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  1. Since I was going off on my own I just picked the oldest, so in your case it would be Ker-Splash. That's the one I would have picked. I think it is best, if possible, to use traditionals for the list. I'll go ahead and update the list accordingly. I debated on allowing/using virtuals since they are ripest for potential abuse, but left it alone and stuck to my methodology. I'm happy to make changes on a case by case basis.
  2. My methodology was to pick the cache with the most opportunity for a found log. I suppose it might be better to pick the one with the most logs? Since I was going off on my own I just picked the oldest, so in your case it would be Ker-Splash. I don't have a problem with adding one you want to the list though - just let me know. I have two Challenge caches in the queue awaiting approval - one requires 13 different Charter Member finds (easier depending on your location), the other requires 50 (harder). I was a little surprised at how many Charter Members didn't have active caches or any cache at all (and therefore are not in my bookmark list). I suspect that the actual number to choose from will be a good deal smaller than the 491 - maybe that's why I'm stalled at 281 now (282 with fizzymagic)?
  3. Added plus 26 more today - up to 227! Any more out there?
  4. I was originally thinking ~10% or 50 (as a nice round number that I happen to have found). That might be tough though, so I was thinking of a "lite" version as well that might "only" require say 20 or 25. I'll make the change on your cache Team Sagefox, but which cache isn't as important as finding the Charter Member and scanning a list of their caches. I was hoping that there was an automated way to generate this, and perhaps a GSAK macro is possible, but I took the brute force approach. It mostly involved pulling up popular caches and doing a cache page word search "find". I also used GSAK and sorted by owner ID number, thinking that anything less than 111000 was at least around then. Problem was I still had to pull them up to see if they were a Charter Member. Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep at it, but the numbers were starting to dwindle using my techniques.
  5. I just ran across this thread recently and started to build my own count in this bookmark list. It's up to 200 currently. It's not so much about the caches, but more of a directory of Charter Members with one of their caches listed. Unfortunately it's in order of the cache name instead of the cache owner name so it's not a user friendly search for someone in particular, but I was hoping to get any further inputs to get it closer to the 491? A couple of issues I've run into so far - some Charter Members do not have caches listed for them so they would not make the list. In the case of all archived caches, I just picked the most recently active and went from there. I have a cache page in the works that would use this information and I'm in discussions with a reviewer as to it's appropriateness. Basically it would be a Challenge cache where you would have to find some number of Charter Member's caches (only 1 per). I'm thinking it would be a mix of a Reviewer and Jasmer Challenge in terms of difficulty? Any inputs appreciated - thanks
  6. You don’t need to see his identification … These aren’t the members you’re looking for … He can go about his business … Move along.”
  7. How's this? Although edited and restored now, that was my actual log - a nice excerpt from War and Peace. It's actually part of the second epilogue where Tolstoy attempts to show that there is a great force behind history. My point was to show how all things produce what becomes history including the LPC. Unfortunately the Cache owner didn't share my enthusiam for the classic works of literature.
  8. I'll just go back to this point - is this what we want geocaching to be know as? So what did you tell him when he said that geocaching was about finding film canisters in light poles? Did you explain that these were many geocaches in parks or at interesting locations? Did you explain there are caches hidden in the woods that you have to hike to? Did you explain that some people hide adventurous caches that require overnight backpacking trips or scuba diving? Did you explain all kinds of people geocache: families with small children, families with teenaged children, retired people, outdoorsy people, busy urban dwellers, people without cars, people with disabilities, etc.? Did you explain how different people hide different kinds of caches in different locations because these are the types of caches they enjoy finding or because time an other constraints limit the areas when can look for caches? Did you explain how the Geocaching.com website has tools for identifying caches with different terrain, difficulty, cache size, and other attributes so you can select the caches that are best for you? The very brief conversation didn't allow it - I guess I should have pointed him to the forums here where all is explained. I was able to get into other forms of caches that are out there but first impressions are hard to overcome.
  9. I'll just go back to this point - is this what we want geocaching to be know as?
  10. Dan Miller's old site was my personal favorite - but it's been gone for a while now
  11. The linked forum post wasn't too bad. Personal attacks are well over the line, but I would appreciate to know info on a cache that was found lacking. Silence unfortunately is consent - that is, no feedback implies everything is OK. Of course what is OK is subject to interpretation. I don't care to criticize directly in a log, but will offer updated coordinates and comments on the condition (present and future) of the container. I have a sarcastic streak at times though and have logged things like "Wow, I would never have visited this spot without geocaching" or "Thanks for the great view" on nondescript LPC's. Maybe that doesn't help, but I feel better!
  12. I respectfully disagree with the idea that LPC's are the perfect caches for newbies. Yes, we can all agree that there are some fine ones out there, but wouldn't you really have someone's first found cache be of generally higher quality, with some nice swag and a log that you can actually write in? Plus it sets a better example for them to place there own first cache and not further proliferate the style.
  13. My profile doesn't show any either, probably never will and I'm OK with it.
  14. I would hate to prune out caches for those who can't leave their computer chairs. Oh wait, thank goodness for challenge caches
  15. Good point, but how do we improve quality? I assert that education is the way to go. Visual learning and experience are powerful tools in one's caching education. New cachers in particular may see these hides and assume that's the way the game is played and go away wondering what all the fuss is about (like my earlier cited example conversation with the individual whose take away was caching = LPC's). Fortunately some like Dinellafamily make the leap beyond. Those few who make their way to the forums might learn of the faction who don't care for them via threads like this. I believe quality caches beget more quality caches and crappy caches beget more of the same. Set the bar low and we get what's coming to us.
  16. Quite frankly I am sick of people here claiming to know how little effort people have put into placing a cache. I suppose there are some caches that are litteraly throughn into a bush, but I believe that 98.2% of caches are placed with significant thought and effort. Even a basic cache requires the cacher to go to a photo lab to get a 35mm film canister, go to geocaching-u to print of a log sheet. Building some sort of attachment device, putting effort into getting good coordinates, then builing a cache page. I think it is a little rude to show such distain for others people's effort. PS i don't see very 35mm caches anymore. I happen to think it's rude to put out crappy caches and then rely on other cachers to maintain them for you. I'm glad you may have a different experience, but it's not been mine. Rarely have I run across a LPC that has a printed GC explanation page much less a log that isn't reverting to mush. True 35mm containers are few and far between these days, but many of the alternatives are worse. I get the sense that the oft lifted cover is expected to convey some magical barrier to water intrusion?
  17. I may be a heretic but why does each housing development and strip mall need a cache? I'm perfectly OK without more quantity if it means more quality. I'm not railing against LPC's per se, but I guess I am using them as a proxy for all the crappy caches out there. Place a strip mall cache if you must, but at least make it interesting (it doesn't even have to be creative)!!! One of the best parking lot caches I ever saw was a plain old container hidden inside a 25 cent kid's horse ride in front of WalMart. Felt like a proctologist while making the find, given the entrance to searching within the horse, but it was certainly interesting.
  18. Frankly, I don't believe that you agree with what you just posted. I seriously doubt that any adult would believe that you could make such a find with someone standing right there and expect them to not take notice. I rather believe that your entire reason for doing this is summed up in the bolded bit. Based on that bit, I think that you feel that these caches are unworthy and don't care if you contribute to their being muggled or worse. Regardless of the how that behavior effects the cache owner, I think that is is very rude to ruin the fun for future seekers who enjoy these caches with such irresponsible behavior. I further believe that the bolded bit is incorrect. The cache owner almost certainly tried to make the hide without drawing undue attention so his cache wouldn't get muggled. Therefore, you aren't even coming close to 'matching the cache owner's effort'. I would hope that you come to the belief that since you didn't like these caches that you could just pass them up and not ruin things for others. A couple of thoughts, first from the guidelines section of the knowledge books: "Select an appropriate location and container. Think about how your container and the actions of geocachers seeking it will be perceived by the public. Although your geocache will be hidden with landowner permission, concerned passersby who are unaware of geocaching may view people searching the property as suspicious. For example, a geocacher will likely be wrongly suspected of being malicious if a cache is hidden in full view of an office or apartment windows." I'm guessing this is targeted mostly at those placements that might be perceived as a bomb, but the middle of a parking lot potentially qualifies. Second point is that "muggles" (never liked the term myself) are just cachers in waiting who don't know about it yet. I've had some great conversations with folks who wondered what the heck I was doing. Hopefully most of them looked into it after seeing it in action. I can't point to one instance of a cache being stolen after one of my "open" searches. I maintain it's much less suspicious than lurking around with furtive glances to see who is watching. As far as the effort goes - shoving a slip of paper in a plastic bag (many with no note or other outward sign of the container being a geocache) isn't terribly taxing both in terms of time and effort. Again, I'm not talking about all LPC's, just (in my experience) the vast majority. Just playing the game my way...
  19. That seems unnecessarily rude. I haven't placed skirt lifters before, but if I were a new hider getting my feet wet with LPCs, I'd be dismayed about cachers with such a cavalier and destructive attitude. Rather than openly risk muggling the cache, why not send the CO an encouraging email similar to "nice entry into hiding caches, I look forward to more creative hides in the future!" Mine is not the burden of stealth - sorry it belongs to the hider.
  20. Not a big fan. I'm not against LPC's, but more against crappy caches in general. Sure there are many exceptions to the rule, but frankly most LPC's are low quality junk that are poorly planned, generally placed without explicit permission, and thrown out there without much thought. I too recall being amazed by the first one I saw back in July 2003 - the wow factor wore off quickly though. The bigger problem in my mind is that it's become the new accepted "normal" - the low entry cost, numbers generating potential, and relative staying power of these caches makes them an attractive option for many. Unfortunately, imitation isn't usually very flattering. I had a very brief conversation with someone who must have attempted caching at some point in the past describe it as "that game where you find film cannisters in lightpoles." Kinda sad... That said, banning LPC's isn't going to do a thing. They will continue to exist no matter what is said about them. One can only hope that the poor quality ones are not imitated and ultimately die a slow death. I used to try to be discrete in finding them, but now frankly I don't bother much with stealth. I'll walk right up with someone standing there and make all the noise I care to. Much less suspicious that way, plus I figure I'm matching the effort that was expended in placing the cache.
  21. I was searching for an autorouting GPS back in mid-2001 since a friend had one for dual use in his car and plane. I wound up at Joe Mehaffey's GPS review site: http://gpsinformation.net/ which eventually led me to both GC and Buxley's. Spent about a month bidding on a GPS V on ebay before receiving the unit in November. I played around with getting it the maps and such all set up before finally giving a geocache a go right after New Year in 2002. I still have that unit, although it has long ago been relegated to the geoshelf.
  22. I just picked one up as well. Mine is loaded with 3.50, but I'll look to give the 3.74 beta a try. I don't see any mention of a 3.70 for the 450 though? I think I'll try the Open Source routable maps that are available first. I've always used the Garmin supplied maps and software, but disenchanted with some of their recent policies. I may still pick up CN at some point, but we'll see. I have an old version of Topo somewhere that I might give a shot, but I'm not sure it's subject to the same limitations as the 2008 updated version. After poking around the Oregon wiki and the sites referenced in earlier posts for open source topo maps, my question is - is there a US version of ibycus? I see the Ibycus US, but it doesn't appear to be topo? GPSfiledepot has several topo files, but they seem to be more regional. That's probably fine for now, but I just wasn't sure there was a coast-to-coast option that stayed clear of the segments limitation. Thanks
  23. I don't frequent the forums much anymore and only got here due to the link on the cache page. I enjoyed the site and used it infrequently - just fun to see! Thanks Dave - I won't take it easy on you in baseball though
  24. I had to look around a while, but I found the old thread about a murder in DC that someone wanted to place a cache at. See This thread about Chandra Levy Fortunately the cache was never placed.
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