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  1. Well, I guess I'll add a different take. One is about right for us. When we are notified of a DNF, our first thought is "Hmmm...what's going on here?" Our typical response is to go check it out. Have we had some new geocacher completely miss a straight forward cache due to their inexperience...yup! We now have a great chance for a learning/sharing opportunity which may help a fellow cacher down the road. We were just starting out at one time and appreciated any guidance we received. Have we found out the cache was still there but was moved...yup! We moved it where it should be placed. Have we found caches simply gone...yup! Gives us an opportunity to replace or archive. Our usual practice is to follow-up either way with the cacher who posted the DNF with what we found. If we replaced it...we thank them. If they missed it...we help them. Usually, we get positive responses back. Of course, we cannot respond to the unvalidated email folks...that's clearly an entirely different dead horse. May be us, but we appreciate when a cache owner takes action...golden rule and all. We volunteered and agreed to place the caches. We had a number of caches that seemed to be a pain to check on...eventually decided it's better to archive and than not maintain them properly. Have we had our share of slip-ups from time to time...yup! Doing the best we can to make it fun for others like other folks do for us. Happy Caching! - hawkeyetob
  2. Past Cub Master and current Boy Scout Assistant Scout Master and of course avid Geocacher as well as Geocaching Merit Badge Counselor. You may have better luck reaching out to those with an actual GPS receiver. In our area, the libraries have some as well as the county conservation folks...both have individual units and typically enjoy doing a beginning program. For both our Pack and Troop, we avoided the app and actually taught the proper use of a GPS receiver...skills they are going to likely encounter later on in scouting. When we have done this type of activity we put the call out for GPS receivers from parents, the groups I mentioned above and were able to come up with plenty. We used Google Earth for an overhead view and provided a list of coordinates for the temporary locations. We divided into teams and away we went...worked fine. After caching for a number of years, our family has placed permanent caches that work well for our scouting adventures. However, this was only after we really understand geocaching. Teaching the proper way to geocache is important too. The geocaching merit badge pamphlet also provides some good information that is both fun and educational. Like any game / hobby / activity there are guidelines and best practices...always a good idea to get those handled before going too far down the road. Good Luck on your adventure...don't forget Leave no Trace as well! Happy Caching! - hawkeyetob
  3. We have developed a "formula" for what we put in the onlines logs thanks to GSAK. -Time we pushed "Found It" on the GPS. -Target area we were caching on that day / run -Cache run goals for that day / run (such as working on challenges, traveling etc.) -Weather during the day / run We will add a line or two about who is present for the find. Each log will have something specific about the find usually only a sentence or two. We typically close with: Cache and log in good shape. (Or if not, we note the specific issues prior to posting a NM if needed.) Signed and dated the log. (If we traded SWAG or picked up a TB or were FTF, we would note this here too.) Please Note: If the log is small or getting full we may sign as HT. Thanks for the cache! Happy Caching! Cache Run information: X of Y for this cache run. #Z of our Total Cache Finds. Too much information...don't know. As a cache owner, we prefer the above than just TFTC. We have been contacted about cache help before with comments like "Hey, you found ___ cache...we could use some help." By looking at our logs, we have a built in reminder which helps prompts our memories...plus it's fun to relive some of those adventures. GSAK allows you to build templates so we are just adding and tweaking depending on what we found at GZ. Happy Caching! - hawkeyetob
  4. We would also suggest attending a geocaching event as soon as you can. In attending, we found some fun and creative people quite quickly. Suddenly, we knew what caches we wanted to seek out. On the flip side, when all one local cacher boasted about how many micros he placed in the last month, it helped to narrow our search criteria as well. The favorite point suggestions is spot on as well. For us, when we started out, we made a point to seek the larger caches and sought out parks / rural caches versus strictly urban...seemed to make a small difference. For our family, this is a great hobby that allowed us to marvel at the creativity of some cachers...stick with it! Happy Caching! - hawkeyetob
  5. Our home state is Iowa so take that into account, it may be different in your own state. For us, when we wanted to place geocaches in our local parks we arranged for a few minute presentation to the Park and Recreation Board. When we wanted to place geocaches in the local town and pioneer cemeteries, we arranged for a few minute presentation to the respective Boards. Our mind set was we were not just trying to get permission...we were trying to educate other folks about geocaching. We always showed an example of the webpage write-up and brought containers so everyone could see. Our park and cemetery caches always state we have permission from XYZ Board and may include a link as well. Since then, we have been approached by members asking us to place caches in other areas we did not know about and some have even joined the hobby as well. Short version - It can be more than just about asking permission. Happy Caching! - hawkeyetob
  6. For us, the logs we enter tend to be on the longer side. Does everyone like them...nope. For any given cache run, we list: All of the towns we visited, any specific goals for the run (FTF, Challenge, Cache Type...whatever), weather conditions, cache specific adventures / information, status/condition of log, whether we traded SWAG or not, whether we retreived or left a trackable, always some sort of thank and well wishing such as Happy Caching, what # of find this was on the cache run and the total # of finds the cache was for us. In the end, the log can be a bit long. We post this information for three groups of folks; 1. Subsequent cachers (only if they want to read it) 2. The CO (only if they want to read it) 3. Us (there have been a number of times when we were asked for help on a phone a friend where reading our own log helped to jog our memories) As a cache owner, TFTC gets stale after a bit. Yes, the amount of information we write may be overkill, but each to their own. Remember, there are some people who will complain if their ice cream is cold. By the way, we ALWAYS love to read longer logs! Happy Caching! - hawkeyetob
  7. As an aside, for our FTF gifts lately we have been laminating a mini certificate of congratulations...been getting good feedback for this. Happy Caching! - hawkeyetob
  8. For us, we have gotten into a routine for what we like to post in logs: Time Found Target Areas of our cache run (listing all the towns involved so the cache owner can get a feel from where we are coming or going in relation to their cache.) Our Cache run goals (Are we after a specific challenge type of cache, only doing puzzles, in town and grabbing all we can whatever) Weather (ok, this one is more for us for when we go back are read old logs but it can be useful) A brief summary of experience. We typically end with: Cache and log condition How we sign (lately, we've been stating we will use initials since the rise of micros continues) We will write out "Thanks for the cache" mainly because we view this as a minimum of politeness. We will add what number of find this is in the cache run and our total # of finds that this cache was. This ends up being a large log. Do people like it or not...we don't know. As cache owners ourselves, we would prefer all of the above information than just a or TFTC but that is just us. Happy Caching! - hawkeyetob
  9. To the OP, If you use GSAK there is a macro for badges similar to what you suggest except the badges follow the basic rules of finds per Geocaching guidelines such as sign the paper logs, complete the Earth Caches tasks etc. The macro is tied in to badge gen which will generate those badges. For me, I view badges as a way to focus my next cache run goals. We live in a rural area where there are not hundreds of caches nearby. We will look at the list and go, "Hey look, we only need x more large caches for the next level." So off we go. Badges are for us...if people want to compete...ok...no skin off our backs! Have fun! Point being, it is already out there to some degree and those that choose to can and those who prefer to not pursue those types of achievements do not have to. In the end, we are still finding caches, signing logs, hiding caches, and hopefully having fun! Happy Caching!
  10. Thanks all! My plan is to submit as a Multi and go from there. I appreciate the discussion.
  11. Looking for some guidance from the geocaching community. We have a number of Barn Quilts (colorful signs hanging on barns in different designs) in our county. The goal is to take a tour of a number of the Barn Quilts, observing each one. The tour could be either by bike or by vehicle but would not require entering private property. At each sign, a cacher would note, size, color, building color etc. and use that information to determine a part of the final coordinates. Each barn quilt would provide one digit or so of the final coordinates. My question: How should this specified...Multi-cache or Mystery / Puzzle? The official definition of a Multi: A Multi-Cache ("multiple") involves two or more locations. The final location is a physical container. There are many variations, but most Multi-Caches have a hint to find the second cache, and the second cache has a hint to the third, and so on. An offset cache (where you go to a location and get hints to the actual cache) is considered a Multi-Cache. My specific question: since there is actually only the final cache with the rest being waypoints to gather information, is this really a multi? This seems similar to mulits in a cemetery where you plug in dates to find the cache hidden nearby but I have seen those listed as both multis and puzzles. Would appreciate some thoughts...granted not critical how it would be specified either way but am just looking for some input. Thanks! Happy Caching! - hawkeyetob
  12. Awesome ...thanks for the help!
  13. Found a mark and found it on Geocaching.com. Went to NGS to get the datasheet and found no recovery for quite some time (years) so I submit form. It mentions types and format for photos but I did not see the process. Ended up e-mailing them...is there a better method? Suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
  14. When in the geocache list of your M GC GPSr, press the menu button. An options screen pops up. Use the stick to scroll down to Add Geocache. It will list current position and accuracy after timer. Then save or edit. Walk away and test like any other geocache. Make sure you go from many directions. Happy caching!
  15. Although a picture is not required, we would still want you to consider posting one if you are comfortable doing so. Earth caches are not as easy to create and get approved as some other types such as a LPC as an example. The point being, just because it is not required should not mean you should avoid posting pictures for ECs. Happy caching! -hawkeyetob
  16. This may not totally address your issue...how you explored bookmark lists yet? When I am planning on a similar venture such as yours, I screen an area ahead of time on the PC placing my target unto a bookmark list. Just before taking off, I run the option to turn the bookmark into a PQ and away we go. Each city will have a PQ with associated maps of caches that were screened. Happy Caching! - hawkeyetob
  17. You probably have done this, but make sure you have downloaded the latest version for your unit. I'm a pc but when I start my eXplorist GC it says ver. 1.4...not sure what version is for Mac.
  18. Something else to consider...is the infamous double-post using a "smartphone" when the user does not type very well!?! Lol! Happy caching! - hawkeyetob
  19. Something else to consider...when I started I was unsure what to say but also wanted to use the right jargon or lingo. Ironically, most of the logs I saw were tftc! so I figured this was accepted practice. The guidelines did not say much that was contrary. It was not until I found the forums and threads like these before I understood more is actually encouraged. Now with a few hides placed, I understand the value/benefit of longer logs. One thread suggested to at least give an update on the status of the cache and log which I do now. Quality of the cache does make a difference but encouraging logs longer than 4 letters with guidance does not hurt either. Happy caching! - hawkeyetob
  20. Wow, we sure hope we did not inadvertently offend the letterbox crowd...not our intent. It appears we may have and we apologize for our clumsy information gathering. We have only dealt with this site and did not realize the other sites provided so much information...probably why the knowledge books are so sparse on this topic. We appreciate all of the replies, links and suggestions...looks like we are going to need to figure out how to carve a stamp. Happy Caching...oh and Happy Letterboxing, too! - hawkeyetob
  21. We recently found a letterbox hybrid on one of our geocaching adventures. Currently, we have a few other caches in place but would like to add a letterbox hybrid cache. Our attempt to find more guidelines in the knowledge books did not broaden our understanding all that much. For what I can gather, we need to create a stamp to place into and stays with the cache...that we can get covered quite easily. Our Questions: 1. Is there anything else special that needs to be done for a letterbox hybrid other than the stamp? 2. For those who own a letterbox hybrid or have experience with them, are self-inking stamps a good idea? 3. The letterbox hybrid we found did NOT have an ink pad only the stamp...is this typical? Any insights would be appreciated. FWIW, we did bounce the general concept off our local reviewer and he was supportive in concept.
  22. We were out last weekend and found an ammo can deep in the woods. Apparently the CO did not want ANY water to invade the SWAG so inside was a lock and lock holding the log and SWAG. Inside was a PC computer game dry as a bone...a book would have been fine here. Happy Caching! - hawkeyetob
  23. You have a bunch of useful replies (events etc.) thus far so I will not repeat those. However, you mentioned about getting friends / family / co-workers etc. interested i.e. non-geocachers as of yet. What we have found to be successful has been typically two-fold; Pictures and stories of the local area holding geocaches. Favorite Pictures of some of the cool places we have gone because of geocaching gets almost everyone at least intrigued. Not Ground Zero but cool parks, historical places, that kind of thing. Telling our stories of relatively local caches also has proved interesting something along the lines of: "Hey, you know the park on third? There's a geocache there. And would you believe I found an area I have never been to before just a mile out of town?" You get the idea. Something else to consider. Happy Geocaching! - hawkeyetob
  24. Thank you for all of the input...I appreciate it! Happy Caching! - hawkeyetob
  25. We had 100 geocoins minted last fall. All 100 coins have been activated and dipped into one of our local caches to get a feel for how far these coins have traveled. Most of the coins are in the wild or shortly will be once we get them placed in caches...call these wild coins. Some have been moved to our collection since they will not be released but reside in our safekeeping...call these safekeeping coins. However, some coins have been passed on to those folks that assisted us with making the coin or giving us permission to place caches etc...call these pending coins. The thought for the pending coins is that we believe some of these folks MAY geocache in the future and they MAY not. Regardless, they can grab the coins from us as owners. Right now all pending coins show us as the current location. Currently, when we log a find on a cache all of the the wild and pending coins pop up My questions: What happens if I mark all of the pending coins as missing to remove them for the inventory when we log a new find? My assumption is these coins, if they are placed in the future, will simply be grabbed by the current coin holder. Is there a different way that is a better method? We would like to avoid having to scroll through all of the coins we know are in someone else's hands but they are not necessarily geocachers yet...and to anticipate the question, we have encouraged pending coin recipients to join geocaching.com and how to become members etc. You input would be appreciated. Happy Caching! - hawkeyetob
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