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  1. That will never happen if you don’t believe me look at the March 11 2015 thread outrage
  2. As someone who only has access to the internet via their phone this right here hits the nail on the head
  4. I seriously doubt that the output is optimized for phones, too much valuable space is wasted in my opinion, especially on phones. With the old search you had all information there (except the marker for 'corrected coordinates' which is shown only for the new search) and you could choose yourself to zoom in/out as you needed it. Now only very little information is visible, zoom out doesn't give you the other colums (Favorites, Size, Difficulty, Terrain, Last Found, Placed on), you have click around to replace distance with one of the other columns. Screenshot (Samsung S3, search: Unknown I don't own, I haven't found starting from given coordinates) ^^ atleast im not the only one
  5. explain how you think it was limited? cause guess what when 9 out of 10 people say its bad guess what its probably bad
  6. Once again, not intuitive. Hover over the little arrow within the search box and it says "use my location". How is a user supposed to know that means "not really your location, but the location of your IP"? Nowhere does it say typing in in "home" is recommended. That's because it presumes you're using am obile browser - that will report your device's GPS location. Desktop browsers, unless your computer has an accurate GPS reader, will attempt to locate you as best it can based on your IP address. It was one of the first issues we reported in sneak-peek previews, but hasn't been addressed for desktop users. Entering "Home" is the (hidden) workaround. There's no way to accurately get your current (computer) GPS location unless you manually enter your GPS coordinates. cell phone shows it being 375 miles off, its not just the "isp"
  7. get a travel bug and just have the number printed on it and keep the dog tag for your self
  8. Sure. Just select Play > Find a Cache, then enter the address into the search field. You'll get results something like this: https://www.geocaching.com/play/search/@37.42281,-122.08509?origin=1600+Amphitheatre+Parkway,+Mountain+View,+CA+94043 That is only for city and zip. I want it to be specific down to the address. When I tried using it like you suggested it said "We couldn't recognize that location. Please try again."That sounds like a problem with your specific address and/or the geocoding service(s) Groundspeak uses. The example I gave above DOES include a full address. It took five different addresses to finally get it to recognize a specific address including my own! Terrible stats. don't feel bad my own home town is 375 miles west of where it really is according to the search
  9. you don't you just type in the city name (which is the only improvement this new search has brought but then they nerf it cause of the 30 mile/50km limit) 1 step forward and 2 steps back Redn3ck, it's obvious you don't like the new search, but please stop posting inaccurate and inflammatory content or else you will be removed from these threads. To search on a Zip Code, simply enter it into the main search field. For example, here are the results for 98103: https://www.geocaching.com/play/search/@47.67101,-122.3401?origin=98103 Then why wasn't zip listed on the search bar ? That would of been a simple and people would of seen it. Im not posting "inaccurate" statements cause if it was "inaccurate" then people wouldn't be flooding your boards with complaints
  10. you don't you just type in the city name (which is the only improvement this new search has brought but then they nerf it cause of the 30 mile/50km limit) 1 step forward and 2 steps back
  11. Why take away the ability to see if a cache has a travel bug in it also. When i go out of town i try to swing by all caches that have bugs listed to see if anyone needs a ride....
  12. no they avoid any "constructive criticism" even tho they asked for it
  13. The only thing this update is gonna do is run off current paying members and cause anyone that discovers geocaching not want to pick up the hobby cause of the site not being user friendly, thus losing them as new paying members in the future. and that's a FACT If i was new and just started the day before the update and i came back this mess to try to figure this out I WOULDN'T OF COME BACK Your forums blow up cause of a update and you don't wanna address any of it, constructive criticism goes both ways good and bad, but we only get cookie cutter responses of go check out the FAQ, and "well its easy you just leave the Search Bar Blank ?!?!?! then apply filters but then select only search with in this state or country but uncheck all the cache types then select the one you want but remember don't put anything in the mileage radius box" and it will show you everything.... or we just click i wanna view "This State" or "this country" oh look its ONE CLICK simple examples of how easy the old system was Wanna see most Fav cache? oh ok clicks on the state then clicks sort by favorites TADA! oh look its sorted, well that was easy (same thing applies to a country) wanna see the oldest cache in a the state well glad you asked *selects state* *clicks sort by placed date* tada all done this also showed you all OLD CACHES for people trying complete that grid An if its not that you respond to the few "beta" testers that find it some what usable which if you had your eyes open would see ITS NOT you have people that have been doing this for almost a decade or more are telling you they ain't gonna renew ?!?! this should be a instant red flag. Searching By Name , and what not GREAT IDEA it really was but WHY NOT JUST APPLY IT TO THE OLD SYSTEM? versus redesign the wheel Map These Results = GREAT IDEA but yet again why not have it on the old system Searching By City MEGA GREAT ! (except some don't work my own hometown doesn't work its about 250miles west according to your searching system and also this would eliminate the whole zip code which was the only thing that required a little work when searching making it truly simplier if you know im going to this city and i wanna cache the area)
  14. Some times you need to hear the truth and the honest truth about something regardless if its gonna be good or bad regardless of who's feelings are gonna get hurt.
  15. Be sure to read the Advanced Search FAQ. It answers a lot of the questions people are having. The search you want to do is easy with the new system once you learn it. Here is a link for all of the caches in OK sorted by most recent first: https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?r=37&sort=PlaceDate&asc=False we shouldn't have to learn a new system ..... K.I.S.S. the old system worked great for how long? it was user friendly and it was clean and much easier to look at graphical wise
  16. since we are paying for this how about you give us a option to have the old search system back
  18. ^^ THIS the map search results and only show that search results great idea but why not just apply that to the existing search system ??? why try to reinvent the wheel?
  19. Goto search click change filters enter your state in the "search only in..." box. click search click "placed on". Click it again. and what was wrong with clicking the search by state then clicking date placed? it was much easier
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