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    Chicago Area

    I would suggest this cache and the entire series that goes with it. They are probably 15 miles or so from Vernon Hills. For that matter, look for any of Genius Loci's caches that are in the vicinity and you'll have fun. Good Luck!!!
  2. I recall doing the same thing earlier this year. At that time there didn't seem to be that many that were right there - most involved at least a short drive off the route. Here's one that I did manage to do in Indiana though :Link
  3. Great job!!! I knew it was getting close. So which one was the chosen 1K cache?
  4. Now I know why our TB hasn't moved in 9 months So if it's not for the hike, how 'bout giving a poor bug a hand who's down on it's luck?
  5. I swear it was my job!!!! Actually, I haven't cached as many days, it's just that I have more time to cache on the weekends. Instead of getting a few here and there, I'm able to get bunches of them at a time. It's interesting to note the differences between the two areas. Chicago area has: Not much hilly terrain to speak of (at least none that I have encountered yet) Tons of micros Generally more snow conscious hides More "tag" type stages in multis i.e. no container per se DC area has: More puzzle/mystery caches : ) Diminished opportunites to access 4-star caches via frozen liquid More people that log DNFs About the same: Hiding techniques are similar but I have run across some very creative ones that top many I've seen back east. This is one of my new favorites. It's actually one of the caches in a series that are a must do if you get out here. Although I'll be back in VA on Friday, we're hitting the road early Saturday for FL. I still haven't had a chance to meet up with the B&G group - perhaps in May or June?
  6. I always thought the first 100 were the most fun. Hope you enjoyed 'em. Congrats and continued good luck!!!
  7. I liked the ability to easily see where and how old the "early" caches were. Since it kept track of archived caches it was a nice tool to get a sense of history. Second thing was just a sense of local activity on a daily basis. You could really notice via the log activity when it was a good caching day. Also, it was cool to note the new caches and watch the FTF rush in the logs.
  8. Is this just for WGA members? I noticed that WGA membership requires that you actually live in WI so I wasn't sure. It looks like a fun time.
  9. If you are trying to piss people off intentionally , I wouldn't be too surprised at a little reprocity. I'm thinking fake logs saying that stages are missing - continually would be in order. Turn about is fair play after all.
  10. Congrats - hard to do with the little ones. I like that logo beachbuddies, see my sig line
  11. That was a pretty quick move from 100 to 200. Lets see.... at this rate you'll be catching Gaiter Man by the end of the year Congrats!!!!!
  12. bigcall


    Well I guess that explains it. Looking at the Northeast Forums there are something like 13K replies and the Midwest has less that 4K. I was discussing some of the differences between regions with Cathunter the other day and this is certainly another one. The NE is generally much more loosely organized with a few exceptions. Based on what you are saying, things are broken down into smaller, off-GC subregions. This probably makes sense, when I think about it, since the territory is much larger. Oh well. I still think it would be nice to share the major milestones in a common forum area.
  13. bigcall


    Having just moved into the area from VA it is interesting to see some of the differences between regions. One that I have noted thus far is the lack of recognition in these forums of geocaching milestones. I always thought it was a nice touch to congratulate someone on the attainment of certain # milestones as they cross them. I'm not sure if this topic has been broached here before (and I realize it is certainly more difficult to track without an official stats site), but I thought I would note a few that I've seen while reading local logs over the past few weeks. If someone thinks that there should not be a series of posts, then perhaps this might serve as the single location to note accomplishments? Anyway here goes (my apologies to the many that I probably left out - please feel free to add any others): Spyderuser 1600 Genius Loci 1600 jthorson 1000 geogil 900 maleki 900 Camp637 700 JBGeo 500 Congrats to all!!!
  14. Here's another one that seems to be popular in IL - TFTC = Thanks for the cache
  15. The big millenium is fast approaching now!!! Congrats and continued good luck to NoVA's king of geocaching.
  16. Congrats, Ah yes, the traveling now begins.... Good luck and keep having fun!!!
  17. See the logs from Dec 31 2002 and Jan 2003 for Sppok Night 64. Very strange. It was reported twice and probably sat there for at least another 3 weeks. I guess they finally got it out since no one mentions it in the logs after that.
  18. Thanks. I feel like a kid in a candy store in Chicago. Thousands of caches - just pick a direction and go find a bunch. I wish I could have made the event the other day, sounds like it was the usual good time. GLM's comment is right one the mark though. My current hypercaching spree is temporary since when the family gets out here I'll return to mostly "normal" geocaching (i.e. out with the kids and/or the occasional weekend).
  19. Sure now it works - twice in fact Congrats again!!!!
  20. I think this is the 3rd time I've tried to post this -server keeps booting me. We still haven't got to meet but it's been fun chasing your caches and it was a pleasure being a distant member of Team NoVA12. One of these days perhaps.. Congrats on the milestone - here's to many more.
  21. Can't say I have know Njski - but 1000 is definitely a noteworthy achievement that I felt deserved a well deserved atta boy --- Congrats!!!
  22. Congrats, Good to see that you're back on the prowl again
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