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  1. OK, we'll let you slide Congrats and continued good luck down the road!!
  2. Sign me up!!! Fantasy recap: Football team fizzled in the playoffs Bum Knees Basketball squad is looking better Nascar - umm, no thanks. Baseball ought to be interesting As a Sox fan I'm still wondering how the Evil Empire got A-Rod though
  3. Congrats as well!!! The first milestone always seems to be the most satisfying. 200 will be there before you know it.
  4. The biggest problem is figuring out what program they used. There are a lot of different ways to calculate distances as I'm sure you are aware. Depending on the distances involved, each technique may give widely varying answers. Based on the description, I'm sure Fizzymagic's program will produce a highly accurate answer over a wide range of distances. However, unless the puzzle creator also used the same program you'll probably get a different answer than what they intended. The degree of the delta depends on the distance. Over a fairly short range, the earth can be approximated as flat and UTM coords will work fine (a ~15.5 mile distance should be accurate to ~33 ft)
  5. I have pretty strong negative feelings on this one. I'll go after just about any cache, but I don't get the same sense of satisfaction after finding the typical micro. Why not? - To borrow a line "A leaky little container with a damp, slimy scrap of paper crumpled up and shoved in as a log?". Yeah it was cool playing the spy (once), after that it's just plain annoying. Perhaps this has just been my experience thus far, but after the first 35mm canister and/or hide-a-key the novelty wore out pretty quickly. I agree that there does not seem to be the same level of preparation in most micro cache hides. Let me see if I can guess the sequence of events: 1. Oh, this looks like a cool place to stick a cache. 2. Wait, I think I have a film canister in the car. 3. OK, let me mark this spot (taking about a second). 4. Anyone got any paper to make a log? Voila - a micro cache is born, total thought process < 3min. My apologies to those who go the extra mile because I have seen several that are extremely well done and obviously well planned and executed. Also, to be fair I've seen lots of traditional caches that are in the same (sinking) boat - just substitute gladware for film canister in step 2 above. The bottom line is that I feel that I owe as much to the cache (any cache) as the owner did in creating it. While I still will not go out of my way to compromise a cache's position, there have been plenty of times (after the fact) that I felt that I should not have taken the extra time and care since so little thought went into it initially. Unfortunately, micros seem to make up the majority of new caches that I have seen recently. I'm hoping that this is not a symptom of cache saturation (i.e. there are enough traditionals around taking up all the so-called "good" spots so that's what's left?).
  6. Mapsource (software than came with my Garmin GPSr) will allow you to do this also. You just add a waypoint and edit it such that it draws a circle around it. Unfortunately it's only in miles so some conversion may be in order. The other way I've done these before is to use the math to arrive at the intersection of two circles using UTM coordinates, see: This math link. This will give you (hopefully) two points. From here you can either go to both (not recommended) or just eliminate one based on the third point, or just do another set of math. My alternate route is to create an optimization program that solves a simultaneous equation to a least squares distance. This is truly the geek approach, but it works.
  7. I recently added mine back. A quote from "The Lorax" I thought it captures a nice feeling, plus my kids like it
  8. Which map check box are you referring to? I don't seem to have a 'List Archived/Disabled Caches' check box available. I would be a nice feature. Nevermind I see that you have to actually click on the map first and then it shows up. Cool
  9. It's generally accepted as perfectly OK to revisit a cache for a number of different reasons. Dropping off or picking up Travel Bugs are certainly good reasons to do so. Just make sure to log it as a note. Another reason may be that the cache has been rehidden/moved positions significantly. Usually the owner will say if it's OK to relog it as another find though.
  10. I recall seeing one that basically required you to fish for it. Same sort of hide except the cache had a magnet in it. You would lower a nut or something else metallic on a length of string or line and then carefully reeled it in. No fuss, no muss.
  11. Congrats as well. You're making me work way too hard to keep up with you
  12. I happened to note this milestone while perusing caches today and figured I would be the first in line to say congrats!!! Sooooo... CONGRATULATIONS
  13. I did manage to finally meet the elusive ArtWeld last month as we both looked for a cache that wasn't there. Congrats, I'll let you know about all those Chitown caches so you can come back and visit.
  14. I will echo some of the previous comments concerning CCCA. We have crossed paths several times and they are some of the greatest folks you can meet out there. It seems like they were just passing 1000 not too long ago. Here's to the next 1000!!!
  15. I haven't done any caching in the NY/NJ/DE area yet, but have hit VA, DC, MD, WV, and PA. I thought it was interesting that I have actually done more states in the SouthEast having now found caches in NC, SC, GA, FL, TN, AL, and MS. Hope to add a few more in New England shortly (only MA currently), but since I'm flying up NY, NJ, and DE will have to wait some more.
  16. I probably had to travel 2500 miles to get the last 100. I spent the last month or so in FL and TN on business and managed to snag a few in AL and MS and VA along the way. With some free time and in new territory it's not too hard to do. I was worried there for a while that I wouldn't make my goal of 365 in a year for two years running, but now it'll be a relative breeze, especially with another trip to RI in December. Congrats to GaiterMan on #700 as well, it seems like we have stayed fairly close in numbers for quite a while. GLM, good job on passing 400 as well. It's tough to keep up that kind of pace without putting a few miles on the odometer. I'll have it a little easier in Chicago with a whole new playing field (once it stops snowing).
  17. Yep, The Bunny Man Cometh is alive and well. No fatalities this year (that I know of).
  18. Here's an excerpt from a log entry on one of my caches which is ironically named Peep Hole. The log is from the first day the cache was available for an event, which helps to explain some of it: ... the find was not without its difficulties. Now, understand, all day long others had been coming up while we were searching, or we came up on others, and it was always nice to know if they were still looking (so you could go help), or if they had already found it (so you could hang back). So, naturally, when we (two big and one little guy) saw the other geocachers (mom and small daughter) approaching down side trail, we wanted to warn them that we were currently signing the log book so as not to ruin their fun. So, naturally again, I yelled to them, ''we have it out.'' Well - from the look of horror on their faces, and the way they ran back towards the main trail, I think it's safe to assume they were not actually geocachers at all. It's probably lucky we did not have to explain our little missive to the Park Rangers.
  19. OK twist my arm. I'll go with JoeC and join up if you still have room.
  20. I'm in another league already but.... Where is the league going to be run? What time is the draft? Cost?
  21. I believe Burke Lake Park is the oldest active cache in VA. In it's original submission on December 17, 2000 this was the 5th cache in the state and the 238th overall. From what I can gather, the original coordinates were off (datum problem?) and it was resubmitted about a month later (after no one could find it, although it never moved) becoming #373. Thought we lost it for a while, but it was just in deep hiding. It's on it's third logbook after ~150 entries. Success is not measured by the position one has reached in life, rather by the obstacles overcome while trying to succeed. - Booker T. Washington [This message was edited by bigcall on October 10, 2003 at 03:01 PM.]
  22. I agree with a couple of GLM's picks that probably could have been included in my list. Rappahanock Reconnaissance was an outstanding cache that just disappeared suddenly along with OlyHippy. I didn't want to add too many archived ones since I thought this might be a good list for anyone wanting to identify and go find the caches on the list. The other one I agree wholeheartedly with is Moonshine Mountain. The only reason I left it off is the distance from the rest of the others since it's a good 80 miles from here. JoeC, Au Naturel is a good one, the area would be great for traditional caches but I guess they aren't too cache friendly - yet. I would suggest that you try to hit some of the other good ones out that way while you are at it. Having just done a few out that way on a western swing I hit Order of the Phoenix, Old Dominion Happy, Stonewall, and Primal Instinct. GLM and I tried to get to Solitary Confinement but the park was closed so I just kept going north and grabbed Ashby gap and Bear's Den before heading back east going over to Purcellville for the B-Team's bunch there. This would definitely make for a full day. Success is not measured by the position one has reached in life, rather by the obstacles overcome while trying to succeed. - Booker T. Washington
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