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  1. I agree. An official Jeep coin would be cool!


    As opposed to all the "un-official" jeep coins out there.


    If they do make a jeep coin that they sell... Will that mean that no other coins can have jeep likeness on them due to licensing?


    Hey wait a minute . . . We thought "we" were the official Jeep Coin. :unsure:




    The Rubicon Brothers


    Life is good!

  2. Sorry for the delay everybody, we spent the night in West Wendover, Nevada and couldn't find a place with internet access. You'd think a fine town like West Wendover, Nevada would have wireless access at their fine motor home parks but we could only find it at the Flying J truck stop and you need to have an account and a password. While the girls were in the casino we managed to get our Khaki Rubicon stuck in some loose gravel with no winching posts in sight and we had left the Blue Rubicon and the handy man jack home but that is a story for another day.



    The Rubicon Brothers picking the winning names before leaving town.



    The first winner is GEOBLANK!



    And the second winner is JAM RASC!


    We wish you all could have won for your fine stories but we left it to the luck of the draw. Winners, please email us with your mailing address so we can get your coins sent out.

  3. A big thank you to all of you who have participated. There have been a lot of awesome stories and photos submitted.


    We are getting ready to draw the winning name.



    The entrees written down.



    The names cut out.



    The names in a hat. Now we just need to get with Rubicon Brother number 2 to have him draw out the lucky winner. Stay tuned.....

  4. That's a very interesting story Lemon Fresh Dog. Much better than the boring story we heard about the name Jeep.


    You all know how the army likes to use acronyms for everything. Like MRE Meals Ready to Eat and KP for Kitchen Patrol. Well they designed a small vehicle that was very mobile and able to get around in rough terrain. They called it a General Purpose vehicle and so it got the acronym GP. As you can imagine it wouldn't take too many times for the Sargeant telling the private to "Go get the G.P." for it to morph into "Go get the jeep!"

  5. Okay .... I don't have a Jeep.


    BUT! I *could* tell you where the name Jeep comes from! It's an odd bit of trivia that is interesting (to me anyways). I even have reprints of the original appearance of the Jeep.

    Hey Lemon Fresh, don't leave us hanging. Give us the rest of the story. :blink:

  6. When we saw the response to the post by Lemon Fresh Dog's post about the dog stories, we thought it might be fun to do something similar with jeeps. Some people love their jeeps almost as much as they love their dogs. We are looking for any kind of story that involves your jeep. It could be a favorite trail ride, an adventure of getting stuck and how you got out, or it could be a story about all the work and extra equipment you have put on your jeep.


    We will take each name that has entered a story and put it on a slip of paper and draw out the winning name and award a "Rubicon Brothers" coin...if there's lot's of stories, we might even give away a couple of them. :blink:


    We will draw the winner (winners) sometime around the first of October.

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