would be found less times than caches in urban areas. He set up four caches:


    Bush Whack

    George Washington's Kodak Moment

    Can of Campo

    Wake Up and Smell the Coffee


    If you found any of these caches, thank you for helping me with my project. My project was screened, and it was entered in the County Science Fair. After I saw about 5 county judges, and 6 professional society judges, they were very interested that they learned about Geocaching, and how it worked. My project took a 2nd place at the awards ceremony at the Cox Arena, and the guy across from me knew about geocaching and he started talking about the caches he had found. :lol:


    My daughter is doing a project on this same idea. Do you have any tips? any insider info as to how your display was set up? We've got some good ideas, but welcome any new ideas that might look or work better. thanks!

  2. If the cost of PM access to Google Maps would significantly increase the cost of a premium membership, then I too would rather see a three-tiered system:

    - Basic (free) members

    - Premium (paid) members

    - Premium Plus (paid extra) members


    Those with Premium Plus membership could have access to Google Maps, and maybe additional benefits as suggested by Dr. House.


    Fully support that! The new maps are completely horrid.

  3. I was following the trend of the Notify reviewer idea... That is until Jholly posted their view. I very strongly agree with Jholly on this one. As another note, in the case of lack of maintenance, I always try to have extra supplies with me to "fix" a cache. Whether it need a new log or pen or swag etc. Because I know that sometimes life can get a bit too busy to do some maintenance runs on your caches for a bit. I have had mainly issues of wet logs to contend with but as is the case last winter, my wife was pregnant and having some complications, then our youngest daughter was born and that kept me from getting out to replace a few logs. Yes, I probably could have found a moment here and there to get them replaced faster, but those thoughts quickly get pushed to the back of the head as more prudent matters take the front and center. If a cash has had issues for an extended amount of time, and there has been no log in activty or other notice from the CO then by all means fire off with a Needs archive log.


    I say leave the system in place the way it is. Although you may end up with a bummer of a find from time to time, as the system will take a bit to work out. Just enjoy the ride and all of the other caches you get to find. Maybe take the pledge to fix damaged / poorly maintained caches by bringing supplies along with you. I don't ever fully replace a cache, just add the needed help to it that it deserves. Most of the time after a find on a damaged cache I will notify the CO both in a NM log and with an email to them through their profile page.

  4. So far from what I have found, that would be a NO on the Wherigo. Although I did notice in the owners manual where it talks about the sd card usage, that it says "cartridges" can be loaded onto it. It didn't say Wherigo cartridges though. Short of actually contacting Garmin about the issue, it looks like the dakota series is unable to play Wherigo. Also though, more as a side note, it appears that there is numerous issues running Wherigo on any of the GPS units that do support it. Smart phones seem to run it okay? I don't know a thing about the Wherigo stuff.

  5. I have a red box movie exchange, and a Columbia house CD exchange. It blatantly states, take a movie give a movie, and take a cd give a cd, but a couple days ago, i was checking on them and there is all this mctoy junk. I know, it just the nature of the beast but these caches are about a month or two old is all. I will just keep an eye out on them, and if they keeping getting too bad i will archive them. I will let everyone know that on my cache listing as well. that is pretty much my only issue.

  6. I think its up to the cacher themselves to decide. I usually try to congratulate the FTF because I know that its kind of a fun aspect of the game. To try and find it before anyone else can. or in the case of very difficult caches they were the first to stick it out and get the find. I do know it can be a bit much to read some logs that go overboard with the flaunting of getting a FTF too. But, to each his (her) own. As for the challenges, it is a bit hard to say who completed first, as there is no log. Depending on the challenge, I would possibly congratulate all who finish if it is particularly hard, or not congratulate anyone if its a simple task such as use this trail system and take a pic of yourself at the trail-head sign. But then again, to each his own. If someone wants to congratulate me for nothing really special then I'm fine with that, who doesn't like compliments and the like? Also if I get a super hard cache and no congrats, then oh well, I wont lose any sleep over it. Because odds are that I got enough gratification for the hunt itself.

  7. Orienteering seems to be a bit of a lost art, many Boy scouts these days don't really know how to use a map and compass. I think it's kind of sad to see, because when all else fails, North is always going to be north and so on. I have found a few caches freestyle, but I have never taken the time to grab a map and compass for my finds. Every once in a while, I think its fun to go to the area that I've seen on the cache listing and then get out and start looking around. No gps or maps in hand. I love the hunt. I have heard of people placing caches by using google maps, and one such is a great friend of mine. He placed the cache and realized he left the gps at home so he called a friend and gave him the coords to go see how close it was. Come to find out, the gps said only about 7 feet off. when i went to find the cache my gps said only about 5 feet off. I know it must differ in different areas, but found it amusing.

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