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  1. If your thinking of buying a Premium Member for the Member Only Caches, don't do it.


    Especially if its our one..trust us its not worth it. Our MOC is only Members Only because we wouldn't want someone to find it as their first ever cache, they would be very disa pointed :(

  2. We have had quite a few problems with cows over the years. The worst being when I heard one charge at me as I was walking away from them.

    I turned quickly, put my hand straight out and yelled "stop". The cow came to a halt less than 3 feet from me and I was now stuck in a staring contest with half a ton of aberdeen angus.

    I dared not drop my eyes or show any fear but eventually another cow mooed the equiveleant of "leave him Terry he ain't worth it" and the cow backed off leaving me to make a carefull retreat.


    Over the various events I have discovered that I can talk cow, usefull phrases are:

    "hubbly bubble up up" - combine this with standing with your arm straght out and the cows should stop.

    "haddy hoody way way" - and point in a direction and they will move that way.

    seems to work.


    They really don't like dogs and we have had so many problems that Maria refuses to enter fields with cows in anymore.



  3. Should any caches be allowed to interfere with these areas? Should cachers ignore the fine balance of nature and historical areas?

    If you have the landowners permission...Yes. We have a cache in a SSSI (with permission) yet I can't imagine how it would damage the site as he maintenance regeme includes hacking areas of encroaching woodland back, grazing by Cows and machine cutting the very rare orchids the SSSI is there to protect.


    SSSIs do not mean the site is wrapped in cotton wool, Conservation does not mean preservation and some of these areas require action that looks like devistation but helps preserve the environment. Compared to the amount of "damage" done to preserve stuff a bit of disturbance near the cache seems like nothing.



  4. I don't think that the CROW regulations go over the existing rights for footpaths & byways. AFAIK if it is a byway then the regs for byways apply if you step off the byway the the right to roam rules apply.


    Personally unless the notice had the look of something "official" I would ignore it and carry on with the dog on a lead. If anyone objects just ay "sorry I didn't see the sign" and retreat gracefully.


    The best place to find the definitive answer is to contact your local council.

  5. Matt,


    You can use Waypoint Workbench to enter the coords and genrate a loc file. Then use the Magellan Geocache manager to load this file into the explorist.


    I'm stillworking on eXPlorist POI support and it will be in WW once I decifer the file format.



  6. Try this link for WW:


    as posted by Chris n Maria in a recent thread (the author I beleive)

    IIRC there was some problems with the old site, so its got a new home.

    Thanks Barry - Thats the new site (I forgot to pay the bill on the old one!)


    In answer to the original question I have an Explorest so I will see if I can get WW to generate the correct file format.



  7. We have a cache in Essex Wildlife Trust Land - we just asked the warden and he thought it was a great idea. Since then the warden has changed and the new warden allowed another cache in the area as well.


    My advice is to get hold of the warden & ask there first.


  8. We started caching in imperial but found it impossible to estimate in feet wheras 1 meter is almost exactly 1.5 paces for us so if we are heading straight towards the cache its easy to estimate. if you are with someone who uses imperial just say yards instead of meters...they will never know the difference :D

  9. it's almost certain that this dog has done this before.

    Well maybe - but there does have to be a first time for everything.


    Also, dog owners may (or may not) back me up here, but in the past I've found that dogs ON leads can often be more aggressive.

    Oh yes, I call it the "let me at em" syndrome. The other day I met a chap with this snarling very obviously aggresive dog and to my horror as I approached he let the dog off the lead. Before I could say "what the blinkey flip do you think your doing" the dog had transformed into an extremly passive submisive dog who rolled on his back in front of me.

    Aparently the reason was he gets scared when he is on a lead because he can't run away from other dogs, so acts agresivly as a deffence!.

  10. I'm not sure kicking an already agressive dog is that smart. All you seem to be doing is offering another fleshy bit for him to sink his teeth into! I think reporting would be a much safer option.


    The number one way of avoiding any problems with dogs is to avoid direct eye contact. Direct eye contact is extremly agressive behaviour in dogs (and people in pubs!), many situations can be avoided by looking away or even turning your back on them.


    If the fella had this dog on a lead in this area then he obviously knew it was aggressive.

    No relationship bretween leads and agresive dogs. Our dogs are often seen on leads because one has a tendency to chase anything that moves (rabbits/deer/squirels/kites etc.) the other has been so abused by humans that we are not sure that if we let her off the lead she would come back to us yet.



  11. We got one, I filed it in. Nothing really intrusive in the qustions - the how much is your family income question was in dollars so it don't matter which one I clicked as no one pays me in dollars!


    Other than that I took the oportunity to point out they could improve the servers :lol:


    Usuallly the reason for these sorts of surveys is to interest advertisers by showing the people who use the site.



  12. I just don't see the need to go to great lengths to preserve them rather than letting them get archived.


    Well I suppose if people think they are worth keeping they will volunteer to look after them...if they don't - they won't.

    Eventually we will just be left with a few really good virts and people will point and say "I have seen the past of geocaching, it was virtual and it was good" :)

    Personally I would really hate to see "George Hodgson" go as it is just the most unexpected thing I have ever come accross when caching.

  13. Fair enough, but isn't that what Waymarking.com was introduced for?

    Not exactly its more a place you can hide virtuals where no one will ever go looking for them.


    We get an awfull lot of logs and emails frome people who say they have really enjoyed our virts, why should they have that fun taken away from them just because some people don't like virts? They are only 2% of all the caches anyway - if you don't like them don't do them.

  14. Hmm. I've just had a look, and as far as I can see there are only 214 virtuals left in the UK. I own one of them, and that one will remain as long as it's allowed to.


    Edit: To put that into context, that's 214 out of 9396 active caches, according to my not quite up-to-date GSAK.


    Blimey if I calculate that correctly we must own 3% of all the virts in the UK - mind you the Wombles own 6%. I didn't realise how much of a dying breed they really are :)



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