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  1. I was hoping that was the case. This will have to do for now. Too cheap to buy the maps for now. When is Christmas?
  2. New to Geocaching and new to GPS. Very happy with the Garmin 60C. Had the chance to go out and play last week. Still only using the basemap. I have noticed that a couple of the caches that I downloaded show up about 100 yrds into a lake according to the basemap. Since we didn't get wet and we found one of the caches up on the hill next to the lake, I know that the map isn't exactly lined up with the GPS coordinates. I thought maybe this was a Datum thing and made sure that the GPS was set for WGS84. Is this normal with the Garmin basemap? or am I still missing a setting somewhere? I can't wait for it to warm up!!
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