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  1. No expert, but customer service said that I could put up to a 4gb card in my 550. You did good. Cindy
  2. Sure you can. Run a pq, open it with EasyGPS and then send to your unit. It's free and very user friendly.
  3. There is a really good app for the android, unfortunately we can't post it here. Too bad.
  4. I have a Treo (palm) and use cachemate. It works very well.
  5. Nevermind, I misunderstood your original post. I use cachemate on my palm-based smartphone, but I use the laptop for viewing caches on the map. I will be watching for replies...
  6. Go here and scroll down to Cachemate for windows...http://www.smittyware.com/ Hope this works, Cindy
  7. Same here. I've been trying for days. It still is not working.
  8. How nice! I've never run into that before. I will stick it back in for the next lucky cacher. I figured someone new didn't know how to activate or log it.
  9. An unactivated geocoin was placed in one of our caches and I couldn't determine by the logs who had left it. Does anyone have any idea of how I could find the owner? I left a note on the cache page for the coin owner to contact me, but have had no response.
  10. Good idea, fairyhoney. Eartha, how long does one wait to mark them as missing from the cache? I thought that is what the missing option was for.
  11. Thanks. I wrote a note stating they had been picked up, but I know some cachers don't read the logs when looking for TB's. Hopefully they will be logged soon. Cindy
  12. We have a TB Spa that shows 18 residents, 2 TBs and 16 coin replicas. I have no idea when they were removed, but I know they were gone when we went by there on Saturday morning. They needed to be moved along so I am glad someone picked them up, however, they haven't logged them out and we have had disappointed cachers stopping by. Should I go ahead and mark them missing?
  13. Yep...I wonder why it happens so often?
  14. I found an unactivated coin in a cache today and don't have a clue who left it. I checked past logs and there was no mention of it. I left a note on the cache page that I found it and to contact me, but who knows if the owner will go back to read the logs. Do I have any other options?
  15. This article spelled it out pretty easily. Scroll down a bit If it is like the 72, there is a battery at the top of the main screen. However much blue is showing lets you know how much charge is left.
  16. It's probably a little slower because all of the maps are preloaded. I have the Quest and only load the surrounding states unless I go on a road trip. It calculates very quickly. I also had a 60csx that I gave to my H because I prefer the Quest as an all around unit.
  17. Email the owner, tell them what happened and they can move it for you. It has happened to me before.
  18. I have the Garmin Quest and 60Csx. I don't ride a bike, but I have used the Quest for 1,000's of miles on my motorcycle and car. The Quest would more than meet his needs. He can keep up with tracks off road and there is a "where am I?" feature. It is great gps for the car too. Cindy
  19. Yes! We cache with these: These: And this:
  20. Thanks Mike! That explains a lot. I'll let Bubb in on this one.
  21. It's not working for me. If I put in my zip code and Birminghams, it gives me the route from Birmingham to Memphis...I live in Dothan. If I type in Dothan, AL and Atlanta, GA, it gives me Atlanta to Clearwater, FL and says the last leg of the trip is from Bloomington, IN. I would say some bugs need to be worked out. It is looking hopeful though.
  22. You can't move it if you click on "discovered." You have to click on "found it."
  23. This article has step by step instructions and pictures. How much better can it get?
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