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  1. What! Not on Waymarking dot thingy? Nah we wanted people to find them
  2. Yes sounds like coalposts to me. You can download the location of all the coalposts from our site here. cheers Chris
  3. We used the smart codes once and had exactly the same problem. We have never used them since as all they seem to do is add an extra layer of complexity for hardly any benefit. Chris
  4. We are not big fans of cache in graveyards, clues are OK but too many times have we seen weaping relatives tending the graves of a loved one. It seems a bit disrespectful to be playing a game around them. Having said that, if they have permission I don't see a problem with them.
  5. Yawn, Another thread ranting about the actions of others in the UK Forum. How exciting. I think I'll go and start a thread complaining that other people don't play the game the way I think they should....seems to be the thing to do round here. Wake me up when its safe to come back. Chris
  6. Hi, Just wondering if on the pdf cache printouts we could have the cache name/No repeated on the second page. Otherwise if you print them out onto lose sheets it is possible to get them mixed up with other caches and end up doing what I did yesterday which was decrypt the clue to a different cache Thanks Chris
  7. Thanks you have just summed it up for me very well. Chris
  8. I find myself completly agreeing with moote...now theres a sentence I never thought I would type Chris
  9. There is only one thing for it everyone should go out and do Englands First straight away. (Hope that dosn't count as advertising)
  10. How can we kill off anything that might add variation to the game?
  11. I had this once. I deleted the log and a little while later they re-logged it. I decided in the end that if they got a real thrill out of typing logs then who was I to deny them that pleasure It wasn't long before they got bored and gave up the game.
  12. Another early days story: Having spent a few days getting all the Sherlock series clue I cam to the conclusion that the final cache had to be in the middle of the thames. I got to the location and decide that there was asolutly nothing there and I wasn't swimming to the middle of the thames for a submerged cache! I got back home and checked the coords and I had E/W mixed up! The final cache was considerably easier than I thought Chris
  13. If you have excel try Waypoint Workbench - does that and a whole lot more
  14. I know where Lathama is coming from. The game seems to have changed a lot since "the good old days" but I don't think it is a particlarly bad thing. I like the way that cache densities have got so high in some places that you can spend an entire day caching on foot as oposed to spending a lot of the time in the car...which is a good thing IMHO. There may be a lot of caches out there but it is rather rare to come across a cache that has no saving graces at all. Chris
  15. I keep finding threads ranting about other peoples behaviour and listing things they don't like about other people and the way they cache or use the countryside. Personally I refuse define other people by what I dislike about them and choose instead only to consider what I like about them. I find to do otherwise diminishes me and makes little difference to them. In that spirit I would like to wish everyone a very happy christmas and hope you all have a wonderfull new year. May your caches stay put and your searches be succesfull. Chris
  16. We found about 20 before placing any, this allowed us to work out what (for us) makes a good cache. We decided we like: A decent walk An interesting location Ammo boxes rather than tupperware high quality contents So that's what we try to place! When it comes down to it as long as you think carefully about what/where/how you are going to place a cache you should be OK. Chris
  17. Sorry - I forgot to pick up the TB after I dropped it. Sorry for playing the game in my own way and I will in future endevour to play the game exactly be whatever arbitary rules people decide to invent. Chris From what I can gather GC.com are not to happy about this 'drop and pickup' activity either, It does look as if TB's will only be able to travel on missions. Milton (aka Moote) If you look further up the thread linked to by TeamGPSSaxaphone you will see that Jeremy said about just this sort of travelbug: So it seems like it is an "allowed" activity. BTW - Don't you just love the way one person gets to make and change the rules of this game
  18. Sorry - I forgot to pick up the TB after I dropped it. Sorry for playing the game in my own way and I will in future endevour to play the game exactly by whatever arbitary rules people decide to invent. Chris
  19. Now that reminds me of this cache we did not get to for almost the same reason. Now that sounds like fun
  20. Fair enough - I wasn't having a dig. I just thought it was nice that someone was enjoying the success of their TB. We once logged a DNF for a cache when we didn't get within 500meters of the cache -Log It was one of the most memorable cache hunts I have been on ever - but the log was probebly completly pointless from someone elses point of view
  21. Blimey this is all a bit miserable - whats wrong with "Wow my xx TB has made it to England". Seems like people are enjoying the game to me - should be stopped at once. Chris
  22. I think you are looking for what is known as the Antipodal Point. For some strange reason this was requested as an addition to Waypoint Workbench - so if you have Excel yuou could use that. Chris
  23. If you want to getloads of coordinates from a GPX file you could use Waypoint Workbench or Spoodle whch was a project I started but stopped work on when clyde said he would be including the functionality in GSAK, but you are welcome to play with it. Chris
  24. How comes I read this forum every day and still mange to miss the arguments. Anyone want to tell me what this is all about? Chris
  25. I always thought they worked better in the winter - because there are no blooming leaves on the trees. Chris
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