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  1. Hey Liefy,


    TheWife and I cache in the Denevr area but we get down your way sometimes. Feel free to drop us a line sometime :rolleyes:




    Next time you head north drop me a line. I have geocached a LOT in fort Collins. But I have not almost nothing outside of the city. I am up for caching in cheyeene, loveland, windsor, estes park, etc. if you come north. And I am always up for helping other geocachers cache in the Fort Collins.


    Lief Youngs

  2. Have another CITO type idea. Would people be interested in addopting a road/highway in the Fort Collins area and we would do it as the Northern Colorado Geocachers Society, Rolland Moore Geocachers, etc., or some other name that someone thinks of. This would allow us to clean up our community a little more frequently than once a year. Plus, if we had a large enough group people would not have to go to every clean-up day, I am thinking they require once a month.


    Also, if anyone knows about the addopt a road program please shout it out.

  3. Hey Fellow Geocachers,


    It is coming to that time of year again. The time when we give back to the community in appriciation for being allowed to geocache. We had a very fun and successfull CITO Day last year in Fort Collins, CO. I am looking to do it again this year, April 22. I am just looking to see who in the area is interested and do you know a small park or area that we currently geoache that could use some MAJOR, about 2 hours or so, of trash clean up? A high traffic park is a plus becuase then we get to talk to people and tell them about geocaching and it makes our image look good. Park locations could be Fort Collins, Loveland, Wellington and all inbetween. Most of the local cachers come from Fort Collins, so that is my first choice.


    The more ideas people have the better we can make this event.

  4. Hey Tosha, What do you do with the forest service? I am looking to wildland firefight with larimer county this summer and then maybe the Forest service or another group next year.


    Lief Youngs

  5. Anyone interested in caching with me in the Fort Collins area? I am looking for a caching partner or buddy. Please email if interested as well as posting.


    Lief Youngs


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