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  1. On the subject of the risks whilst being out and about, one of my other hobbies is Fungi Foraying and like Caching, it can take me to a array of interesting places.


    On one foray last year, I got bitten on the hand but some thing and by the evening the hand was quite swollen! Only a couple of weeks previous to that I was saying to someone that I was lucky that I dont get bitten!! Famous last words :anibad::anibad:


    I suppose the risks of getting a nasty injury is always there but it wont stop me from enjoying outdoor persuits. That bite did start me thinking about carrying a first aid kit with me - something I havent acquired yet but will be doing in the near future.



  2. Hi all,

    On the way back from an appointment yesterday I had my GPSr with me so I thought I would find a cache that was on the route. I had a pen with me, found the cache easy enough, went to write my log entry only to find my pen had run out! There was one with the log tried that but no joy!


    Moral of the story- always have a spare pen with you! At least I know what to leave at the cache when I go back to log it!



  3. Us 4 and Jess- Look on the bright side- just by typing on this forum proves that you are more techno savvy than quite a few people. Dont be afraid to ask, things can stump the best of us. If sometimes you feel like throwing your computer out the window- don't worry you aint the only one :lol: (Now where did I put my hammer!!! Take this Bill gates :o)



  4. Like any forum, I imagine that there are a fair few lurkers who like to watch and read whats being posted but don't post for whatever reason. Theres the others who normally read and wait until something catches their attention before they post something.


    I've been using the net for 10 years-ish and I cant remember what the first group/forum I posted to.


    Perhaps we should do an 'introductions' or 'regional' threads for those who are new/havent posted etc to say a quick 'hi' and to chat with others in their area?. Has that been done before?( I havent bothered searching the archives)



  5. I reckon it was beginners luck- I was up fairly early on a day off(early for me!) and I saw the weekly notification of new caches. Saw one that was reasonably close to me(20 miles) so I thought I'd give it a go, I did expect it to be already bagged.


    To answer Pauls question, I'm close to Winchester- I live in Eastleigh. I wont be doing too many caches in the next month or so- expecting a new arrival to my family.



  6. Thanks for the welcome Rutson


    If you mean online forums for other topics well yes, But for Geocaching.....


    Well I may as well explain how I got in to Geocaching while I'm at it. I was doing a Google search for trigpoints to find out info about the one at Farley Mount. Google came up with a link to trigpointing UK.


    On the page for the theres a little map and there was Cyan coloured diamonds on there with writing above it, being curious I clicked on the diamond. It came up with cache details- at the time I thought 'what on earth is this' . It had a link to the GAGB website and through there I found Geocaching.com and most importantly, the FAQ explaining what Geocaching was.


    I was intrigued so I registered both on the GAGB and for using the forums here. I did a fair bit of lurking and reading, learning what I can, I also wrote a few posts. I had been toying with the idea of buying a GPSr for while, stumbling on Geocaching made me decide to buy one sooner, rather than later.


    I got a Etrex Legend from one of the online sites and the rest, as they say, is History!:D


    Hope you havent fallen asleep reading that :)


    Happy Caching,


  7. Hi all,

    Found out about geocaching by accident, read lots about it and it seems right up my street. I live in Southern Hampshire and the closest cache to me is less than half a mile. Haven't got a GPSr yet, its between a Etrex Venture or a Legend- depends on how much I save and how long before I give in to the tempation of buying one!


    Maybe see some of you out there soon.



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