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  1. Hi everyone,


    For the last 5 years or so we have been looking after The Sherlock Series - A set of 6 virtual caches in central london leading to a single physical cache. The final cache contains celebratory sherlock keyrings for every finder. The series was placed back in the pre-history of geocaching in 2001.


    Unfortunately the final cache has been lost and the area it was placed in has been completely cleared so the final cache needs placing somewhere else - which will therefore need some reworking of the previous clues.


    I no longer have time to maintain the cache and sort out the changes required, so I am hoping some enthusiastic cacher could take over maintaining this historic series.


    Looking after the virtuals requires dealing with quite a few emails every week.


    We have a cache box for Sherlock7 full of prize keyrings if the new owner wants it too.


    Any takers?


  2. I also wondered how we felt about that. Everyone that buys a new Garmin gets to hear about geocaching.


    Been going on a very long time. We started the game because a software update from garmin included new geocache icons...and that was a very long time ago indeed.


    AFAIK Jeremy doesn't own the name Geocaching only Geocaching.com and Groundspeak.

  3. Both Boysie and Smudge have Ruffware harnesses which I believe are also used by search and rescue dogs.


    They feature a handle on the back and allow you to pick the dogs up and carry them like a suitcase., which is great for styles. The spaniel-suitcase cross is a great caching accessory :D

  4. For someone who only meets 1 in a hundred responsible owners Mr White must be exceptionally lucky because he hasn't been attacked yet.....also, hasn't he heard of dog wardens, part of whose job it is to deal with such unsavoury owners. Also be careful because the soon to be law Animal Welfare Act could deal with such people who think it is OK to use any device on a dog who isn't being threatening to anyone. Unlike many kids of today...........

    No-one has yet mentioned the fact that someone lurking in the undergrowth, poking about, could actually make other people wary / wondering what you are doing. If they get worried / concerned for their safety, this will transmit to their dogs, who will naturally want to defend their owners. I have previously given in this thread some advice that could be considered which would not harm.

    If anyone used one of these devices on our dogs, -esp the one who has been subjected to human abuse for over 3 years- they would find it where the sun don't shine. Animals have much more to fear from humans (especially bigoted ones) than vice versa.

    So Mr White, as Chris said, don't come near any of our caches, as most are on our favourite dog walking routes. Dog friendly people very welcome of course.

  5. What exactly can a person use to fend off a dog that's easy to carry and doesn't involve using one of your arms as a decoy while you root around for a branch to beat the dog with?


    Have a look further up the thread!

  6. I'll take my chances, keep things in perspective and take things for the isolated occurrences that they clearly are. If I worried about everything that might happen to me in a lifetime, I wouldn't get out of bed in the morning. You might do well to do the same.


    Words of wisdom indeed.

  7. I won't use it unprovoked. I'll only use it if a dog comes near to me (or a member of my family) and is not on a lead.


    Do me a favour - don't do any of our caches either. It has taken us eight months to get smudge to trust people and come close to them after a lifetime of abuse. I would hate for all that work to be undone by some ***** (rhymes with duckwhit) who will needlessly attack any dog who happens to be walking along the same path as them.


    Shame the devices aren't more severe,

    You could just carry a penknife and stab them in the eyes.

  8. Sorry trying to lighten things up a bit :laughing:

    And thanks for doing so :rolleyes:


    The problem is that dogs are like Marmite. You either love them or hate them. And those who love them can't understand why those who hate them do so, and vice versa.


    Me, I just want to be able to be in public places without fear of being attacked, intimidated, threatened, or just made to feel uncomfortable, by dogs whose owners couldn't care less. The owners on here may not be among them, but I encounter very few owners (rough guess: 1 in a 100) who care about the effect their dog has on other people.


    Just replace the word 'dog' with 'children' or 'teenagers', and a lot of people would agree with that too :(

  9. Just a word of warning on ultrasonics...if you can't hear them - then how do you know they are working?

    How do you know the battery isn't going flat?


    More importantly how do you know its not going of in your pocket/rucksck all the time? At least with this you get to hear if its working or not :laughing:

  10. correct me if i'm wrong, but dog owners used to require a licence in this country a few years ago I think - why was that stopped?


    No idea - I assume as it was just a bit of paper it wasn't thought worth keeping. It was replaced (I believe) with a requirement that all dogs have a tag with owners name and address on it. But many owners don't realise that.

  11. To help redress the imbalance, later today I shall be biting a dog.


    You don't need to do that - humans already do far more damage to dogs and other animals on a daily basis, some of which also makes the news (but which the White's obviously choose to ignore). I (Maria) know this because I volunteer for an animal rescue , and see the output of what so called 'civilised' humans do. So let's ban humans too, or certainly not let them out where they can offend others. Fireworks and cars do far more damage than animals do.

    I pity people who have not known the unconditional love , loyalty and companionship of sharing your life with a pet - and it's good for your health too. I know who I would rather spend my time with.








    Yeah, people are so much better than dogs

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