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  1. If you are standing still, the pointer will not reflect the crrect direction to the case - the GPS has no way of knowing in which direction you are facing. The pointer will reflect the correct direction once you are moving in a straight direction for enough distance so it can tell which way you are moving(looking). When you stop and stand still, it may once again lose the direction. The GPS can only tell direction by the difference between two different points. Calibrating the compass only has to do with the pointer showing which way north lies - has nothing to do woth the cache.
  2. hmmm I'm not so sure the CS upgrade offer new unlock codes. At least not when I upgraded. Nothing wrong with upgrading of course. I originally got my City Select with my GPS V; since then I've gone through a 60C and a 60CSx; Garmin would not allow me to deactivate the GPS V, even though I no longer use it - so when I upgraded to City Select 7, I was able to unlock it for the GPS V - which is sitting in a drawer, and the 60CSx. The 60C is unlocked for City Select 6, the old version. I asked Garmin if there was a way to deactivate the GPS V so I could use City Select 7 on the 60C and the 60CSx, and was told no, the only way to do that would be to buy a new unlock code, for around $115. John Stork
  3. The Garmin mount. There's no way you can shake the mount by hand and reproduce the vibration in the handlebars from rough road on a road bike....
  4. jestork

    60 Cs Bike Mount

    I think I put the original post in the Gilsson case thread... Doesn't the rubber band lay right over the buttons? I couldn't see any place to wrap something without obscuring buttons or screen. For me, some spots of velcro on the "wings" of the mount, and then on the sides of the 60C, with a piece of hook velcro spanning them worked well all last year, and came off easily when I had to change the batteries. I do remember the anguish on my first ride, before the velcro, when the unit hit the asphalt going down a steep, rough hill at about 35 mph. Not being quick to learn, I dropped it again on that ride before I gave up and stuffed it in my jersey pocket. On the bright side - although Garmin engineered a crummy bike mount, they built one hell of a sturdy unit - except for some relatively minor cosmetic scratches, the GPSMAP 60C still works flawlessly to this day. (Although I just replaced it with a GPSMAP 60CSx - amazing lock under trees). Not sure why they couldn't have thought ahead and put a little screw lock on the mount and unit, like the old GPS IIIPlus and GPS V.
  5. On the bike... Don't you just use a handlebar mount? Don't think you can use the cover and the mount at the same time, am I wrong? I plan on using my new unit for Motorcycling, Mountain Biking, Hiking, and Geocaching... Don't think the cover would help other than while hiking and geocaching. Grimm- Be careful with the handlebar mount - My 60C poppd out twice on my first ride over some rough pavement at speed down some hills. Hit the road at 25 to 30 mph. On the positive side, except for some scratches in the case, unit continued to work perfectly. I doctored the mount with some velcro straps on the side of the mount and unit. Cannot recommend it without - any real handlebar jarring pops the unit right out of the mount. Totally different from my old GPS V which was secured into the mount with a small screw knob...
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